Audi achieves 8.8% share of May imported luxury car sales in U.S.

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June 2, 2009

Source: Audi of America

  • Audi cars sales equal 9.6% of U.S. imported luxury sector; Audi SUV sales earn a 7.3% share
  • Audi A5 sales increase 59.5% over May 2008
  • Audi Q7 records best month of 2009 with TDI vehicles accounting for 44% units sold; May was a record sales month for Audi Q5 with 1,413 units sold

  • HERNDON, Va., Jun 2, 2009  –  Audi achieved an 8.8% share of U.S. imported luxury vehicle sales in May, marking another month of significantly improved results despite challenging economic conditions.

    The showing for May 2009 meant Audi increased its portion the luxury vehicle market nearly two full percentage points from a year earlier. Audi sales have resulted in similar market share gains in past months.

    Audi showed market share strength in both car and SUV sales when compared against the results reported by other imported luxury vehicle manufacturers. Audi cars sales made up 9.6% of the May total in the imported luxury vehicle sector, compared to 8.5% in May 2008. Audi luxury sport-utility vehicle sales soared to 7.3% of that market segment compared to just 2.9% a year earlier. That sizeable gain is largely a result of the strong consumer demand for the new Audi Q5 crossover vehicle and impressive early demand for the Audi Q7 TDI clean diesel models.

    Audi sold 7,503 units in May overall. With growing interest in its third full month, the Audi Q5 luxury crossover vehicle surpassed its previous monthly sales record with 1,413 units sold in May. The strong retail demand for the Q5 can also be seen by the quick turnaround in inventory at dealerships throughout the country.

    Also continuing its strength in 2009, the Audi A5 sales increased over last year by more than 59.5 percent, due to 716 units sold this May. The A5 has recorded 3,150 total units sold in 2009, surpassing the total sales from 2008 during the same period by 48.4 percent.

    “Consumers once again proved that when you offer the right product ? sporty, yet sophisticated, design with exceptional dynamic character ? sales will follow, no matter the economic headwinds,” said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. “Industry sales this month continue to show that the nation has not yet turned the corner, but I see signs that consumers are interested, as both showroom and internet traffic are up.”

    The Audi TDI clean diesel SUV showed promising signs in a limited release during May.  The Audi Q7 TDI surpassed 350 sales in May, representing 44 percent of total Q7 sales. Total sales for the Audi Q7 reached 795, which is an 18% increase over last month and the best sales month of 2009 for the model.

    Audi recorded 2,839 Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) units sold in May, and has now exceeded 13,358 CPO sales in 2009.

     Model Line   May-09 Actual   May-08 Actual  Yr/Yr % change   May-09 YTD actual   May-08 YTD actual  Yr/Yr % change
    A3   280   436  -35.8%  1,216  1,950  -37.6%
    A4  3,448   4,861   -29.1%   14,457   18,292   -21.0%
    A5  716   449   59.5%   3,150   2,123   48.4%
    A6   516   904   -42.9%   2,528   4,833   -47.7%
    A8   109  205   -46.8%   507   1,241   -59.1%
    TT   182   497   -63.4%   783   2,057   -61.9%
    R8   44   61   -27.9%   277   271   2.2%
    Audi Q5   1,413  n/a  n/a   4,377  n/a  n/a
    Audi Q7   795   1,121   -29.1%   3,026   6,053   -50.0%
    Total Audi Sales   7,503   8,534   -12.1%   30,321   36,820   -17.7%


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