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Soft close door install


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Default Soft close door install

I'm posting this to help anyone who may need it, or want to do a soft close door replacement. I searched but could not find any pictures. I found it easier to work on something if I have some idea and some picture on what I'm doing.It may help someone in the future ( with pictures). When I got my car all the soft close door worked except the front passenger side. I know some people don't care or like them but I do. I give this job a 3 to 4 on the difficulty meter. This will work on the front doors, the rear will be a little bit different. I started by having the window all the way up. Then disconnect the battery. I don't think you have to but with this many modules in the car I find it give me peace of mind to not have any power going to them when removing window motor regulators etc..
Anyone please feel free to add any info you like. This is purely to help anyone do this install that my want too instead of paying someone to do it. I ended up buying a used one, but to be honest they are pretty cheap. Passenger side Part number 4E1837016C.
Name:  0930131656.jpg
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Window up remove door trim. Start on the inner side.
Name:  0930131657.jpg
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This is the back of the door trim. It hooks into the door that's why you start prying it from the inner side. I used some tape around the edges.
Name:  0930131834.jpg
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Behind the door trim is a 8mm bolt. Only 2 holds the door panel on.
Name:  0930131703.jpg
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One deep inside the door pocket. Sorry hard to see it.
Name:  0930131703a.jpg
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Back of door panel. Just pull on the edges but take care!!
Name:  0930131711.jpg
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Tabs that hold the door panel on Pull them out release them push them back in lock them.
Name:  0930131803.jpg
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This is what you will see after removing the door panel. The orange rod is hooked to the door handle. Needs to be removed. also the window motor as a plug from the door panel. Remove it.
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Now remove the window motor, soft close door motor with all plugs.(this also could be what is bad and not make the door work)Speaker unplug don't remove. Also the 2 rubber grommets.
Name:  0930131721.jpg
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4 parts removed
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Now pull down the glass, by hand you will see two orange tabs with 10mm screws. Un-bolt them. Glass is now free, from window regulator. push back up to the top.
Name:  0930131729a.jpg
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Name:  0930131729.jpg
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remove all the screw holding the aluminum panel on. This is the back of it.
Name:  0930131732.jpg
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Panel removed
Name:  0930131732b-1.jpg
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Here she is hiding behind that cover small Torx screw, to remove.
Name:  0930131732a.jpg
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Remove the outer "Triple Square Socket"
Name:  0930131734.jpg
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After removing the 2 square sockets there are 3 plugs and one rod that is connected to the door handle. Then she slides out.
Put it back in reverse. I hope this may help someone who may want to try to do it. I found it really easy and it took about a hour, with me taken pictures and all. If I had to do it again, maybe a half hour.
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Default Great job, and how-to!

Great job. I have had trim panel off before, but never the inner metal panel. Now I know how to!

I have had trouble with those trim pins that hold the panel on. Sometimes they freeze up, so I just bought a bunch of them for next few panels I pull. I just had drivers trim panel thoroughly apart to replace various switches and the plastic piece that runs between the window switch panel and the mirror switch. Everything worked, but at 100K miles and 7 years, I figured it was time for a cosmetic makeover since the upholstery and body otherwise are still in great shape.

I'm w/ you by the way; I like the soft touch working --and all the other stuff the car came with. I have lost two over the years, one rear under 4/50 and the other (passenger front) under CPO. Hence never had to pull it apart.
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Thanks for the compliment. I'm Like you I like all the stuff to working the car comes with. Not sure what the shop time would be to do this but it's nice haveing to do it yourself and not pay anyone.
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Default My kids love the softclose

Thanks for the pictures - No wonder dealer charges $400 just for the labor.
Good job,

Last night we took the Q7 to dinner - my kids forgot and closed the doors lightly, they went half way and stuck - "oh man it doesn't close by itself like the A8, can you put it in here dad?".


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