Diesel isn’t a dirty word, and shouldn’t be more expensive either!

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It should come as no surprise that we are huge fans of diesel engines here, as we’ve not been shy to report on how much we love the effortless cruising and staggering fuel economy afforded by the modern TDI diesel engines. Audi’s Clean Diesel technology is leading the way on this front, and with the introduction of the Q5, A6, A7 and A8 TDI models in addition to the A3 and Q7 TDIs, Audi has the strongest offering of diesel passenger cars in the USA.


With the advancements made in modern diesel engines by Audi and others, we’re seeing a strengthening of the Diesel enthusiast core. Diesel engines are widely known to be the most efficient of any internal combustion engines, combining high fuel economy with none of the performance, range and fuel accessibility issues facing other kinds of “alternative” fuel vehicles. With more diesel powered passenger vehicles on the road, we’re not seeing any kind of drop in diesel fuel prices. Diesel fuel is still one of the most expensive automotive fuels one can purchase, which is strange considering that it is not as difficult to produce, and is much more widely used by our nation’s trucking and busing industries, amongst others.


We have received a link to a Change.org petition which is calling for a reduction in the taxes paid at the diesel pump, something that we believe would benefit diesel owners obviously, and would encourage more diesel powered vehicles entering our marketplace. We’d encourage anyone who owns, or plans to own, or is even casually shopping diesels to sign the petition.



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