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  1. Here's one way to go twin or Bi-Turbo with a 2.0 TT
  2. Hay you guys with a chipped 2.0 what Hp gains did you get after chipping?
  3. What prices are people paying for TT-S's?
  4. wow i love this car
  5. Porsche Killers.
  6. Sprint Blue TTS meets Brilliant red TT S-line
  7. Anybody know what's shakin with the RS yet??
  8. Seat Sag issue, Dealer will not cover!
  9. POLLS ARE CLOSED...Round 2 TTS Companion Poll: Red or Blue?
  10. Thanks for ALL the votes! ;-) Poll results: 09 A4 - 3 votes, 07 S4 - 2 votes, 09 A3 - 2 votes
  11. Off topic."Imola" coupe,Italian.Capici?
  12. Anyone know what rims these are? And size?
  13. Just replaced the ContiSport3 with Michelin PS2 - very nice including better rim protection...
  14. Sorry for all these threads, Does anyone make an after market clutch for our cars yet?
  15. They now have a Carbon Fiber hood for the TT
  16. noob headlight washer question
  17. Can you put lamborghini Gallardo rims on the tt?
  18. registration card for audi care?
  19. I was thinking the xenons were more blue, seem kinda white
  20. 08 TT US AFS / 09 TTS Euro AFS.... NOT the same ballasts!!!!!!
  21. We all hate these kinds of posts, but my TTS needs a companion and I need help
  22. AUDI TT Roadster Suspension Issue
  23. ECS Tuning website now listing 3.2 front pads, Hawk & Axxis Ultimate
  24. Paging ImodTTS...all other Bay Area Mk2 TT owners...
  26. TTS Steering Wheel Button
  27. Squeaky brakes and saggy seats ...
  28. Update: Flashing gear selector display, "Please Press Foot Brake"...
  29. Orange TT-S
  30. VIN Stickers...
  31. So now that I have a TT new dilemna .....
  32. Who else is in the Bay Area with a Mk2?
  33. My car may be toast...
  34. What's the best kinda wax to buy?
  35. Are these the TPMS sensors regina TTS?
  36. Here's my day old 09 TT :)
  37. Part# for steering wheel?
  38. 340hp TT-RS set for Geneva
  39. What level is your coolant (pink stuff) at when your TT's engine is cold?
  40. Ok I'll post some pictures then.
  41. My TT is here!
  42. TPMS question
  43. HID Fog Lights
  44. Anyone buy the real short Antenna for the Roadster ?
  45. New Roadster coming soon...
  46. TTS - Meteor Gray
  47. Midwest snow/slush
  48. roadstermadness
  49. K40
  50. This was at Sebring yesterday
  51. Boost Gauge in Air-vent .. sorry for crappy nokia pics!
  52. Taking delivery today ... ugh SNOWSTORM!!!!!!!!!!
  53. You know Porsche now owns 50.7+ % of Volkswagen, right?
  54. Who here went from a B6/B7 A4 or S4 to TT mk2?
  55. How much oil does your 2.0 TT use??
  56. Well this came Friday, I was out of the office. Can't wait to put it on.
  57. TTS Audi Driving Experience at Infineon Raceway now available -- has anyone gone/going?
  58. Wooooooo
  59. hay did any of you TTS guys see this back in Nov?
  60. Does the A3 2.0T FSI's Downpipe fit out 2.0T FSI TT?
  61. Flashing gear selector display and "Please press foot break" message. Is this serious?
  62. TT-RS: Apparently some insurance companies in Germany have it in there systems already?
  63. Heres my new 2009 TTQR S-line Beauty.
  64. Anybody in here have their leather interior...
  65. TT is ready for pick up!
  66. can you disable tpms?
  67. I was screwing around looking for Bi- Xenon Adaptive Headlights retrofits and look at what I found
  68. I need the part number for the TTS headlights and cost.
  69. Anyone use Costco for TT (or TTS) purchase recently?
  70. great write up AnimaTTor!
  71. If anyone is interested to know more about the BANG & OLUFSEN system...
  72. TTS Exhaust systems are here!
  73. Here's another.
  74. Ever wonder how our TTs are made?
  75. Since we all like pics....here are a couple I took this week.
  76. This is very interesting, "What Hard Times"...
  77. Ordered TTS Roadster today!
  78. Brake squeal - dealer won't fix it?
  79. tire rotation on TTS with 19" wheels, Conti 3's worth it?
  80. realizing sound preferences are subjective, question for other TT Bose stereo users
  81. one can only dream right now...
  82. APR!!!!!!!!
  83. any other TTS/TT drivers having trouble being heard while on bluetooth on the highway?
  84. Spoiler Rattle
  85. Europrice is now www.europrice.us...
  86. A cracked foglight lens? Wear and Tear or replaceable under warranty?
  87. My TT has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. 18" or 19" wheels on TTS
  89. anyone kow of any good brake pads for our cars?
  90. lunchtime + sun + garage = :^D
  91. Got an update from my dealer, my TTS will be here at the end of March
  92. Audi TTD vs BMW 123d
  93. can someone tell me how much a standard TT steering wheel costs? thanks.
  94. Noob turbo question
  95. Brake pad advice? Let dealer replace them under TSB... or where to find Hawk pads?
  96. we lost eBahn online TT manuals! Crap..
  97. R4? R2? who knows...
  98. Osir Design O-pod Guage mount question....
  99. What's done at the 15k service? And are (free) tire rotations included with Audi Care?
  100. What would you do if you caught these douchebags...
  101. Anyone change their stock stereo yet?
  102. checked with dealer for my order should be in .....
  103. 353/s/ your color combo as roadster first I have seen...
  104. Optimal tire pressure for thr 18" wheels?
  105. Ordered!
  106. Seat sagging issue
  107. Brake Squeal
  108. Finally good news. The dealers are going to trade for my car. Looks like I will be
  109. It was soo cold that..
  110. Audi TT,most successful sports car in Germany last year.
  111. What color is this?
  112. New TT in the UK
  113. soon to be tts owner, whats the better deal?
  114. Could anyone please tell me of a source to get the chrome exhaust tips for my 08 2.0T Thanks.
  115. Will most dealers slap stickers and stuff onto a new car?
  116. anyone has the code for ibes white?
  117. Ugh dealers suck. Why can't they make a customer happy by trading
  118. TT in cold weather
  119. Check my video's out, Hopefully you like it. :-)
  120. For your enjoyment, my 2009 NAIAS Galleries...
  121. 2009 BMW Z4
  122. Hay Dustin Thank you! Who would of thought.. And I haft to thank this forum it has been
  123. could my tt be in? :)
  124. Clear Bra installation...
  125. Pic of my iPhone charger/aux kit
  126. I can't remember but isn't there an Ipod dock in the glove box?
  127. low restriction cats for TT 3.2
  128. TTS kicking some butt in tough company.
  129. Navigation system with sd slot
  130. anyone have the iphone 3g with the TT
  131. Anyone got the cig lighter flashlight? Does it fit?
  132. 353, how hard is it to take out the license plate lights?
  133. Post pics of interior red ambient lighting?
  134. audi care .. buy or don't buy?
  135. Touch-up paint?
  136. TTS all-weather tires?
  137. Anyone know what the TTS center bore is on their rims?
  138. BMW Z4s are bad for the environment.
  139. ...paging 353/s/
  140. anyone regret getting alcantra?
  141. Audi Sportback concept
  142. Need some info on exhausts!
  143. ContiSport3 - What kind of milage did you get out of them?
  144. What's the widest tire you would run?
  145. TTS MMI
  146. anyone has intake in their TT?
  147. difference between US models and Australian model
  148. Volkswagen Bluesport roadster concept debuts in Detroit!
  149. Suzuka meets Aviator!!!
  150. Still waiting for call from dealer :(
  151. Pricing on the TTS
  152. Black or white..which TT would you choose
  153. Headlights
  154. The Bored and The TTS
  155. So what do you guys think,, GO FOR IT!
  156. Just drove this baby for 20 minutes...
  157. TTS Roadster on order ... damn this waiting
  158. Possible TTS
  159. What needs to be re-coded to swap in e-code TTS headlights? ...and stock housings for sale..
  160. Our beloved Mk2 TT on Eureka!
  161. Awww yeah, 2nd place poster in the TT forum. 353 beat me by a good margin for 1st!
  162. My 09 TT 2.0 Q is making some funny noises at idle - sounds like Chewbacca is under the hood...
  163. How about Premier Purchase,2.9% 36mo,49% residual(15kmiles/yr)$2000 loyalty?
  164. Teaser
  165. Will this come to the US??
  166. Audi TT Auto Lease Rates - January 2009
  167. transmission not engaging
  168. ECS LED plate lights installed...
  169. anyone know of a place online to watch full length top gear episodes?
  170. For those interested or bought the ECS LED plate lights...
  171. Anyone know how to change parking light
  172. Gauge air vent mount...
  173. Color code for Petrol Blue?
  174. Any idea how much a set of oem tire pressure sensors are?
  175. mr suzuka tts!!!!! Just passed you tonight on 158th near pacific oncology.
  176. TT should be in this week!
  177. Only 180 TTs sold in December.Bad for Audi,good for me...
  178. Forgive me for the stupid questions...
  179. any delivery advice?
  180. AnimaTTor .... got ur review ready?
  181. My new TTS
  182. matte black tts
  183. Awright -- couldn't resist, I made the jump...
  184. Any have a chipped 3.2?
  185. Ecuadorian TT
  186. Potential TT Buyer with questions -1st Audi
  187. Ordering a TTS Roadster, but stumbled upon an unknown extra ...
  188. Found an 09 2.0 Quattro in WV!
  189. Photos of my new TTS
  190. n00b question : where is the control to fold the rearview mirrors ?
  191. APR .. Back to #1 !!
  192. Any Aftermarket Shift Knob?
  193. Who here has a full understanding of Magnetic Ride?
  194. Revo or APR?
  195. Did you Lease or Buy??
  196. Would installing an 08 TT Navi Plus unit in my 09 TT with non-Bose speakers be possible to do?
  197. T/F popped wing=popped collar? when traveling below its intended use
  198. Set aside all the complaints about lower residuals & so forth I had an epiphany
  199. For the New Jersey Audi owners... Where do you service your TT? Care to share your experience?
  200. Happy New Year my east coast TT lovers! LOL.
  201. Side Skirt Lip Protection (cheap mod).
  202. so has anyone driven the 2.0T and TTS back to back?
  203. Great TTS Wallpaper
  204. anyword on any special promotions for 2009 for the TT?
  205. Can sound tube on 3.2 be removed
  206. Finally picked up my car on the 28th, was delayed due to all the snow...
  207. Couple of pics after a long day of detailing
  208. Hi res pic from my forthcoming TT review
  209. Finance Rates?
  210. used 3.2 or new 2.0TQ..help me decide which one to go with
  211. 19" S-Line RS4 style wheels + Michelin Pilot Sports for sale
  212. Anyone thinking about getting a "new" 08?
  213. Maybe a repost, but good read on the 2.0t engine (if you're into that kinda stuff)
  214. He's in india???????
  215. Audi TTS Pictures
  216. My kids love it...
  217. Any TT owners going to CES in Vegas next month?
  218. Wow, just looked up the trade in value of my 08 2.0 S-Line on KBB - $22K. glad I leased.
  219. I am definatily getting the finger!!
  220. Best Color For TTS?
  221. Interesting colors...
  222. Deep Sea Blue Pearl TTS w/ 19" RS6 Wheels
  223. It's time...
  224. I know this is like beating a died horse but I'm still not past the issue
  225. The countdown begins
  226. My TTS will be in good company at work!!!
  227. Audi TT 2.0FSI Phone cradle cover
  228. what rims are those? sorry for making u see this car again LOL!
  229. Happened to see this TT-themed chronograph watch on e-bay & thought you might like it.
  230. Question for 2009 TT owners (Non-TTS)
  231. Man... I need to install my titanium goodies! (Pics of Sahara TTS)
  232. Anybody know what brand of coolant is in our 2008 TT? I assumed is the same as 2006 or 2009?
  233. Does the 2009 TT have seat memory?
  234. I just love the way it purrrrsss.
  235. Is This True?
  236. Streamlining Christmas
  237. Jack for TT
  238. Need Opinions on Possible Purchase...
  239. Does anybody else wish their TT's windshield wipers had 1 more (faster) speed?
  240. stage 3 2.0 TFSI TT upgrade
  241. Merry Christmas Folks!!
  242. any ideas where to put the boost guage? some place clear & visable, pics appreciated TIA
  243. Radio Kit for 2008 TT coupe (RNS-E)
  244. is this acceptable? I dont know what to think.....
  245. Well, I saw one of those horrid R8 kits on a TT in person yesterday morning.
  246. Disassemble center console
  247. So who do you think was the biggest post whore for 08??
  248. One good thing about all this snow are the fun e-brake 180's I do into the parking space.
  249. HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone...
  250. The Truth! Off topic nice article about GT2-GT-R ring battle....