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Work Codes GBW 2007

I was able to, er, get the entire service record for Ming II, but I didn't know what the work codes meant, so doing a Google search on the code, I found this list..

It had 95% of the codes I was looking for, so maybe it will be of assistance to somebody else. I can't validate the accuracy of the list or codes...

1527 Replace timing belt tensioner
1560 Replace vale(s) or guide(s)
1570 Cylinder head R & I and or gasket
1571 Cylinder Head Gasket
1580 (W1580) Valve Cover Gasket
1911 Replace low coolant level sensor
1950 Coolant Flange
2425 R & I air cleaner housing
2558 Idle Stabilizer
2560 R & I Fuel Distributor
2562 R & i Airflow sensor w/plate & Adj/set CO
2574 Throttle Switches
2580 R & I Upper Intake manifold--presumably to replace
2615 R & I Exhaust Heat Shield
2616 Front exhaust pipe Gasket
2617 Front exhaust pipe
2621 Exhaust Clamp
4890 Power Steering Gear
4894 R & I PS pressure hose
4895 R & I PS return hose
4897 R & I PS Fluid Resevoir
4898 R & I Ps pump,likely to replace belt
5518 Door Latch
5534 Replace central locking actuator
5717 R & I one or both front door handles
5721 Repalce door lock
6650 Replace rear deck model emblem ie "jetta"
6658 Remote Mirror Control
6678 L or R Door Mirror Glass
6679 Replace left or right side mirror
6683 Front license plate trim
7412 Front seat cover upholstery
7420 Front seat back upholstery
9139 radio or antenna related
9605 Door Jamb Switch for dome lamp
9620 Replace Dome Lamp
9622 Dome Lamp bulb
9628 Dash lamp dimmer
9629 Instrument Panel Light Bulb
9715 R F Wiring Harness Probable Repair
9716 RF Wiring harness likely repair parking lamp
9725 Rear wiring harness probable repair
9790 Trans/engine ground
AM 0345 45,000 Mile Maintenance
AM 5517 Hood Latch Mechanism
AM 9470 Center Brake light bulbs
FM 0100 45 Day inventory inspect
FM 01D3 Free Maintenance, O & F
FM 0PDI Pre Delivery Inspection
RC GC-12 Idle Stabilizer Replacement
RC GJ-12 Replace Throttle Switch in Audi Quattro
RC GP-12 Replace Steering Lock Assembly in Quattros w/Airbags
RC GS-13 3spd A/T Replace Diff Oil
RC GT-15 92 A100 vacumn hose modification hose to booster
RC GT-16 92 A/T Replace Brake Vacumn Booster Valve Assy
RC PC Transfer Pump
RC PU A/T Starter Bracket
RC PV A?T starter bracket
RC QP-12 87-89 Jetta GLI 16Valve Right Front Brake line routing
RC QW-12 90 Jetta GLI fuel pump dev frm specs/replace 191201037S
RC QX 90-1 GTI/GLI 16VKnock sensor wiring reversed/new sensor
RC QX-12 90-1 Gti/Gli 16V Knock Sensor 034 905 377A
RC QZ Air duct cooling front brakes
RC RC-13 Convienience Tools ie jack lug wrench screwdriver
RC RG-12 Fuel Pump Corrado unit may come loose/replace as necc
RC RL ??? Fox ???
RC RP-12 93 Passat Idle Stabilizer
RC RS-13 New fuel tank w/ pump scirocco
RC RW Bracket for Pre Heat Pipe
RC RY Engine ECU/throttle clip/suction pipe--hesitate upshift
RC RZ Emissions recall 90-2 Passat new engine ECM/Trans TCM
RC RZ-15 Trans and Engine ECU Passat AND NEW SHIFT HANDLE
RC SB Califonia Only Trans ECU
RC SC California Only Trans ECU
RC SF Replace Fuel hose and clamps 91-3 Fox
RC SG-13 Replace Fuel Hose and clamps 93 Passat
RC SH Fuel Hose and Clamps CORRADO
RC SK Fuel hose and clamps DIGIFANT
RC SQ-13 Secure Eng Comp elec wiring Corrado VR6
RC SW Replace both rear window regulators 92-4 Passat
RC TB Cabriolet Fuel Tank, Spot Check Top, replace if leaking
RC TC Airbag contol unit-California GIII
RC TD Fox Heater Core bypass valve/underdash tray
RC TF-13 95 Passat GLX Replace motor heatshield pre delivery
RC TJ 93 Passat GLX/Corrado VR6 Cooling Fan
RC XS Follow Up check of diff oil
RC YS Follow up check of diff oil
Valve Cover Gasket
W 0101 2500 Mile Check
W 0120 Pre Delivery Inspection
W 01A1 Pre Delivery Inspection
W 01A2 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Consultation
W 0307 7500 Mile Service
W 0315 15,000 Mile Service
W 0322 22,500 mile service
W 0330 30,000 Mile Service
W 0337 (AM 0337) 37,500 Mile Service
W 1001 Remove and Install Engine
W 1009 Replace Engine Block
W 1011 Replace Freeze Plug (coolant)
W 1031 Replace Left Engine Mount
W 1035 Replace right or other rubber engine mount
W 1083 Replace upper engine cover-V6
W 1359 Rear Crank Seal..flywheel side
W 1363 R & I torque conv drive plate
W 1367 R & I Crankshaft needle bearing
W 1372 Replace ribbed belt, presumably timing belt
W 1376 R & I pulley for belts
W 1378 Belts
W 1379 Install splash shield
W 1514 R & R Camseal
W 1520 Remove and Install Intershaft
W 1523 Replace intermediate shaft oil seal
W 1524 Adj Timing Belt
W 1550 replace one or all valve lifters
W 1703 Check Oil Pressure
w 1704 Oil Pressure Sender
W 1705 Oil Pressure Sender
W 1714 Oil Filler Cap Gasket
W 1720 Oil pump and/or gasket
W 1751 Oil pan gasket
W 1799 Low Oil Pressure Warning Switch
W 1908 Radiator Fan Resistor
W 1909 Radiator Fan Resistor
W 1910 R & I Coolant Fan Control
W 1920 Radiator Fan Shroud
W 1940 Expansion Tank
W 1957 Thermostat
W 1958 Thermostat
W 1962 Coolant Hose
W 1970 R & I radiator presume for other service
W 1975 Replace Radiator Cap
W 1978 Temp Sensor
W 2005 Fuel Filler Cap
W 2015 Replace Fuel Gauge Sending Unit
W 2022 R & I charcoal line includes slack tube test
W 2038 Replace Fuel feed line
W 2060 Replace Fuel Filter
W 2064 Fuel Filter Area
W 2065 Replace Fuel Pump Relay
W 2066 Fuel Pump
W 2080 R & I Accelerator Pedal
W 23A1 Check diesel injection system
W 2404 CO Adjustment
W 2417 O2 Sensor pulse relay
W 2438 Replace intake air duct
W 2440 Replace one or more injectors
W 2441 R & I Fuel Distribution Rail
W 2444 Throttle Body Switch Adj or R & R
W 2445 Mass airflow sensor/airflow meter
W 2447 R & I Intake manifold
W 2462 Temperature Sensor
W 2469 Replace Heated Oxygen Sensor
W 2470 Replace ECU aka ECM
W 2472 Replace voltage supply relay
W 2481 Idle Stabilizer Valve
W 24A1 Adjust CO Fuel Inj. models
W 24A2 CO within specs, fine adj improves performance
W 24B1 EFI diagnosis using VAG 1551
W 24C1 Digifant Check Throttle Body Adjust
W 2504 Injection System
W 2510 Oxygen Sensors
W 2511 Replace Fuel System ECU
W 2512 Fuel Sustem ECM/ECU
W 2514 Throttle Pos Sensor
W 2519 Cold Start Modification A80, R & R Temp sensor/set co
W 2527 Air Intake Elbow
W 2542 Adjust Sensor Plate
W 2544 R & I Throttle Body
W 2549 Thermo Time Switch
W 2555 Replace Fuel Pressure Regulator
W 2568 Replace Idle Air Control Valve (Vacumn Switch)
W 25A2 CO Within Specs, minor adjustment
W 25B1 CIS Diagnosis w/ VAG 1551
W 2610 Replace Exhaust manifold gkt
W 2630 Replace main (rear) muffler
W 2632 Mid muffler
W 2633 Replace rear muffler
W 2673 Replace CAT Conv. and or replace and or weld heatshield
W 26A1 Complete Exhaust System
W 2706 Battery charge or replace
W 2720 Charging System relaTED/POSSIBLE TEST
W 2722 R & R Alternator
W 2728 Alternator Mounting Bracket
W 2760 R & I Starter
W 2782 Replace cruise Control Unit
W 2783 Cruise Switch
W 2790 Cruise Vacumn Vent Valve
W 2791 Vacumn Hose Cruise
W 2804 Replace Electrical part of Ign sw
W 2807 Ignition Lock Clyinder
W 2810 Replace steering lock switch
W 2815 Ignition Buzzer Relay
W 2820 Replace Ignition Coil
W 2825 Ignition module
W 2830 R & I distributor assy, inc. set timing
W 2834 Replace distributor rotor
W 2839 Replace cam position sender with distributor removed
W 2853 Spark Plug Wire or Wires
W 2870 Replace Spark Plugs
W 2872 Knock Sensor
W 2873 Engine Speed Sensor
W 3005 Replace Clutch Pedal Pad
W 3010 Replace self adjust clutch cable
W 3012 Replace Clutch Cable
W 3052 R & I Clutch Pressure plate
W 3056 R & I clutch
W 3247 R & I torque converter seal
W 3404 Replace Shift knob
W 3406 Replace Shift boot
W 3417 R & I Gearshift Knob
W 3420 Shift linkage
W 3435 R & I complete transmission
W 3437 Replace transmission housing
W 3462 Differential lock switch
W 3548 Replace Transaxle Rear Main shaft brg
W 3550 Replace transmission mainshaft seal-trans removed
W 3572 Replace second gear set
W 3575 Replace 5th gear set
W 3577 Replace Gear Idler
W 3581 Replace 1st/2nd clutch gear
W 3704 Replace Gear Selector Knob
W 3706 Shift Ind Light
W 3724 Transmission gear display with pigtail & connector
W 3730 Replace A/T Control Module
W 3731 Replace multi function trans switch
W 3732 Replace Vehicle Speed Sensor
W 3735 Perfomance Test Transmission
W 3756 Transmission Housing
W 3788 Replace shift lock relay ie for starter interlock
W 37A1 A/T Diagnosis using VAG 1551
W 3856 ATF Pump
W 3858 ATF Filter
W 3864 Trans 1st gear brake piston
W 3908 Replace Ring and Pinion gearset
W 3912 Replace Differntial side gear
W 3922 Drive Flange Oil Seal
W 3929 Output shaft seal
W 3932 Replace Transmission side output shaft oil seal
W 4007 Subframe
W 4017 R & I one lower control arm
W 4020 Front Control Arm bushing
W 4036 R & I lower BJ
W 4041 Replace Driveshaft
W 4044 Air Intake Elbow
W 4045 Diagnose CV Joint
W 4048 Outer CV Boot
W 4050 Wheel Brg Hsg/Front Steering Knuckle
W 4057 Front Wheel Brg
W 4075 R & I Both Front Coil Springs
W 4088 Strut Top Brg
W 4090 Shock Absorber
W 40A1 Complete Suspension
W 4211 R & I control arm
W 4233 R & I one stud axle
W 4268 R & I Wheel Hub
W 4293 Rear Struts
W 4405 Balance Tires
W 4410 Replace one steel wheel
W 4440 Replace Tire
W 4485 Alignment
W 4495 Check Front and rear Alignment
W 4511 Right Front Speed Sensor for ABS
W 4515 ABS L/Rear speed sensor
W 4545 Replace ABS Control unit
W 45A4 ABS Diagnosis using ABS 1 Tester
W 4605 Replace brake pedal
W 4609 Replace brake pedal return spring
W 4615 Rear brake backing plate
W 4623 Rear brake shoes
W 4636 (AM 4636) Front Brake Pads
W 4638 Brake Pads Rear
W 4650 Front Brake Rotors
W 4653 Rear Brake Disc
W 4665 E Brake Lever Cover
W 4672 Handbrake Handle Rachet
W 4679 E Brake Cable
W 4690 Parking Brake Warning light switch
W 4711 Brake Fluid Cap on Master Cylinder
W 4715 Master Cylinder
W 4737 Replace one wheel cylinder
W 4750 Brake Pressure Regulator
W 4768 R & R Brake Pressure Accumulator
W 4770 Power Brake Vacumn Booster
W 4775 Power Brake Vacumn Check Valve
W 4810 R & I steering wheel
W 4812 R & I Horn ring cover
W 4813 Column Cover Horn Area
W 4814 Upper Steering Shaft
W 4818 R & I height Adjustable steering column
W 4879 r & i tie rod(s)
W 4885 Powersteering Belt
W 5355 Install Stainless Steel plug (in rear quarter panel?)
W 5514 Adjust Hood release cable
W 5530 Replace hood support prop rod
W 5556 Rear Trunk Lid Lock
W 5557 Replace rear lid grip w/lock push button
W 5559 R & I Rear lid/Liftgate
W 5573 Trunk lock actuating rod
W 5585 NG hoods/lid
W 5708 Replace infared transmitter key battery/bulb
W 5725 Striker Pin Front Door
W 5737 Door Pull Cable Inside Door
W 5745 Door Release Lever
W 5753 Adjust door hinge
W 5759 Door Check Rod
W 5763 Inner Door Seal Front
W 5775 Replace 1 Front door Central locking Actuator
W 5776 Power Door Lock
W 5780 Central Lock Pump
W 5811 Rear door handles
W 5817 Left rear door lock
W 5821 Rear door lock knob button
W 5826 Striker Pin Rear Door
W 5837 Pull rod cable rear door
W 5845 Replace inside rear door operating lever
W 5863 Inner Door Seal Rear
W 6012 Sunroof Switch
W 6013 Sunroof Relay
W 6014 Sunroof Motor Gearbox
W 6018 R & I Sunroof control cables--includes adjustment
W 6023 Sunroof gear cover
W 6028 Sunroof guide frame
W 6033 Sunroof Wind Deflector
W 6036 Sunroof Wind deflector linkage
W 6040 Sunroof Panel
W 6042 Sunroof Weatherstrip
W 6051 R & I lower sunroof frame
W 6310 R & I Front bumper cover presumably for refinish
W 6329 Front Bumper Cover
W 6369 R & I rear bumper cover presumably to refinish
W 6370 Rear Bumper Moulding
W 6414 Replace Windshield
W 6416 Windshield Weatherstrip
W 6420 Inner windshield mldg
W 6441 Replace front window glass
W 6442 Replace vertical rubber seal door glass
W 6445 Front Window Weatherstrip
W 6448 Replace outer front door window slot weatherstrip
W 6450 Power Window R & I ECU
W 6453 Manual front window regulator
W 6454 Window Regulator Motor
W 6458 Power window switch
W 6459 Rear Window Lock Out Switch
W 6471 Window Frame, Regulator or Motor Adjust or Replace
W 6476 Replace rear side window weatherstrip w/glass removed
W 6489 Rear tinted window glass
W 6492 Rear Defog Switch
W 6603 Remote Mirror
W 6607 Replace Grill emblem
W 6617 Fender Side Panel Moulding
W 6619 Side Mldg
W 6621 Front Door Moulding
W 6631 Flared rocker panel moulding
W 6633 Replace 1 Front trim mldg
W 6641 Replace rear door mldg
W 6651 Replace rear insignia
W 6680 Remote mirror adjuster
W 6727 R & I Stereo Radio
W 6728 Replace Stereo Cassette
W 6805 Replace inner sill panel mldg
W 6812 Glovebox door
W 6815 R & I Glovebox
W 6817 Center console
W 6818 Knee Bar Surrounding Console,Possibly to access shifter
W 6820 Front Ashtray
W 6823 R & I One or both sunvisor (s)
W 6827 Rear View Mirror
W 6835 Replace chicken handle
W 6858 Replace timed seatbelt sender
W 6867 Air Bag spiral spring
W 6876 Rear three point seatbelt
W 6877 Rear Seatbelt??
W 6878 Interior accessories
W 6879 Inertia Lap Belt
W 6884 Seatbelt interlock related
W 6885 R & I Safety Belt lock contact (likely for warn light)
W 7003 Trim--Luggage Compartment
W 7014 Replace Speaker Grill
W 7018 R & I Instrument Panel
W 7030 Rear Shelf Trim
W 7041 Replace front carpet
W 7057 A Pillar Trim
W 7058 Instrument panel wood trim
W 7059 R & I front door trim panel
W 7062 Replace inner door plastic seal
W 7063 Replace one inside door pull handle/armrest
W 7067 B Pillar Trim
W 7068 C Pillar Trim
W 7069 D Pillar trim
W 7073 Replace one door (trim) Panel
W 7084 Sunroof
W 7086 Replace or reglue sunroof panel headliner
W 7092 Rear Lid Trunk Trim
W 7211 Replace one seat slide
W 7231 Seat Backrest Adjuster Knob w/trim
W 7246 Replace front seat backrest
W 7291 Replace Electric Seat Relay
W 7428 Front seat heater harness
W 7429 Front seat backrest heater harness
W 7686 bad code vanagon stove
W 8013 Heater control cable
W 8023 Replace Heater Core
W 8030 Replace valve to heater core hose
W 8510 Replace heater and fresh air controls
W 8516 Fresh Air Flap
W 8525 Fresh air blower series resistor
W 8553 Replace center air outlet (dash vent)
W 8555 Front footwell heat outlet
W 8702 Replace A/C controls
W 8704 R & I A/C Control Unit
W 8712 Replace Thermostat Switch for A/C
W 8715 Replace A/C Wiring Harness
W 8725 Check or replace V Belt
W 8727 A/C COmpressor Clutch Relay
W 8734 Replace A/C Compressor
W 8745 Replace Suction Hose
W 8750 Replace Condensor
W 8755 A/c Receiver dryer
W 8760 R & I Evaporator Assy
W 8786 Replace Vacumn Resevoir
W 8791 Drain hose--assume for a/c
W 87A2 A/C Diagnosis
W 9007 Repace mile counter lower cable
W 9023 Fuel Gauge
W 9027 Replace LED indicator
W 9029 Replace Voltage Stabilizer Cluster removed
W 9032 Tach
W 9045 Replace Multi Function Indicator Lamp
W 9050 Replace Alarm System Horn
W 9052 R & I horn
W 9059 Horn Relay
W 9062 R & I Cigar Lighter Socket
W 9096 Replace alarm system rear lid/liftgate switch
W 9133 Radio
W 9134 Radio Stereo Cassette, replace
W 9135 Radio, premium-replace
W 9138 Antenna
W 9141 Replace front speaker
W 9142 Replace rear speaker
W 9205 Wiper/Washer
W 9215 Replace Wiper Motor
W 9219 R & I W/S Wiper Linkage
W 9220 Wiper Blades
W 9225 Relay--wiper arm
W 9227 (AM 9227) Wiper Blades
W 9234 Replace rear window wiper motor
W 9242 Rear wiper related
W 9254 Washer Hose
W 9256 W/S Washer Pump
W 9260 Washer Container
W 9263 Heater Washer Spray Jets
W 9266 Replace washer spray jet
W 9272 Replace Headlight Washer Jet
W 9401 Aim Headlamps
W 9405 R & I Headlight switch
W 9415 R & I One Headlight Assy inc Adjust
W 9418 Adjust/Aim or Replace Headlight
W 9429 License Plate Bulb
W 9433 Replace one or more taillight bulb
W 9435 Replace rear turn signal bulb
W 9436 Replace brake light switch
W 9437 Brake Light Bulb
W 9442 Replace turn signal switch
W 9467 Fog Light Bulb
W 9472 Replace Backup light switch
W 9475 Back up light bulb (s)
W 9528 Dash Light Bulb
W 9544 Glove Box Light
W 9604 Trunk Light Bulb
W 9640 Trunk/Luggage Compartment lamp
W 9641 Trunk lamp
W 9642 Replace trunk lamp bulb
W 9654 Replace heater control light bulb
W 9739 ECU Wiring harness (like bad ground)
W 9740 Ignition Switch wiring
W 9748 o2 sensor wiring
W 9750 Replace ECU wiring for Potential Connections
W 9754 Ignition Wiring Transistor
W 9758 Speaker Wiring Harness
W 9769 Dome Lamp Bulb
W 9774 Instrument Panel Harness
W 9780 Electric window wiring harness
W 9785 Battery Ground Strap
W 9794 R & R Fusebox/Circuit Board
W 9795 Replace fusepanel
W2 1033 Right Engine Mount
W2 1360 R & R Flywheel, example RSJG A/T fro shims etc.
W2 1724 Oil Pressure Relief Valve
W2 1960 Coolant Pipe
W2 25A1 Injection System
W2 2638 Exhaust Hanger
W2 2686 Exhaust Emission
W2 2832 Distributor Cap and Rotor
W2 4490 Rear Wheel Alignment
W2 4617 Brake Splash Shield
W2 4708 Brake Fluid service
W2 4714 Master Cylinder Plug
W2 4741 Rear Caliper
W2 4776 Brake Vacumn pump
W2 5558 Trunk Lot Cylinder
W2 5709 Door Lock Cylinder replace and match tumblers
W2 5711 R & I exterior Door Handle
W2 6455 Glass-Electric Front Window Regulator
W2 6657 Left Remote Switch For Mirror
W2 7426 Seat Heater Switch
W2 7427 Seat Heater Relay
W2 7456 Ski Boot
W2 8015 Heater Control Valve
W2 8032 Heater Core to Engine Hose
W2 8710 Blower Motor Switch
W2 8748 Heater Programer
W2 9003 Instrument Housing
W2 9006 Speedo Change
W2 9008 Speedo Cable related
W2 9028 Circuit in Instrument Panel
W2 9034 Check Package
W2 9184 Window antenna Amp
W2 9423 Headlight Bulb
W2 9743 Repair or Replace Wiring for Electric Mirrors
W5 1374 V-Belt