Audi A5: Photos Leaked of Upcoming Geneva World Debut

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February 19, 2007

Compiled by: AudiWorld Staff

An interesting e-mail arrived in our mailbox today and we think it’s the real thing. While it is no secret that Audi will debut the new A5 Coupe at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, what has been kept under wraps (until now) is how the A5 would actually look. The photos in this article, as well as in the accompanying photo gallery, however appear to put an end to that mystery.

The A5 is unique in the Audi range for a few reasons. First and foremost, it marks a return for the four-rings brand to a non-compact coupe offering a la the Coupe quattro of yesteryear. The A5 will be the first vehicle built on the all-new B8 platform, the same one upon which the next generation A4 sedan will also be built.

Next, the A5 marks the debut of MLP (Modular Longitudinal Platform) for Audi whereby powertrain architecture will service multiple vehicles throughout the brand lineup.

Last but not least the A5 represents Audi’s most serious challenge to the recent sales dominance of rival BMW’s 3-series coupes. It is no secret that Audi has its targets locked on Munich and the good news is that Audi finally is getting the product to offer a real challenge. This holds true whether in the luxury SUV arena with the new Q7, the mid-sized SUV arena (with the soon to be announced Q5) or now too in the mid-sized coupe arena with the A5 offering.

We can’t say for certain that these photos actually represent the upcoming A5, but given the level of detail, the multiple shots and angles, the interior photos and typical Audi-esque backgrounds, we presume that they are in fact genuine.

Be sure to note the elongated hood which is indicative of the A6 range, and yet the slightly upturned trunk design which is so consistent with the evolution of the A4 range. The greehouse sits fairly far back with a darkened B-pillar utilized to give the illusion of a single pane of glass from front to back. The car flows to a gracefully sloping rear and includes a relatively flat run-off to the trunk area. An all new 5-spoke wheel design offers some sharp spoke angles to offset the almost butter-smooth curves of the body above.

Inside the A5 we get our first glimpse of Audi’s direction for the B8 platform. While the A5 will get highly-adjustable and finely-detailed, stitched seats, expect to see seating more consistent with today’s A4 when the B8 A4 debuts in Frankfurt. From a dash perspective there will be a continuation of round dials, although needles now point straight down when the car is turned off. There is also next-generation telematics on the dash, a totally redesigned dashboard-based MMI system, the now-ubiquitous MMI screen and a refreshed shift console design. The vehicle of course retains Audi’s rectangular design on the steering wheel which is a reference to the single frame grilles on the front of its vehicles.

Photos clearly show both V6 FSI gasoline and V6 TDI diesel powerplants. Four-cylinder variants are thoughts to be in the works for Europe and the upcoming S5 will get Audi’s 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine.

Audi has confirmed that a second world premier will happen alongside the A5 debut in Geneva. Word is that BMW will show an M3 concept there, so without twisting logic too much it would follow that Audi will counter with the S-version of the A5 – the S5 – which would once again finally be giving Audi a true “super coupe” competitor to BMW’s higly popular M3.

Stay tuned to AudiWorld for complete coverage of the A5 and everything else Audi as we travel to Geneva in early March to cover the show.


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