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April 16, 2007

Source: Audi AG

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The luxurious perfection of an Audi

A sophisticated car’s interior has to first of all fulfil two very different needs: it must be the cockpit of a precise driving machine and equally ensure comfortable accommodation for long journeys. The completely new interior of the Audi A5 provides both to the highest standards. Key features are ergonomic design, functionality and easy operation, while the exclusiveness of the materials selected and Audi’s typically superb build quality are equally important. An atmosphere in which you feel perfectly at ease, even on long journeys – that is the characteristic quality of the A5 interior.

The entire cockpit architecture is clearly focused on the driver who is the “pilot” at the centre of the car. The instruments and centre console are brought together in one unit integrating all display elements and controls. The design philosophy is based on a variety of shapes combined to form harmonious units. This results in a complex and consistent architecture and creates an animated atmosphere.

Making interior design a high-quality tactile experience

The shapes, the precision of the workmanship, the sophisticated design of the controls, and the quality of the surfaces throughout – together they add up to an interior that is a visual delight and also a joy to touch. The interior design provides a high-quality tactile experience each time you drive the Audi A5. One example of the all-encompassing design approach can be found in the door panel trim, where the controls, inlays, armrest and stowage compartment combine to form one visually harmonious unit.

Although the instrument panel comprises typical Audi features with the characteristic droplet-shaped surrounds for the speedometer and rev counter, it has been developed as a new design in all its details.

In the centre of the driver’s field of vision between the two main dials is the driver information system that supplies information on the vehicle, navigation, audio system or telephone. It also features the new gearshift indicator, which provides gear selection recommendations for an economical driving style.

MMI operating system with intuitive logic

The latest generation of premium automobiles such as the Audi A5 have extremely powerful vehicle electronics. However, the customisable convenience functions and the infotainment, navigation and telephone systems must remain easily understandable and easy to operate. To ensure this is the case, Audi has developed the MMI operating system, which has already won major acclaim for its simple and intuitively comprehensible logic. A new advanced version of this multi-media interface has been created and refined for the A5. The large screen has been given an ergonomically ideal high position in the cockpit. Vital information is also displayed on the instrument cluster.

Even the chorus radio included in the standard specification has a 6.5-inch screen with the MMI operating concept and an operating unit positioned on the radio. The same applies to the optional radio systems concert and symphony. The two navigation systems are equipped with the separate operating panel on the centre tunnel.

The basic version of the MMI operating system controls the functions of the audio system, air conditioning and car menu. Depending on the chosen equipment specification, the MMI grows with the addition of extra modules, but nevertheless retains its intuitive user guidance and logical menu structure.

At the centre of the operating system is the steering wheel: the Audi A5 has a leather sports steering wheel of 3-spoke design, optionally equipped with multifunction controls. These can be used to operate the basic functions of the navigation system, radio, in-car phone and the speech dialogue system. The A5 steering wheel can also be equipped with shift paddles in conjunction with an automatic gearbox.

Conceived and built with great devotion to detail

Throughout the interior you can find examples of the devotion to detail and the high standards to which an Audi is designed, engineered and built. For instance, all design and function elements are assembled with that unique precision that has for a long time made Audi the benchmark among its competitors worldwide.

The overall visual and tactile impression of the seats is characterised by the superb craftsmanship of their expertly executed stitching. In particular, the optional sports seats have beautiful, elaborate stitching and their visual appeal surpasses that of finely crafted luxury furniture – especially when they are upholstered in subtly shimmering Valcona leather.

The seats themselves have an impressively comfortable shape for people of various statures, and offer excellent comfort on long journeys. Finally, the seats also help keep you refreshed and fit on long journeys, thanks to their vibration-damping properties and their ergonomic body support. They are available in a manually operated version or with electric adjustment. As an alternative, the range includes sports seats with enlarged side sections, an extendable thigh support and electric 4-way lumbar support.

A comfortable climate to combat fatigue

The right climate in the vehicle interior is important to prevent fatigue. The standard automatic air conditioning system in the Audi A5 ensures a pleasant temperature and a draught-free supply of fresh air at all times. It has extensive intelligence: using information from a sensor on the top of the cockpit, it monitors the sunlight entering the car and adjusts the temperature, air distribution and blower speed accordingly.

The optional deluxe three-zone automatic air conditioning system is even more sophisticated: it allows the adjustment of separate temperature zones for the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers. In addition, the air distribution can be set differently for the driver and front passenger sides. A control wheel on the rear part of the centre console allows a desired temperature to be selected for the rear.

This allows each individual occupant in the Audi A5 to enjoy their own personal comfort zone. The system also features a moisture sensor in the base of the interior mirror, to detect whether the glass may be about to mist up and regulate the flow of air to the defroster vents accordingly. A third sensor in the intake duct monitors the air quality. This sensor, which represents the latest generation, detects pollutants from road traffic and automatically switches to air recirculation when required.

If desired, the A5 can also be fitted with an auxiliary heating and ventilation system. This is controlled by timer or remote control and in winter it preheats the interior to keep it at a comfortable temperature and de-ice the windows. In summer, the auxiliary ventilation delivers fresh air to the interior and keeps the temperature low.

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