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Transmission Mount Replacement BMORE_Ken 2005

My car jerked a lot when shifting so I decided to replace my Tranny mounts. You will need:

  • 8 MM hex allen socket (you could try to use a key but this did not work for me so i had to go buy a 8MM hex allen socket)
  • 10, 13, 15 MM socket
  • 17 MM open ended wrench or adjustable wrench
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Jack Stands or Ramps
  • 2 New Transmission mounts (the passenger side mount is the same as a 2.8; the drivers side mount is different)


  • Extensions
  • Blow Torch

    First get your car on ramps or jack stands. Find the passenger side tranny mount. It looks like so:

    There will be a nut and metal washer on that center bolt. There is a heat shield in the way of getting to the top of the 17MM bolt. There is actually a 10MM bolt holding the heat shield down. If you remove this you can peel the heat shield back and get much more room. I used an adjustable wrench to hold the top 17MM bolt. This worked better than a ratchet because it was flat. There is not much room to work with. The bottom nut is 15MM. Hold the top 17MM bolt with your wrench and loosen the 15MM nut. Now you can also take out the 2 outer bolts, which are either 13MM or 15MM.

    Now get our your hydraulic jack. Place the jack where it will hit your transmission where the drain plug is. You don't need to jack the tranny up too much. Just enough so you can get the passenger side mount out. The mount should now be loose enough to take out.

    This is a picture of the new and old mount with my adjustable wrench.
    Replace the passenger side transmission mount. I tightened all the bolts except the middle 15MM nut. We will tighten this later.

    Next look for your drivers side transmission mount.

    I hope you have a better luck then I did. The bolt holding the bracket to the middle of the mount is a 8MM hex. I could not get this bolt loose. There is not much room to work here. I found it easer to take out the bracket that is attached the to transmission. The bracket has 4, 8MM hex bolts. Two on top and two below. A stubby ratchet works great here. There is actually more room to work on the bracket. It came out easily. Now loosen the 15MM nut holding the tranny mount to the frame. Now the bracket and tranny mount should be loose to take out.

    If you were able to get the mount out with out taking the bracket out then skip these steps.

    Even after getting the bracket and mount out I still could not get the 8 MM hex bolt to loosen from the middle of the transmission mount. Eventually I just took a blowtorch and heated it and it finally broke loose.

    I attached the new mount to the bracket before I put it back on the car. Notice there is a little nub that lines up with the bracket. Also there is a little nub on the bottom of the transmission mount next to the big bolt.

    Install back onto the transmission making sure the little nub fits in the small hole next to the hole that the big bolt goes through. Install all 4, 8 MM hex bolts onto the bracket. This will attach the bracket back to the tranny.

    Now with both mounts in place you can lower your hydraulic jack and tighten both bottom 15MM nuts on both transmission mounts. Remember that the passenger side mount has a metal washer that goes on before the nut. Don't forget to lower the heat shield on the passenger side tranny mount and screw the 10 MM bolt back in.

    This should take you 1-2 hours if you don't run into any snags. It took me longer but if I had to do it again I could do it in a little over a hour.

    Now take a drive and notice how much crisper changing gears is!

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