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What do the Different Stock Wheels Look Like? AudiWorld 2000
Currently there are three different stock wheel types that you can get with your A4 depending on the model (FAQ written in early 1998).

The A4 1.8T comes with either 7-spoke or 8-spoke wheels. The 8-spoke wheels are standard and the 7-spoke wheels are an option if you choose the Sports Package. Besides the difference in wheel design, the 7-spoke wheels with the Sports Package are 16" wheels, compared to the normal 15" 8-spoke ones.

The A4. 2.8 comes with either 5-spoke or 7-spoke wheels. Again, the 7-spoke wheels are part of the Sports Package offering. However, in the case of the A4 2.8, the 5-spoke and 7-spoke wheels are both 16" wheels.

5-spoke wheels
5-spoke wheels

7-spoke wheels
7-spoke wheels

8-spoke wheels
8-spoke wheels

9-spoke wheels

Type RS4 Wheel 7.5 x 17
These 17", nine-spoke alloy wheels are an exclusive offering designed by Audi AG's performance and tuning division, quattro GmbH. Features a durable silver finish and uses factory-fit wheel bolts. No adapters or additional wheel bolts are required. Custom Center Cap item# 8D0601165K1H7 sold at extra cost. Weight 8.707kg. (Each sold separately)

Further History

For the 1995/6 model year, only the 2.8L A4 was offered in the United States. Its stock wheels were five-spoke sixteen-inch wheels with a silver finish. The A6 was offered with an eight spoke round-spoke wheel in fifteen-inch with the sixteen-inch Avus wheel available on the S6 variant. The A8 was offered with the polished seventeen-inch five spoke wheels. In Europe, the A4 was also offered with the 1.8T engine with the eight-spoke round-spoke 15" wheels from the A6 as an option over the standard 15" steel wheels with a twelve-spoke wheel cover. Seven-spoke sport package wheels for the A4 1.8T were offered later in the 1995/6 model year and a seventeen-inch version of this seven-spoke sport wheel was offered on the A8 as a "deluxe option" in Switzerland, France and other countries. Some S6 Avants were shipped with A4-style five-spoke wheels in place of their Avus wheels. The Cabriolet was only available with its standard wheel.

During the 1997 model year, the 1.8T was introduced in the A4 in the U.S. with an eight-spoke round-spoke wheel design taken from the 100/A6. Some cars in the U.S. got a "dome" style centercap with this eight-spoke round-spoke wheel design with a semispherical centercap with the Audi rings logo molded into the plastic. A select group of cars got European centercaps showing the Audi "football" logo which, at the time, appeared below the rectangular side marker lamps. The sport wheel remained the same seven-spoke wheel from the previous year and now was available as a sixteen-inch wheel option on both A4 models in the U.S. The seventeen-inch "Carrera" wheel became available as an option on any A4 in Europe that was equipped with quattro. Diesel A4s being put on order in late 1997 could be ordered with fifteen-inch alloys instead of steel wheels. The A8 and Cabrio wheels did not change, though a "Edition" wheel was offered on the Cabrio in Germany that was a gold finish sixteen-inch wheel.

During the 1998 model year, many changes are made to the A4. The wheel choices remain largely unchanged, though for the first time a factory-approved eighteen-inch wheel is offered through Quattro GmbH - the wheel does not appear in UK brochures, but has six spokes and is labeled "Q-8420 W" in the 1998 German A4 brochure. The other models do not receive wheel changes, though the redesigned A6 on the B5 platform is released. It is equipped only with the 2.8-liter engine and has a unique wheel design (I can't remember what it looks like and it's too cold outside for me to run down and check...). All A8s except those in Eastern Europe are given alloy wheels for the 1998 model year. Audi formally announces that the TT production wheels will resemble the showcar and Freeman Thomas comments that "all possible effort will be made to preserve the unique qualities of this showcar". The A3 receives confirmation for alloys on all turbocharged models and a seventeen-inch option for Audi's newest, smallest model is created.

In 1999, the stock 1.8T wheel changes to a flat-spoke eight-spoke wheel with a ridge down the middle of each spoke. This is still a fifteen-inch wheel and the change is made to further separate the new A4 model from the Audi 100/A6 from which the original nonsport wheel was taken. All use of the Audi "football" logo on centercaps ceases with the final resignation of the "Cabriosport" wheel in Europe, the last wheel with a football-marked centercap. The new sport wheel emerges mid-1999 with ten spokes in a rounded spoke profile. The S8 is released in Europe and featured in the movie Ronin wearing its stock eighteen-inch Avus-style wheels. A nineteen-inch A8 wheel is finally released through Quattro GmbH and named "Magnum". All A8's receive alloy wheels, except for "risk countries" in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. All quattros now have alloy wheels, regardless of model. All S3's now have Avus seventeen-inch wheels unless other wheels are ordered. The S6 Avant receives Avus seventeen-inch wheels, as does the S4. The TT is announced and the Neiman Marcus edition coupes land in the U.S. with front-wheel-drive only and chrome-polish flat-spoke six-spoke wheels. Quattros land in late calendar 1999.

For 2000, the stock A4 wheels remain the same as they were after the 1999 model year changes. The TT wheel is the flat-spoke six-spoke wheel in a silver clearcoat finish and the Neiman Marcus chrome-polish wheels are not an option. Non-sport TT's receive the sixteen-inch five-spoke wheel used on normally aspirated Beetles in Europe. The A6 2.7T receives a special bowed-spoke five-spoke wheel. The A6 4.2 receives a special wheel (what does this one look like again?). The order to "factory debadge" an S6 or S8 now includes an option to remove Avus wheels from the car and replace them with standard wheels. The 225 TT receives a polished five-spoke wheel similar to the A8 stock U.S. wheel in seventeen inch sizing. "Paris" package in France reintroduces the Neiman Marcus TT wheels on a special run of black TT's with chrome wheels. The A8L receives a "platter" style wheel. A select batch of S3's are now available with the eighteen-inch wheels from the "GT" German promotional version of the Turbo Beetle.

2001 brings the S8 and S4 Avant to the U.S., both with Avus wheels in eighteen- and seventeen-inch respectively. S3 Avus wheels can now be ordered from U.S. dealerships for TT Avus fitments. A8L's in Europe ordered with diplomatic packages now come with special alloys and puncture-resistant tires at no extra charge. "Factory Debadge" option on 225 TT's with the sport package now reverts to the 180 Sport six-spoke flat-spoke wheels as well as clearing emblems from the decklid. A8 centercaps in Europe for the seven-spoke sport wheel now say "A8" instead of having the four rings. S8's can now be ordered with other wheels from the GmbH catalog but cannot be ordered with anything other than eighteen- or nineteen-inch wheels. The A2 receives a special wheel that enhances its aerodynamics, though Audi mentions that it will continue to update the aerodynamics of its A2 three-liter car.

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