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Remove the MMI Disclaimer Screen Eddie Man 2007
My '07 Update is on its way but Haagie (as nice as he is) emailed me zipped files with the software updates...
Now I got them working and it's pretty awesome.
It took about 5 minutes of uploading and that was it.

Not to over-rate the update or anything but the best SW update(s), IMO are:
1. No more stinkin' disclaimer screen
2. A mute feature (now built-in to the on/off/volume button).

Mind you that this specific zip files did not include map updates or anything else that requires Gigs for data.

Here are the other SW updates (not sure if this list is 100% though, I will be getting my DVD & booklet shortly):
- The MUTE feature will make it finally to North America
- The MIX function will stay activated when pressing the next/prev track buttons
- With route guidance enabled the first line in the DIS now shows the first characters of the songs title (instead of MP3)
- In radio mode, Memory got renamed to Presets
- The older 2A DVD (and likely the 1A DVD as well) will work with the new software
- The new software is more picky about backup disks but has no copy protection like the Euro 0330+ DVDs have.
- New map data is supposed to be included as well.
- And did I mention that the disclaimer will no longer show up?

Additional Info From Sparkhill:

Here are easy instructions for the PC:
1) Download the file: RNS-E Nav Update
2) Click on the downloaded file and extract all files.
3) Insert blank CD-R.
4) Select the five files then right-click to choose "send to CD".
5) Burn the files to the CD.
6) Insert the CD into the DVD/NAV slot of your car. The software will update after several seconds.

It all seems to work fine. Thanks to everyone who was involved.