More S4 Power
(stopping power that is...)

The Brake Kit

  • The brake kit (brake lines not shown)
  • 4-piston brake caliper
  • Just another shot of the caliper
  • Coleman slotted rotors. The black center section is anodized aluminum vs. the stock rotors which are all cast iron.  This helps reduce the weight of the rotors by 8 lbs each.  Benefit: less rotational mass and unspring weight.
  • The new rotors are 330mm (13.0"). Stock rotors are 320mm (12.6").
  • Braided stainless steel lines.  The lines in our kit were 2-3" too short but that problem will be resolved.  Our short term solution was to get some generic brake lines from a local auto parts store until we could get the right parts.
  • Mintex brake pads with anti-squeal/anti-rattle pads.  Stick the pads on the back of the pad then trim off the excess material with a knife or razor.
  • Caliper mounting bracket. Sturdy looking part but the overall finish quality was less than I would have expected.

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