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Blaupunkt ME3 DVD Player/TV Tuner for RNS-E Boston Driver 2006

PART 4: Make final connections

Back at the trunk compartment, I connected the RCA jacks to the ME-3 adaptor, and tapped the wires that I ran to the front of the car earlier into their respective wires in the harness.
Red = Switched Power
Black = Ground
Yellow = Battery

I then disconnected the battery, and made the connections under the dash.
Red = Switched power to 75X
Black = Ground to main ground on left sidewall
Yellow = Battery to 30

I plugged in the connector to the ME3

I reconnected the battery, and when I hit the CD/TV button on the RNS-E and look at available sources...HELLO THERE...

No TV reception for now...I've got to get my hands on an amplified patch antenna for TV reception. I am thinking about one that will hide in the lining of the trunk, easy to install, and I will NOT have to deal with the trim pieces again.