Treffen der Hamster 4

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May 30, 2006

By: Kris Hansen

Arms Park in Manchester, NH was home to the 4th Annual Treffen der Hamster, which was put on by the folks from B5one is a VW Passat-centric group, however there was a decent showing of other VW and Audis at the event. VW models present ranged from A1 Golfs and Jettas all the way through current model GTIs. VWoA even brought along the new EOS model complete with its retractable hard top. It’s a very handsome little car, and the hard top makes it a nice year round option.

Despite the fact that the weather threatened rain most of the afternoon, turnout at the show was great. Some very nicely turned out show cars were present, representing primarily VW models. Of the Audis present, none (with the exception of the one owned by yours truly) could be labled “plain” or “stock”. The car shown at the top of the page, for example, was the ultimate winner in the A4/S4 class. The organizers counted about 115 cars in total *in* the show, not to mention a few stragglers there just to watch.

Overall, the event continues to build and was deemed a huge success. The B5one folks decided on public voting for the show rather than doing the judging themselves. The result was that the crowd dictated the best cars in each class leaving little room for disagreement. Winners in class were:


MK 1 – Toby Aldrich

MK 2 – David Farrell

MK3 Jetta – Ben Benton

MK3 Golf/GTI – Jake Perlow

MK4 Jetta – Pat Trevino

MK4 – Golf/GTI/R32 – Russ Taylor

B5 – Jason Driscoll

B5.5 – Dmitriy Filippov

Corrado – Mike Hughes

New Beetle – Doris Gagne


A4/S4 – B.A. Taylor

A6/S6 – Kris Hansen

TT – Jim Pietrovito

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