12 Days of Audi – Day 12

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One of the most fun road tests we have conducted through the years was this epic R8 5.2 with the 6 speed manual. As sometimes happens, we found ourselves dealing with some snow, and were happy that the people who manage the fleet believe in snow tires.

Unsurprisingly, the R8 had absolutely no problem dealing with the fresh powder we drove it through, though we were extra cautious, since we didn’t want to find out the hard way about any odd handling quirks that might appear in such a low-grip environment.

Our fears were unfounded, as the R8 was a docile kitten when driven sensibly, (and a bit of a beast if driven in a silly manner, but still very controllable considering the 525hp on tap) and even though the tires were massively wide, it didn’t float or wander in the accumulated snow. It drove perfectly well, and we decided it would be an awesome daily driver. It is, after all, the Audi of Supercars.

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