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DIY Sport Grill for Center Grill (A4/S4) Matthew LeBlanc 2001

After installing the DIY sport grill for air-intakes, I still wanted to complete the project and replace the grill in the center. Since I had already figured out how to make the grill and how to get at that part of the bumper, the difficult part was going to be removing the original grill and getting my replacement installed. It turns out that this part was much more difficult, but then again, anyone looking to do this mod already knew that.


1. The leftover grill from DIY Sport Grill for Air-Intakes (A4/S4)
2. Black zip-ties


1. Flathead screwdriver
2. Wire cutters
3. Keyhole cutter (used for drywall repair)
4. Drill (with Philips head and 1/8 inch drill bit)
5. String/wire 
6. Ramps or jack stands and floor-jack 

Remove Air-intake grills and size-up new grill:

1. First put the front-end up on ramps/jack stands...If using ramps with the S4, see tech note from Don Pavlik on using ramps with the lower S4 front-end.
2. Remove the fog (Air-intake) grills. I followed the AudiWorld tech update on replacing the fog lamps (which I did the previous week) 
3. Remove the front plate and holder. Four screws for plate and four screws for plate holder. 
4. Remove the plate-center cover. It snaps out pretty easy, just slowly pull until all seven snaps let go.
5. Drill out the four connectors on either side of the air-intakes (two each side

6. Drill out the six holes as seen below. These are on the underside of the bumper.

7. Cut the lower part of the grill using the keyhole saw. I started but cutting the upper part of the lower grill.

8. Next you need to remove the lower grill from the frame. Slowly push-out and/or pry each of the clips away from the frame. If you did the previous mod for the air-intakes, you'll know what to do. You may need to make a few other cuts to get this piece out.

9. Next slide the lower half of the grill out through either side of the air-intake areas.

You'll also notice another piece is now loose in there, take it out and remove if you want...I don't know what it does except reduce air drag.

10. Repeat the last step for the upper half of the grill and remove upper grill.
11. Cut your DIY grill to size...although, make sure that it's a little bigger than the original.
12. Slide the grill through the air-intakes and start coercing into place.
13. I used a piece of string to hold the grill in place while I snipped&tucked.
14. After trimming, I used more string to tie the grill down.

15. After placing everything where I wanted it, I used the black zip-ties to replace all the string and make the installation more permanent.
16. Reinstall the bumper cover (line-up and snap up)
17. You'll need to use the keyhole saw one more time to trim about 1/4 to inch off the tongue on the license plate holder. 
18. Reinstall plateholder and plate.

Voila! You're all done!

Good Luck

Matthew LeBlanc

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