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Changing the Transmission Gear Oil Ron Curry 2004

First off, if you don't feel comfortable doing your own oil change, don't do this either. My version of the disclaimer. 

You will need 5 things to change your tranny fluid. 

1) A way to raise the car to access the drain and filler plugs, 
2) The VW/Audi special drain plug tool. I got mine from ZDMACK tools on e-bay for $31 shipped. 
3) a 17mm allen wrench or socket. 
4) A 3 foot length of 3/4" o.d. clear tubing. 
5) 3 qts. of GL-4 tranny fluid. I used Royal purple's Max Gear 75w90 fluid which is GL-4 and GL-5 compliant. It can be used in the tranny and rear diff.

Step 1. Get the car in the air. I used a set of Rhino ramps in my driveway but you can simply use a floor jack and jack stand.

Step 2. Locate the filler plug under the car just in front of the CV joint on the drivers side. Use the 17mm allen to remove. Make sure you can get this plug out before you pull the drain plug.

Step 3. Once you're sure you can put fluid back in, use the special torx bit and pull the drain plug and drain into an oil pan. It is in the center of the front diff. just to the rear of the lower engine cover. No need to remove the engine cover. Once you've drained the nasty stuff out, replace the plug and torque to 26 lb-ft.

Step 4. Use the length of clear tubing and feed one end into the fill plug hole about 2". Feed the other end up into the engine compartment. If you are using the jack stand method lower the car to be sure it's level. Pour the new tranny fluid through the tube. The capacity is 2.9 qts. Pour 2 3/4qts. into the tube then slowly add from there. The suggested level is even with the fill hole. You will start to see leakage from the fill hole when the correct level is reached. Let the excess pour out into the drain pan. You left it there right? After that, jack the car back up and replace the fill plug and torque it to 18 lb-ft.

Go take your car for a spin and feel the improved shifting. Have fun.

See the accompanying Rear Differential Oil Change.

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