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  19. Be aware of how to open/close/lock/unlock doors manually & this TSB in the winter
  20. Be mindful of battery tenders.
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  25. New to forum
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  63. Auto Start/Stop
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  65. date newest A8 s with 8 cylinders arriving US market ?
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  69. conquest or loyalty
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  164. how good is the lane keeping?
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  177. How do they allow this?
  178. A8/D5 Park Assist & Maneuver Assist
  179. Upcoming A8 and other Audi models to have auto pay toll technology
  180. They say the D5 A8 55 TFSI V6 is QUICK
  181. Why I don't like the taillight design on the D5 A8 and new A7
  182. Audi A8 D4 2016 2017 Model Matrix Led lights coding
  183. Old & Tired: No Way to Go to Market?
  184. Remote parking????
  185. D5 A8 Exterior Sport Package Coming
  186. Making of the D5
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  192. Sanity Prevails in the D5 engine nomenclature arena
  193. Audi's "reason" for no exhaust ports
  194. 2018?/19-W12-
  195. Interesting video review of D5 and some of its systems
  196. Google Maps on MMI died, why?
  197. D5 German Market Price List & Option Descriptions - Translated to English
  198. B-Forged Performance Wheels - Collection and Gallery
  199. No Bose in D5, but two versions of B&O options...
  200. Another EXCELLENT “first drive” review for the D5
  201. All new Audi A8 and A8L
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  203. Evo (UK enthusiast magazine) D5 first review
  204. D5 configurator up and running on the Audi, Deutschland site
  205. Bad news--U.S. Delay for the D5
  206. ? Weight of new A8L
  207. SQ8...where I suspect a lot of the D5 target market will be looking
  208. Early document from the Audi Germany site
  209. Interesting D5 "real world" test drive of Traffic Jam Pilot system
  210. Already picking color combo for new D5 order
  211. D5 "Driver Assistance Systems"
  212. D5 MMI Touchscreen Video
  213. The A8 front end design evolution through the years...
  214. Car & Driver preview, particularly interesting as regards active suspension option
  215. has anyone heard anything about D5 semi-autonomous driving capabilities ABOVE 38mph?
  216. Just saw a D5 A8...
  217. Audi Logic At Its Best - Renaming Performance Designations
  218. Mmi rear not work
  219. Tire recommendations for 2016 A8L Sport
  220. Thought I'd liven it up here a bit with this D5 video
  221. D5 Rear Seat Console Differences
  222. Audi's D5 S8 Plans
  223. Long Consumer Reports article on AI Traffic Jam Pilot
  224. Traffic Jam Pilot vs Traffic Jam Assist
  225. Worth the wait?
  226. With apologies for the delay (forgot to add it).. New forum! :)