Criswell Banks on ‘New World of Audi’ Luxury Concept

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May 3, 2004

Source: Audi of America

  • Luxury Dealership Goes High Tech But Bank Vault Stays In Place

    ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 3 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneur George Criswell is
    passionate about customer service and satisfaction. And he is using
    technology to save his customers valuable time. Criswell, 35, will unveil the
    all new Criswell New World of Audi concept dealership at grand opening
    festivities on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. at 1713 West Street in Annapolis.
    Located in a former bank building, Criswell Audi is newly renovated and
    expanded to meet the needs of Audi customers.

    “We treat our Audi customers with respect and courtesy. We understand
    their needs. Most of all, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations,”
    says Criswell.

    Criswell is putting technology to work to ensure that Audi luxury vehicle
    owners and buyers have the best possible experience with Criswell Audi —
    including saving time in both vehicle selection and service.

    Criswell Audi has developed an “intelligent decision-making process” for
    prospective customers, as well as an on-line, real time vehicle service
    system. Both are receiving rave reviews from customers.

    “Our customers’ time is valuable. We give customers all the information
    they need within 30 minutes to make an informed decision,” says Criswell. “We
    remove the guesswork and save our customers time. A buyer knows where he or
    she stands right away on a purchase decision.”

    “Audi owners can make a real time online reservation for service,”
    explains Criswell. “We know who is coming in. And when. We’re ready for
    them when they arrive. Once service is complete, our customer gets an
    automatic e-mail. This process saves an average of 30 minutes of
    communication and scheduling time for our customers, and for them, this time
    saved is money in the bank.”

    Consistent with the Audi brand, Criswell Audi has a distinctive look and
    feel. Located in a former bank, the 6,700 square foot facility has been
    completely redesigned to reflect the Audi brand — from the distinctive, sleek
    Audi brand pylon at street side, to the building’s glass dominated facade, to
    the comfortable inviting interior.

    A highlight of the spacious and airy showroom is the Audi quattro Cafe
    complete with freshly brewed specialty coffees and refreshments. A customer
    favorite, however, is bound to be the unusual customer lounge, located in what
    used to be the bank’s vault.

    “We are in a historic city so it made sense to preserve this bit of
    history in our New World of Audi,” explains Criswell. “Honestly? It would
    have been a bear to remove. So we made it an asset. Our customers think it
    is great.”

    Criswell is a third-generation auto-dealer; Criswell’s father and
    grandfather were both in the automobile business as is his brother.

    The Criswell New World of Audi dealership represents a $600,000 investment
    in Anne Arundel County.

    Criswell Audi’s Grand Opening Reception will be held Tuesday, May 4, from
    7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at 1713 West Street in Annapolis. For information, call:
    (443) 482-3200.

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