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How to remove Drivers side CV boot axle without removing heat shield?

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Default How to remove Drivers side CV boot axle without removing heat shield?

I have a 2006 A4 Quattro 3.0 auto and have been unable to remove my drivers side CV boot axle because of heat shield is in the way. I also stripped two of the heat shield's hex bolts so is there another way to remove the entire inner/outer axle housing without removing the heat shield?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey, I just did my passenger side this weekend and I will give you couple of pointers. I am not sure if your 3.0 is much different then my 1.8. I am assuming that you know how to take the wheels of and get loosen the axle nut etc..

Once you get to the point of loosening the 6 BS triple square bits, make sure you use some PB blaster before trying to loosen them. Mine were on so tight that I had to use a breaker bar on all 5 of them. Why only 5? cause the previous owner had stripped the 6th one already. There is no room to hammer a socket in there to turn, nor using the craftsman back out tool. There is just no room. I tried the vise grips, but the bolt being round didn't give much bite. After trying to do this for almost the whole day, I called it quits and the next day I went to home depot and bought Dremel and grinded the head of and took the axle out. not much room to grind it either. You have to turn the axle so that the bolt is at your 9-10 o clock position. Thats the best angle you will get. once you are almost through, turn the axle to 6 o clock position and go under the car to finish off the head. Takes about 20 mins. Once you get the head off follow the next steps and you won't have to take anything else off.

put your hydraulic jack just under axle nut below your hub under the brake rotor. Jack that up as high as it will go. Then, have someone turn your wheel to the far left and you can wiggle the axle out!!! Same thing when you put it back. Just be careful not to put your arms crossed against the loaded suspension, just incase the jack slips. I thought I have to take off the heat shield too, but you don' t need to. I hope this helps. If you need more help email me at I don't check this forum that often. Good luck.
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