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Audi A4 Scale Models Kevin Chen 1999


Only available in Tamiya R/C. Please see article written by Matt Daniels.


Manufacturer: UT models. Choices:

  • AUDI A4 BIELA, #3 (95 World Champion) Product ID: UT39542
  • AUDI A4 PIRRO, #1 (96 German Touring Champion) Product ID: UT39640

These are die-cast models that only come in Silver color with decals. The hood and two doors can be opened. It has full engine, interior and decal detail. Extremely accurate! It has a 5-point seat-belt on a Recaro seat, plus a shifting-lever, brake and suspension adjustment lever, fire extinguisher, roll-cage and much more! Priced at around $50. Assembled in China.

The 1:18 UT cars can be purchased at:
EWA Cars

1:18 Audi A4 95 World Champion-Biela
1:18 Audi A4 95 World Champion-Biela
1:18 Audi A4 96
STW Champion-Pirro
1:18 Audi A4 96 STW Champion-Pirro

UT Interior
1:18 UT Interior

UT Engine
1:18 UT engine


This scale in not available yet. Hopefully Tamiya will make them in plastic kits.


Manufacturer: Paul's Model Art/ Minichamps


  • AUDI A4 sedan, Silver color, Product ID:915001
  • AUDI A4 sedan, blue color, Product ID:915000
  • AUDI A4 sedan, red color, Product ID:915002
  • AUDI A4 Avant, green color, Product ID:915011
  • AUDI A4 Avant, gray color, Product ID:915010
  • AUDI A4 Avant, red color, Product ID:915012
  • AUDI A4 Biela , #3 (silver, 95 World Champion) MI9515103
  • AUDI A4 Pirro , #1 (silver, 95 Italian Champion ) MI951501
  • AUDI A4 Hans , #44 (silver, 95 STW) MI951544
  • AUDI A4 Biela , #45 (silver, 95 STW) MI951545
  • AUDI A4 Heger, #11 (silver, 95 STW) MI951511
  • AUDI A4 Vidali, # 4 (silver, 95 STW) MI951504
  • AUDI A4 Peter , #2 (silver, 97 STW) MI971502
  • AUDI A4 Vidali, #4 (silver, 97 STW) MI971504
  • AUDI A4 ABT, #19 (yellow, 97 STW), MI971519
  • AUDI A4 MIG, #44 (97 STW), MI971544
  • AUDI A4 MIG, #45 (97 STW), MI971545
  • AUDI A4 JONES , #1 (red, 97 Australian Touring), MI971561
  • AUDI A4 McCONVILLE , #11 (red, 97 Australian Touring), MI971511

These are die-cast models. The hood and doors can not be opened. The touring cars have full exterior decals and interior detail. Priced at $30-$40. Assembled in China. The above cars can be purchased at:

Clair Parts Express or
Inscale On-line or
EWA Cars

1:43 Audi A4,  1995 World Champion Frank Biela
1:43 Audi A4, 1995 World Champion Frank Biela

1:43 Audi A4, Australian Touring Champion Brad Jones
1:43 Audi A4, Australian Touring Champion Brad Jones


Manufacturer: Herpa


  • Audi A4 sedan (silver metallic color, Product ID: 032490)
  • Audi A4 sedan (silver non-metallic, Product ID: 022491)
  • Audi A4 "Notarzt" (red&white, Product ID:044004)
  • Audi A4 "Polizei Bayern" (white&green, Product ID: 043922)
  • Audi A4 STW '97 (white color, Product ID: 022477)
  • Audi A4 STW '98, Biela, Abt Sportsline #45 (product ID:037655)
  • Audi A4 STW '98, Pirro, Abt Sportsline # 5 (product ID:037648)
  • Audi A4 STW '98, Abt, Abt Sportsline #18 (product ID:037662)
  • Audi A4 STW '97, Pirro, #1 (silver, product ID 037402)
  • Audi A4 STW '97, Peter, #2 (silver, product ID 037396)
  • Audi A4 STW '97, Muller, #3 (silver, product ID 037389)
  • Audi A4 STW '97, Vidali, #4 (silver, product ID 037372)
  • Renntransporter STW '97, "Audi AZK ROC" (silver, product ID 037259)

These are very small pre-made plastic cars. They are only about 2" in length but still have very good quality. Audi A4 "Notarzt" is used by the Bavarian Red Cross as a vehicle for doctors on emergency call in Hilpotstein. Audi A4 "Polizei Bayern" is a specialty vehicle of the Bavarian police. All touring cars are under Herpa's "Motor-Sport Collection", which means that they are limited edition. "Motor-Sport Collection" come with a plastic display case. Even though the cars are so small, they still have full decal detail and roll cage on the touring cars. Audi A4 STW '97 (Product ID: 022477) only come in white color. It is just like a touring car except it does not have any exterior decal. Renntransporter STW '97 is a 12-wheeler truck that was used for transporting A4 touring cars. The truck even has an engine underneath the seats. The truck is also under "Motor-Sport Collection," which means that they are limited in quantity as well. The Herpa cars are priced at between $9 to $30. All Herpa cars are made in Germany.

For your local Herpa dealer or purchasing on-line visit Herpa's official website You visit Promotex for the North American market.

Herpa A4
Herpa 1:87 Audi A4

herpa 1:87 Audi A4 sport
Herpa 1:87 Audi A4 sport

herpa 1:87Audi A4 Notarzt
Herpa 1:87Audi A4 Notarzt

herpa 1:87 Audi A4 Police
Herpa 1:87 Audi A4 Police

herpa 1:87 Audi A4 - STW '97,
herpa 1:87 Audi A4 - STW '97, "Dirk Müller" (Augros-Team)

herpa 1:87 Audi 1997 STW team
herpa 1:87 Audi 1997 STW team

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