Want a genuine B5 RS 4? Here’s your chance

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Caveat Emptor. Lets get that out there…

If you’re looking for a genuine RS 4 that may or may not have traveled around the globe in its journey to the USA, here’s one on Bring a trailer. The car looks spectacular in the photos, but I’d certainly want a trained specialist to give it a once-over should I be the high bidder. Speaking of which, we’re guessing this car will fetch well above $100k by the time the auction is complete.

The RS 4 is one of those cars that is positively enchanting to Audi enthusiasts, especially those of us who grew up through the B5 era. This is the car that was the pinnacle of B5, and because it was only offered as an Avant, was that much more special to us.

This car was born before paddle shifters, before touch screen dashboards, but well within modern fuel injection and turbocharger application. It’s all go, and maybe a little show.

So if you are wanting to, go bid on this car. We certainly can’t blame anyone with the means to attempt to put this silver sled in their garage!

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