The Second Trunk Trailer Company: Storage on Demand for World-Class Coupes & Sedans

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November 17, 2004

Source: Second Trunk Trailers, Inc.

Bend, OR — Your new car is beautiful. The engine is powerful. The interior appointments are luxurious. It has everything you want in a passenger vehicle except one thing: the extra storage space you need from time to time. Now, there is an eye-catching, efficient answer: The Second Trunk Trailer Company.

These all-new fiberglass trailers are designed with stylized integrity to today’s upscale coupes and sedans and turn passenger cars into functional and attractive six-wheel automotive systems. Available in custom designs to match the “first trunk” of any passenger sedan, Second Trunk’s compact trailers provide extra storage space as needed, while stowing upright in minimal garage space.

“Trunks of cars are getting smaller and smaller these days. That’s okay most of the time, but who hasn’t needed extra storage on occasion?” says Tom Barquinero, CEO of Second Trunk Trailers, Inc. “Our exquisite fiberglass trailers allow you to “morph” your sedan or sporty coupe into a much larger vehicle on a moment’s notice. You’re now equipped with an automotive system that allows you to transport more of your lifestyle and its cargo.”

Second Trunk Trailers are not plain-Jane utility tow trailers: They are custom-matched to a specific make and model, and come equipped with identical rims, tires and automotive paint. The side profile and rear-end styling is exacting in its design, and the trunk lid cut, rain gutter, taillights and other features precisely match your car.

Second Trunk Trailers are compact in size and have short tow bar tongues. From car hitch to rear bumper they’re typically less than half the length of a passenger sedan. They’re also made with independent suspension, just like a car. The result is handling that doesn’t feel like the car is towing anything.

The trailers also feature a dolly wheel on the tongue for easy-on/easy-off maneuverability. A rear bumper receiver accessed through an inside trunk trap door makes attaching bike racks and other accessories a breeze. A trunk floor bungee cord rail track system allows flexible and secure storage configurations, and snap-down side wall pouch pockets provide tidy storage.

Coupled with the company’s Vertical Hold accessory, a Second Trunk Trailer can store upright in a one-car garage, sharing space with a vehicle, making it perfect for city dwellers who have little garage storage space. In addition, when packed to maximum weight guidelines, Second Trunk Trailers always come well within the gross vehicle weight (GVW) requirements mandated by the vehicle manufacturer and tow package provider.

The Second Trunk Trailer Company will offer three models:

  • The Roadster Valet™, available now, is designed for premium mid-sized sedans. This trailer delivers 25.0 cubic feet of interior cargo space – which is 50% bigger than the average mid-sized sedan trunk. It can easily hold four country club-sized golf bags.
  • The Coupe Limousine™, designed for convertible sports cars and roadsters that typically have very limited storage space, is large enough to comfortably take your gear along on a road trip. It will debut in the spring of 2005
  • The Cargo Caboose™, which will come in two size configurations to fit a variety of SUVs, will be available in the summer of 2005.

    The Second Trunk Trailer Company, based in Bend, Oregon, is focused on doing one thing and doing one thing well. Its passenger vehicle trailers provide the highest quality automotive cargo systems on the market today.

    For product, custom order or dealership information, visit or contact Tom Barquinero, CEO, Second Trunk Trailers, Inc., at (541) 280-5501 or [email protected]

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