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Cleaning Rusting Brake Rotors 4AudiQ 2006

Here is what my front rotors look like.......rust galore!

Into a plastic pan to remove the rust:

I ran across this stuff from a Google search. Non-toxic, biodegrable, earth friendly,
Evapo-rust. I bought 2 gallons at a local gun shop. He raved about the stuff. He does all his guns in it:

The hubs had some rust on them so, 000 Steel Wool, cleaned with alcohol to remove any residue,
studs taped off ready to paint(Dupli-Color High Heat 1200 degree flat black spray paint):

Rusty rotors submerged in the Evapo-Rust solution:

Rust all gone after just 1 hour. Rinsed with water and then air dried over night:

Hubs all painted:

Rear rotors are just as rusty:

Nickel Anti-Seize:

Putting Nickel Anti-Seize inside the rotor before I put it on the hub will prevent it from rusting to the hub, which just occurred on this forum by JXR on his 8-10-2006 post:

Anti-Seize goes on the back of each pad:

Front re-assembled:

Rear rotor rust removed and painted:

Rear rotor re-assembled:

Wheel back on and no rust visible through the spokes of the wheel:

I did this over a 3 day period. I am glad to get rid of the rust. Here is the link to Evapo-Rust.