Primer 2006 Hosted By Yarrowsport

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May 4, 2006

By: Kris Hansen

Providence Rhode Island is home to Yarrowsport, the host of the Primer 2006 show. Held the weekend of April 29-30th, the show was really two events in one. There was the official show, consisting of some very carefully selected cars and there was also a show and shine where literally hundreds of cars (spread out in the parking lots surrounding Yarrowsport’s shop) were represented. By our count the event drew well overr 300 cars and more than 400 people on what turned out to be a glorious spring day.

While primarily a VW crowd, there was one very impressive AWE RS4-kitted S4 Avant in the show. This vehicle’s monstrous wheels barely contained its equally large Porsche brakes.

Although the S4 didn’t win the overall show trophy (that honor went to Stephen Stasiulewicz and his unbelieveably clean 20th Anniversary GTI pictured below), it did draw a TON of attention, and hopefully will get more of our Audi bretheren out to next year’s show!

As is typical at these events, the parking lots were a show all of their own though. Strolling around we saw cars ranging from ultra clean MKI VW Golfs and Jettas, right up to a smattering of MKV GTIs, R32s, Corrados (one of our personal favorites), VR6 conversions, turbos, tdi conversions, stock, heavily modded,
and everywhere in between.

There were no less than three of the venerable UR-S cars, at least four B5 S4s, a few B5 A4s and probably a dozen other assorted Audi models. We saw a very odd (and I do mean odd) BMW, a couple of nicely modded EVOs, a totally tweaked truck (see the gallery for this one) and then some. About the only thing we didn’t see was an air cooled variant. A local Honda crew even came through for a ‘fly by’.

Though VWs handily outnumbered Audis, some of the Audis in attendance were really nice as evidenced by the examples shown here.

This A3 in red looked stunning.

Slammed much?

A B6 Avant sporting the handsome 19″ B7 RS4 wheels.

A very nice B6 with 25th Anniversary S4 wheels as well as other S4 goodies.

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