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Installing AP Racing Brakes Don Pavlik 2000

More S4 Power
(stopping power that is...)

Note: This information is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of any particular brand of brakes.   

When car nuts talk to fellow car nuts they usually talk about how fast the car is. More power, more torque, go faster, higher boost. Rarely is braking performance discussed. Ok, so it's fast but can you stop it?  The S4 comes equipped with pretty good brakes from the factory but the brakes don't hold up well under heavy track use.  I have not "run out of brakes" on the track yet but I'm easy on 'em.

I helped a friend install his AP Racing brakes on his 2000 S4. Nice setup. The install went fairly easy once I figured out the correct method for removing the factory brake caliper--there is a right and wrong way to take it off.  Everything (almost) was a direct bolt-on and the quality of the components looked top notch except for the caliper mounting bracket which is a nice sturdy piece but was not up to the finished manufacturing quality of the rest of the parts.  Once it's installed you never see the bracket anyway but personally a little more attention to detail would have been nice.  The upgrade brakes also offer a nice weight savings.

Weight savings

Stock S4

AP Racing

2 rotors: 43 lbs.
2 calipers & brackets: 26 lbs.
Total: 69 lbs.
2 rotors: 27 lbs.
2 calipers & brackets: 14 lbs.
Total: 41 lbs.
Savings in unsprung weight: 14 lbs./wheel x 2 wheels = 28 lbs.
Savings in rotating mass: 8 lbs./wheel x 2 wheels = 16 lbs.

Stock vs. AP Racing
(ooooh, look how pretty)

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Note: the upgraded rotor pictured is installed incorrectly. The rotor rotation is wrong
for proper cooling.

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