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Pollen Filter Replacement (allroad) RMcQ 2005

This is a piece of cake procedure requiring no tools or mechanical ability.

1. Pop hood and locate what is know as the "plenum chamber cover". This is the black plastic cover over the area where the battery and brake fluid reservoir live.

2. Peel the thick rubber gasket away starting at the passenger side. You don't have to remove it all the way, just peel it perhaps 3/4 of the way across to give room to work.

3. As in the picture below, pull forward and up on the Plenum Chamber cover and it will easily come loose. Again, don't remove it all the way, just enough to work under it.

4. The next picture is the same exact camera angle as the last except I am holding the Plenum Chamber cover up and out of the way. You can see the pollen filter in it's tray.

A closer look:

5. That black tab that is holding the filter in place is easily unclamped by spreading the tabs on the bottom side of it until it flips easily off of the filer.

6. Just grab the filter and drag it out of its tray. Inspect. Mine has some junk in it, but I decided to clean and reinstall. The media is not plugged with pollen.

Another look at the dirty filer:

This is what the air intake looks like after you remove the filter. I assume those flaps close when you select recirculate in the cabin.

7. Reinstall new filter in tray noting that air flow arrow is downward, flip and clamp the tab back over it, and reinstall the plenum chamber cover. That's it.

If you need to buy one you could buy it at the dealer or any web source like that has access to vw/audi parts. The part number is 4BO 819 439 C

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