The mister controller has status lights on the front of the unit.  The only problem is how do you know when the pump is running or when one of the thresholds (or both) have been tripped once you've mounted the controller up under the dash?  Maybe if you could see what it was doing you'd know if an adjustment was needed. Answer:  add remote LEDs!

My solution
IC mister monitor

  • The LEDs indicate: temp threshold, fang threshold, pump running
  • Clean factory look.


  • If you push the small piece from behind it just pops out. 
  • It took a few minutes with a file to slightly enlarge the slot to accommodate the LEDs but otherwise it was pretty painless.
  • A dab of adhesive on the back of each LED secures them in place.
  • I installed an additional connector on the controller and tapped into the LED circuit to drive external LEDs. I contacted the designer of the mister with my plan he confirmed that driving 3 extra LEDs would be no problemo.
  • There are unused traces on the circuit board so I soldered wires to pick up the LED signals without disturbing any existing solder joints.
  •  I used a 9-pin serial connector to make the cable easy to remove just like the original screw on cables. 

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