Cliffs Of Insanity 2008

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July 16, 2009

By: dubaudi1

October brings a few inevitable changes to the Northeast; the weather starts getting colder, the trees start shedding their leaves, and most enthusiasts are getting ready to store their cars away for the cold winter months. Luckily for those folks, October also brings around a season-closing event that tri-state Audi enthusiasts look forward to all year: The Cliffs of Insanity Drive. Although not quite as “insane” as the name suggests, the COI drive definitely challenges each driver’s abilities in the twisties, the straights, and sometimes their simple ability to follow directions [cough Ed4 cough].

The COI drive is a lot more then just your average Sunday drive. The route takes participants through some of the most scenic, historic, and challenging roads in Southern New York State, including the breathtaking views of the Hudson River cliffs, Bear Mountain, and West Point. Mother Nature smiled upon the COI this year by providing unseasonably warm and most importantly, dry weather, a COI first. Temperatures stayed steady around 72 degrees for the whole day with bright sunshine and no wind. And as with every prior year, 2008 showed record breaking attendance for the drive, with over 100 participants coming from at least 5 different states. Audiworld member Fluffhead, who deserves an award for organizing and planning the COI, did an amazing job of coordinating meeting times, routes, and splitting the masses into smaller groups to make the drive more manageable and enjoyable for everyone. He also provides small stickers for each participant to place on their cars….sort of like earning your “COI badge”, or just to provide proof you were there and survived!

Speaking of firsts, this year’s drive brought a pleasant surprise to most people in attendance; the first public appearance of COI sponsor AWE Tuning’s VF supercharged B7 S4 avant. Thanks to yours truly, and with a little help from my good friend Mike Romano from AWE Tuning, I was able to procure the driver’s seat in this beast for the entire day. While I could go on and on about the fun I had driving that day, it might be easier to just click this link for a full review:

After 4+ hours of driving, stops for photo ops, dirt roads, highways, and overall mayhem, the drive ended up right back where we started, adjacent to the beautiful Bear Mountain Bridge. Participants from different groups could then swap their stories of the day, talk shop about their cars, or grab a bite to eat. This is my favorite part of the day. Okay, maybe my second favorite. Top honors has to go to the times I spent with my foot to the floor in a supercharged Audi V8, but for some reason I look forward to the parking lots the most. It’s those times when you realize just what being a part of this community is all about. It’s about the times you spend standing NEXT to your car in a parking lot, making new friends and sharing good times with old ones.

Special thanks to this year’s sponsors who also provided amazing raffle prizes: AWE Tuning, Detailers Domain, & Shell Gasoline


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