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Clear Side Markers ('98 and earlier) Jason Meaden 1998

This FAQ will show you how to disable the Daytime Running Light system built-in (by law) on Canadian A4's. Please note that this procedure is illegal for vehicles used on public roads in Canada. The FAQ does not in any way endorse this procedure, it merely provides the information for anyone who may be interested.

First, remove the lower panel underneath the dash on the driver's side. This procedure is decribed in a seperate article written by Dan Masi if you need instructions. From this point on, there are three options that you can choose from.

Option one, Simply remove the relay (214) from position #8 (as printed on the relay panel). This will prevent the corner lamps and the taillights from coming on as soon as the ignition is turned to the on position. This option will still leave the headlight portion of your DRL system operational (like most other DRL systems), thus it would still be considered legal in Canada.

Option two will disable your headlights, and leave your corner lamps and taillights to come on when the iginition is turned to the on position. First you need to make a jumper. Take two spade connectors and connect them with a very short piece of solid (as opposed to liquid?) automotive electrical wire. Second, pull out the relay (209) from position #9. Take note where contacts A and B are on the relay, and place the jumper you've just made across the sockets where contacts A and B would have been. You must use the jumper in order for the headlights to remain operational. Although the new Dodge Caravan/Plymoth Voyager incorporate only their corner lamps as their DRL system, I'm not sure of the legality of option two for the A4 on Canadian roads.

Option three is definately illegal. It will completely disable your DRL system. Perform both option one and option two, and the entire system is disabled.

Disclaimer - The electrical system in any automobile is highly sensitive. Although the procedures above have proven to work on the author's own vehicle, the author does not take any responsibility for any damages caused while performing the described procedures or after the procedures are completed. This FAQ is ony for informative purposes only, and the author has already noted the legality of these procedures. The author will not be responsible for any resulting tickets, fines, or any other legal action against you as a result of performing these operations on your vehicle.

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