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ESP/ABS v5.3 Pump Replacement OCDboy 2007

Finally after several iterations of incorrect/damaged parts coming in I finally got my car back on the road. Here is a replacement procedure to follow.

My car is an '01 2.7T with the ESP version 5.3. Version 5.3 has two separate pumps. This procedure is for replacing part number 8E0 614 111 T. That part has been replaced by part number 8E0 614 111 AT which contains an upgraded electronics module.

Symptoms: Pedal went "mushy" without warning. Not a total loss of braking but significant. Do not drive the car if it has this symptom. Found that the pump was leaking significant amounts of fluid from the pump body.

Set of box wrenches: 10, 11, 12, 13mm
VAG-Com is required
Box of rubber gloves to keep brake fluid off your fingers...change often to keep everything clean.
Gear for bleeding the brakes: Pressure Bleeder, Fluid, catch bottle, lug wrench, etc.

Keep this as clean of job as possible to keep any contaminants from entering the system.

For reference, we are replacing part number 1 in this diagram.

For starters...I didn't feel the bentley was very clear on this job. It confuses between replacing the lower pump (#5) and the ABS Pump. I spent a good deal of time reading and re-reading the bentley as I felt I might be missing something. You do not need to remove the wheel liner as stated in the procedure.

As a precautionary move I did hook up the VAG-Com and confirmed there were no codes in the ABS Electronics.

This is a very straight-forward part swap.

1) Disconnect the negative ground on the battery (no picture). Also, remove the 3 screws attaching the coolant reservoir and move out of the way as necessary while working.

2) Unplug the wiring buss connected to the ABS Unit by pulling up on the retainer. The plug will disconnect as you pull up. Move out of the way and keep it clear of any potential brake fluid contamination.

3) Using a line wrench or box end wrench, disconnect all 6 lines from the ABS Module. Four are 11mm and two are 12mm connections. CAUTION: Brake fluid will leak everywhere...plenty of rags should be there to help soak up the fluid.

4) The pump is held to the ABS carrier by two 13mm bolts. It was easiest to use a box end as some of the lines make it challenging to use a socket wrench. Once the nut is free they spin off easily by hand. Be careful not to drop the nut (ahem).

5)Gently...and I mean gently move the 6 brake lines out of the way and lift the module out of the carrier. There will be some slight bending of the lines, but there is enough flex to work the pump out.

Culprit pump...

Empty Carrier

Now it's time to reinstall the new pump!

6) Now being gentle with the lines again put the new pump back into the carrier. Reattach the two nuts on the retaining bolts.

7) Now reattach the brake lines. Remove the caps on the connections one-by-one to prevent any contamination of the unit. I did not use a torque wrench the connections...only "snug" with the short 11 or 12mm wrench.

8) Everything is done. Reconnect the battery and time to bleed the brakes. I will not elaborate on bleeding brakes other than to say a VAG-Com compatible software is required to connect and activate and clear out the ABS Pump. Steps are:

* Select brake electronics (03)
* Login to ABS (11)
* Enter 40168
* Enter 04 for Basic Settings
* Enter 002 and select "go"

The pump will run for 10 seconds. This must be done while the drivers side front brake bleed screw is open. I had to run the pump 3 or 4 times before all of the air bubbles where out.

Be sure you do a complete system flush/bleed as there is plenty of air introduced into the system in this process.

Note: The module bled/dripped brake fluid all over and down through the engine compartment. Spend some time cleaning it up. I would go ahead and pull the fender liner out cleaning with soap and water as much as possible. Be careful of the electrical connection.

9) Enjoy a beverage!

General Disclaimer: These are my cliff notes and in no way should you deviate from the published procedures in the Bentley. Use as information only and I bear no responsibility if you cause yourself bodily harm by doing a ABS/ESP pump replacement on your own. If you are not comfortable doing this job...find a qualified mechanic! It's your life and others at risk if you have a brake failure.