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2.7T Timing Belt Replacement RMcQ 2005

A7. Disconnect headlight washer line using quick disconnect locate on driver side. You can see it in the earlier picture inside the front bumper. Be ready to catch some spillage or mop it up. "Cork" the open washer line with a bolt or turn it upward where it won't leak.

There is a simple clip to slide back and you can separate it like this:

A8. Pry the bumper (with strong hands) away from the fender at the wheel well to pop it out of the guide that it is mounted to. I had difficulty with this and was surprised how much force I had to use to free the bumper from the bumper guide. Pop out both sides.

A9. Grab whole bumper and pull it forward off of the car. Be ready - it has more weight to it than you might think.

B - Remove (partially) the "Lock Carrier"

B1. Remove hood release cable from latch mechanism. This is easy after removing the rubber cover inside the engine compartment.

B2. Remove duct between snorkel and air box.

B3. Remove plastic shrouds from around radiator (sides and bottom). Pull the small screws back in the holes for safe keeping.

B4. Remove 2 wire retainers at bottom for air temperature sensor and move the sensor out of the way.

B5. Remove Intercooler ducts left and right. I also cleaned some gunk out of my intercoolers at this point.

B6. Disconnect power steering cooling line support brackets from lower lock carrier. Leave the hoses connect but let them bend down and tuck under the car out of the way. Be careful not to stress the hoses or connections more than necessary.

B7. Disconnect electrical connector on A/C condenser.

B8. Disconnect electrical connector on two horns left and right.

B9. Disconnect the three electrical connectors under the cover near the power steering reservoir.

B10. Unplug headlights.

B11. Drain radiator. I could not drain it per Bentley so I just did the old school remove lower radiator hose. You have to remove it anyway. Of course you must have something to catch the coolant and be sure that the car is completely cool by this time.

B12. While you are down there unplug the coolant temperature sender right near lower radiator hose.

B13. Disconnect upper radiator hose on driver side and top of radiator.

B14. Remove front fan with T-30 torx on lower lock carrier and 10mm bolts on top bar.

B15. Remove 10mm bolts and brackets supporting the A/C condenser. Swing the condenser out of the way to the passenger side (leaving the hoses connected) and support it trying to put as little stress as possible on the hoses and connections.

B16. Remove 4x T-30 torx bolts on top of lock carrier near fenders:

B17. Remove 2x T-30 torx bolts oriented horizontally in sides near turn signals.

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