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July 7, 2008

Source: Audi AG

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Every new Audi makes its dynamic nature visually apparent at first glance. The Audi Q5, too, has the sportiest proportions in its vehicle segment: it is 4.63 meters (15.19 ft) long and 1.88 meters (6.17 ft) wide, but only 1.65 meters (5.41 ft) high. Its body design comes across as powerful, athletic and emotionally charged. The new Q5 restates the Audi brand’s claim to lead the way in automotive design.

The paneled body of the Audi Q5 exhibits stylistic consistency throughout, as if carved out of a single block. The volumes of the forward structure and passenger compartment flow harmoniously into one another; sharp contours delimit sculptural, softly modeled surfaces on which the light creates ever-shifting, intriguing patterns – this optical precision is the embodiment of Audi’s uncompromising standards of quality.

The Q5’s forward structure is meticulously shaped – as on every Audi, it is dominated by the large single-frame radiator grill. The design of its struts provides vertical accentuation, and its V-shaped contour continues on the front lid. On the four-cylinder versions the grill is in Stone Gray, and on the 3.0 TDI it is painted in gleaming Black. The air inlets are subdivided by horizontal struts that support the standard halogen front fog lamps.

With their slightly angular cut, the headlamps lend the Audi Q5’s face an air of resolve. Audi presents their technology in an elaborate, almost artistic way. The covers over the turn indicators and adjoining the single-frame grille, shielding the failsafe bulbs, subtly incorporate Q5 logos – this typifies the great attention that the brand pays to even the tiniest of details.

Elegant: the “winged” headlamps

The Audi Q5 comes with H7 headlamps as standard. The daytime running lights – with long-life bulbs as their light source – are already standard here; the high-beam and low-beam headlamps are housed in separate chambers. On the xenon plus version, a mercury-free gas discharge bulb is the light source for the low-beam and high-beam headlamps. Above and around them is a “wing” – a chrome vapor-coated contour reminiscent of an eyebrow. Twelve daylight-white light-emitting diodes arranged above each “wing” constitute the daytime running lights, with an energy consumption of just a few watts. The xenon plus headlamps can also be combined with the adaptive light cornering light system.

The subtle interplay between its lines is what makes the side view of the Audi Q5 so intriguing. Above the sill area, which serves as the technical and visual basis, a clearly ascending dynamic line runs all the way back to the tail end, where it forms the bumper edge – thus accentuating the forward momentum of the body. The tornado line below the windows starts at the headlights, eases off somewhat in its intensity as it crosses the doors and finally merges with the upper edge of the rear lights. It, too, describes a slight ascent.

The window edge runs initially parallel to the tornado line, until it swoops upward at the level of the third side window. The feature line intersects the roof edge at a slight angle, thus enhancing the impression of lowness. Finally, the lid line is the join between the side section and the bumper – it visually reinforces the rear end’s impression of stability and substance.

In complete contrast to the customary proportions of an SUV, the Audi Q5 has a silhouette reminiscent of a coupe. This impression is created by the slender, sharply inclined A and D-posts and the early descent in the roof line; it is extended by a spoiler above the rear window, supporting the third brake light and most of the antennas.

The vehicle body accounts for two-thirds of the overall height, with the greenhouse making up the remaining third – proportions that are typical for an Audi.

Ultimate precision: the zero-gap roof joint

The roof rails – taking the form of an aluminum extruded section – are standard, with a compact, elegant design that blends harmoniously into the overall styling. A zero-gap joint connects the roof and the side – this is a highly intricate feature calling into focus the high level of precision involved in Audi design and body manufacturing. The narrow, strictly parallel pattern of all body joins accentuates this impression.

Substantial bow-type door handles, large exterior mirrors with LED turn indicators and prominent wheel arches point to the strength and sturdiness of the Audi Q5. Horizontal edges above the wheel arches recall the Audi quattro of 1980, one of the brand’s classic creations. The Audi Q5 stands resolutely ready for action on its 17-inch to 20-inch wheels. Its long wheelbase of 2.81 meters (9.22 ft) means that the body overhangs are short – just 89 centimeters (35.04 in) at the front and 93 centimeters (36.61 in) at the rear.

Like the front end, the rear of the Audi Q5 has a strongly expressive character; horizontal lines accentuate the impression of width. The bumper incorporates the rear fog lamps and the license plate area is recessed in the tailgate. Like the front lid, the wraparound tailgate is made from lightweight aluminum; it is exceptionally wide, like that of its big brother, the Audi Q7.

The undivided rear lamps are mounted on the large tailgate; because they are not visible when the lid is open, the Audi Q5 has auxiliary lights in the bumper. The main lamps have bulbs housed in separate chambers as standard; Audi additionally equips versions that have xenon plus headlamps with light-emitting diodes. An arc at the top edge of the lights acts as the turn indicator; in conjunction with xenon plus, below it there is a flat triangle of LEDs that dips slightly towards the outer edge, acting as the stop light. When the brakes are applied, the lighting intensity is increased sharply within a matter of milliseconds; a central light bar is also activated. In the event of an emergency brake application with more than 0.7 g deceleration, the Audi Q5 automatically activates the hazard warning flashers for three seconds.

Audi offers three versions for exterior add-on parts, such as the lower sections of the bumpers and the door trim strips. They are colored black as standard, or painted in a contrasting color or the body color as an option. For stone damage protection, film is applied to the sills except around the jacking points.

Dynamic look: the S line exterior package

For customers who wish to customize their Audi Q5 even further, there is also a choice of two design packages. The S line exterior package gives the Audi Q5 an even more dynamic presence in the form of a distinctive grill design, new bumpers, accentuated air inlets, a spoiler lip and a diffuser insert at the rear. All exterior add-on parts and the door trim strips are painted in the body color, and S line logos adorn the fenders and door sill strips. The cargo area trim strip is in gleaming stainless steel, and trims give the exhaust tailpipes of the four-cylinder versions a more prominent look.

The Offroad Style package gives the Audi Q5 a more gritty look. It comprises wheel arch extensions and special, partially dark-tinted bumpers. Beneath the nose and tail ends, there is an integral stainless steel underbody guard. Tailpipe trims and specially modified door trim strips complete the package. The wheels here are 19 inches in size, but 20-inch wheels are available as an alternative.

Q5 buyers can choose from an extensive range of body colors. There are the metallic colors Ice Silver, Quartz Gray, Amethyst Gray and Dakar Beige, the pearl-effect finishes Garnet Red, Phantom Black, Meteor Gray, Lava Gray, Stratos Blue, Deep Sea Blue and Orchid Gray, and the solid colors Ibis White and Brilliant Black. A high-gloss package highlights the windows with aluminum trims, and privacy glazing gives Audi’s performance SUV an especially cool look with tinted rear windows.

The equipment, data and prices stated here refer to the model range offered for sale in Germany. Subject to amendment; errors and omissions excepted.

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