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MMI and other TSB downloads <updated on 5/9/09>


Old 03-14-2007, 07:19 AM
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Default MMI and other TSB downloads <updated on 5/9/09>

<small>Thanks to Kevin Gary for some of these. I made a new thread to clear out the clutter. Any questions, email me or ask me in another thread to keep this one as clean as possible. Use the 'tt' link on the right to be notified of updates when viewing this forum.</small>

<b>These will get you an MMI update:</b>
<i>RVU - Repairing telephone preparation</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2018510/3</a> <font color="red">NEW</font>
<i>BOSE Sound System without function, no sound</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013107</a>
<i>Cursor is jumping in radio memory list</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2014281</a>
<i>MMI Surround setting lost (2006MY)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013108</a>
<i>MMI Surround setting lost (2005MY)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2015136</a>
<i>Only one satellite radio station is displayed and playing with activated Tuner</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2014223</a>
<i>Navigation vehicle symbol jumps in map overview</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2014126</a>

<b>Got a CEL/MIL? Check these:</b>
<i>Poor Quality Gasoline</i> : <a href="">TSB# 01-06-03</a>
<i>MIL on (DTCs for misfire, P0300 - P0312) a.k.a. Bad Coilpacks</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013623</a>
<i>MIL on - Bad G410 fuel pressure sensor</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2015106/3</a>
<i>MIL on - misfire DTC stored after cold start</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2011719</a>
<i>Cold engine runs rough or stumbles; warm engine may stall when engaging gear and vehicle is stationary</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2010890</a>
<i>MIL on (DTC P2106 18538) - ECM update</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2010878</a>

<i>No drive or delayed drive in "D" or "R" (DTC P1743/18151 may be stored in TCM)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013280</a>
<i>Bucking when accelerating from a standstill</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2011722</a>
<i>Chirping, hooting, squeaking noise when shifting between 3-4</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013023</a>

<b>Problems with your remote? Try these:</b>
<i>Engine intermittently or consistently does not start using advance key start button, starts w/ key &amp; ignition switch</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2010941</a>
<i>Coming/leaving home function intermittently doesn't work when unlocking doors with the remote control</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013709</a>

<b>Rattles &amp; Creaks:</b>
<i>Trim Panels, Rattle (check your VIN!)</i> : <a href="">TSB# A700502</a>
<i>A-Pillar and Roof Bar Make Cracking Noises</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2012964</a>
<i>Squeak or rattle noise in front door area or front sunroof area</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2014189</a>
<i>Trim for Tailgate Noisy</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2012960</a>

<i>Tailgate inoperative at times</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2012698</a>
<i>Net partition noisy</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013328</a>
<i>RVU - A6 Avant rear washer hose (IT)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013391</a>
<i>Hose to rear washer jet leaking; Bose soundsystem, MMI, or navigation without function</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013209</a>
<i>Luggage Cover is Noisy</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2012996</a>

<i>MIL on, and/or Multitronic Transmission in Emergency Running Mode</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2012154</a>
<i>No drive or delayed drive in "D" or "R"</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013280</a>

<i>"Navigation not available" displayed on MMI screen</i> : <a href="">TSB # 2016037</a><font color="red"> NEW</font>
<i>Temperature different between front driver and passenger sides</i> : <a href="">TSB #2013883</a><font color="red"> NEW</font>
<i>RVU - Engine Control Module Update (I3) (4.2 Only)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2013535</a>
<i>Headlight range control warning is ON in driver information display. After cycling the ignition, warning symbol is OFF again</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2011041</a>
<i>Update Programming For Airbag Warning Light ON (II)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 69-06-05</a>
<i>2005 Model Year Maintenance Schedule</i> : <a href=""> Maintenance</a>
<i>Battery dead or low after returning to the vehicle</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2014127</a>
<i>RVU - Thumping, knocking or popping noise in fuel tank area (IH)</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2015111</a>
<i>Brakes squeal</i> : <a href="">TSB# 2003273</a>

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Old 03-14-2007, 10:26 AM
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Default Re: MMI and other TSB downloads <multiple updates on 3/14/07>

This is fantastic. Really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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Old 03-14-2007, 01:17 PM
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Do you still have the old "MMI surround setting lost" tsb you can send me ?
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Old 03-14-2007, 02:55 PM
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Outstanding! Thanks, Pierreb!
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Old 03-14-2007, 03:20 PM
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Pierre, great job. I am glad I could help in a minor way. I like the link in the signature.
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Old 03-14-2007, 08:39 PM
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None of the links open for me....
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Old 03-15-2007, 05:54 AM
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Pierre, many thanks....
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Old 03-15-2007, 09:25 AM
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Work fine for me...
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Old 04-20-2007, 01:43 PM
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try installing adobe PDF....
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Old 07-02-2007, 08:06 PM
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Default thanks will do -- side note, anyone encounter window controls not always working correctly?

ever since i got the car I've had intermittent issues with the driver side window switches. Sometimes the dual mode switch only works in single mode (either mode) or the switch doesn't work at all -- this happened once when it was raining, i wanted to crack open the window and it came all the way down -- wouldn't come back up for a good 15-20 secs... almost had to stop the car and cycle it..

I've reported this to the dealer once but when it went in for scheduled maintenance the problem was not there... it's annoying as i notice it more and more.

i would hate to be stuck with an open window
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