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acadia 07-10-2002 11:03 AM

I think Audi needs a redesign on the redesign of the A8 before it hits the market!!! The spy shots
<center><img src=""></center><p>look ten times better than what they've come up with. Sure they were photochoped, but take, some hints Audi? I mean what happened, I thought, we were going to be a more sporting brand sense completely separating from VW. No longer would Audi have to be that luxury conservative brand for VW, VW would do it's own thing, and Audi would concentrate on making sport luxury sedans. But the New A8 looks like a rebadged, VW Pheaton?

Come on Audi, the new 7 series, and 3 year old S-Class look about ten times more sporting then the Audi Pheaton, ... I mean Audi A8?

Check out the spy picks and photochops of what the car should have been, if Audi had went that way, man would the car have been hot, look at the Avantissimoish lights, look at the quad tail pipes and the arse on her ... All, I can say to Audi on the new A8 is, a very homer simpsonish, "DOH!!!"?

Check linx to pix

Maybe one of these more aggressive designs will make it into the next S8, and RS8.

cyjack 07-10-2002 11:06 AM

The new head of Audi has said...
in a few different interviews that it was too early to take this more aggressive approach with the new A8. And since the design of the car was probably completed well in advance of VW group's realignment I don't think that it's much of a surprise that Audi has taken more of a conservative approach with the A8.

My hopes are pinned on the new A3 and A6 for picking up the new more sporty, aggressive mantle.

acadia 07-10-2002 11:31 AM

let's hope, waiting on new S4 myself. Hope it's a widebody.

Sapik 07-10-2002 11:55 AM

Re: The new head of Audi has said...
let's all not forget the RSR :9~
simply has some great specs for the price they are aiming for..

[email protected] 07-10-2002 01:36 PM

The VW Phaeton and Audi A8 will share alot more than you think
as will the Bentley GT, Audi RSR and "baby" Lambo. Of course they aren't going to publicly say that now are they. Don't laugh too hard at the Phaeton when it comes here with a W12 for less money than the A8 V8.

ultradub 07-10-2002 02:14 PM

Agree With You Completely, The New A8 is Disappointing
To say the very least, yes the pictures you posted, show a far more aggressive stance, and truly set an identity for the car. Just when it looked like Audi was the one remaining German Auto maker to have a clue in desigh aesthetics, this is what they come up with?
The Phaeton will be it's cheaper sibling I suppose, reminds me of the Toyota/Lexus relationship! I was hopeful and with all the pics that you posted and I had seen previously, I really thought Audi would make this a spectacular car.....What the F**king hell happened to the Avantissimo design STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Xialater 07-10-2002 02:55 PM

the new agressive mantle is already won........
by the soon to be here RS6, which if I was going to buy an Audi, would be my choice.......I won't bash the new A8 until I see it up close and personal, but from what they have shown, I'm much less than impressed, and a bit more than disappointed......I personally think Audi just got scared sh!tless seeing the disaster the 745 was, and couldn't go with an agressive biggest disappointments are, in order

1.) that UGLY ass light wood trim, maybe it won't make it into production, but if it does, my god, thats just ugly looking.

2.) I was really hoping for more of a Hp bump......the '97 I owned never felt underpowered at 300 Hp, but I was really hoping for a more sizeable jump. I know it's a luxury car, not a drag car, but I guess I was being greedy.

3.) The butt......I never liked the A6 big rounded look, and the new A4 has slowly been growing on me, kinda like a fungus, but I like it more than when I first saw it, the A8 looks like a Jennifer Lopez sized version of the A4 butt.

4.) I am guessing that the cup holders are hidden in that closed compartment under the Audi version of the "i" drive thingie is?? if they are under the armrests again I'm just gonna be shaking my head.....Maybe Audi really doesn't listen to the little complaints and fixes them, or maybe it's true that the people over on the other side of the pond really don't care, meaning they don't care what we want (this is probably pretty true)

5.) And this is just being annoying, but those 12 spoke rims are just too ugly (and BMWish) for me, but thats something that is easily fixable.....

I saw they upgraded the braking system, hopefully it is signifigantly better than the current brakes. I like the 6 speed tip, hopefully a manual will come stateside, but I won't hold my breath for it. I also like the idea of the adaptive suspension, and the stiffer frame, hopefully this will help all the little rattles we all experienced after driving the car a little bit.....

For those of you who like the car, more power to you.....I know some people who like the lines of the 745 a lot, I just disagree, I was hoping for something different, something a bit more agressive, more stylish. I'm very curious to see the look of the new A6 now, since that seems to be the model that is leading the product line.

Egil A64.2s - S6 07-10-2002 04:12 PM

They have to leave something for the S8 :-)

Audi S5 TC 07-10-2002 04:28 PM

IMO, the Avantissimo is tremendously ugly
I am glad Audi did not use that design for the A8. Hopefully Audi will not use the Avantissimo design for the new A6, either.

ultradub 07-10-2002 04:43 PM

Perhaps we must wait for the Next A8!

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