Audi A8 Wins EuroCarBody Award 2003

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December 15, 2003

  • The top European prize for innovation in bodywork construction
  • Progress through consistent lightweight aluminium construction

    For trend-setting series production developments in the field of lightweight body construction, the Audi A8 has won the “EuroCarBody Award 2003”. The competition was held for the fifth time on the occasion of the European vehicle bodywork conference “EuroCarBody”. This conference is organised every year in Bad Nauheim by the “Automotive Circle International”. Heinrich Timm, Head of the Aluminium and Lightweight Construction Centre in Neckarsulm, and Dr Klaus Koglin, Head of Engineering Development, received the prize today at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm.

    Audi has for the first time come out on top in the competition for the world’s most consistent lightweight construction concept to date. “The Audi A8 is quite clearly number one in its class, and an exemplary technological model for alternative lightweight construction concepts,” said Fritz Ebert, President of Automotive Circle International, on the occasion of the award ceremony.

    The field included 16 new series production bodies in all, from 13 car manufacturers. There were four key categories under which the entrants were assessed: innovative design and construction concepts, innovative further development of materials and semi-finished products, along with innovative production procedures, processes and methods from the press shop through to the painted body, and the presentation of benefit to the customer.

    “The EuroCarBody Award 2003 is a clear vote of confidence by international experts in our company’s skills in the field of lightweight construction. This applies equally to the functionality of the body and to the production techniques employed in its manufacture,” explained Koglin.

    All-aluminium bodies have now been in series production at Audi for ten years, and for approximately twenty years Audi has been conducting intensive research and development work with aluminium as a construction material. The Audi Space Frame concept has enabled the company to take a clear lead over its competitors.

    Consistent lightweight design leads to a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. At the same time comfort, performance and safety are all further enhanced. “It also permits the manufacture of different body versions by means of simple adaptations,” said Timm.

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