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Another nOOb friendly post...lots of good "MUST READ" stuff- - ->

S4 / RS4 (B5 Platform) Discussion Discussion forum for the B5 Audi S4 & RS4 produced from 1998-2002
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Another nOOb friendly post...lots of good "MUST READ" stuff- - ->


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Default Another nOOb friendly post...lots of good "MUST READ" stuff- - ->


Another warm welcome to the new folks!

Take some time to freshen up your Audi basics...

Start here...

Answers to <a href="">all your questions in one post</a>

<a href="">Edy Juns Directoty</a>

<a href="">'re new to the Forums??</a>

What a garage is supposed to be...<a href="{3E04B99D-6672-49EB-99E6-AF32AFEC6265}&inv=003DFB6A50214F4&userid={3E04B99D-6672-49EB-99E6-AF32AFEC6265}&albumid={EC692A14-F174-411D-A887-9300AC7418E4}&inv=003DFB6A50214F4">S4Blooms Santuary</a>

<u><b>Miscellaneous Sites and Audi info...</b></u>

Rob O's <a href="">B5 S4 Analogy</a>

Worst post in AW history... <a href="">Some people just don't think...</a>

An <a href="">FAQ without the Q's</a> by VandyS4, since the Search function is less than ideal

<a href="">A Brief History of Audi</a>

<a href="">The history of the B5 Color Choices</a>

A series of excellent <a href=" d=48">Audi and Motorsport Links</a> sponsored by Northeast Chapter of the Audi Club of North America

Another Newb <a href="">FAQ</a> by Neon01

<a href="">Where to buy OEM Parts by RKA</a>

<a href="">S4</a> One of the most complete links I've found..

<a href="">Vast Performance</a> Piggie's site

<a href="">MarkP's site...good information from a reliable source</a>

<a href="">2001 Audi S4 Service Intervals and Maintenance</a> compliments of Jeff Doyle - boscoj

<a href="">2000 Audi S4 Service Intervals and Maintenance</a> compliments of Jeff Doyle - boscoj

A huge <a href="">List of Audi Links</a> from Anthony on AZ

An excellent site that <a href="">Audi/VW Tuner Ratings&gt;lists and rates Audi tuners and dealers</a>

<a href="">The B5 Audi Service Manual</a>

<a href="">Everything you want to know about the S4 Engine</a> hosted by lemieux

The <a href="">AudiWorld Video Hall of Fame</a>

<a href="">S4 Video Collection</a>

<a href="">Motherload of S4 drag, street, &amp; highway racing videos!</a> by bigbluebeast19

Not that any of us ever speed, but here is a link to a <a href="">database of speed traps</a>.

And on just so I don't leave the A4 folks out in the cold..<a href="">An A4 Compilation</a>


<a href="">Dyno from different Dyno's compared</a> by spturks

<a href="">S4 tuning stages</a> by JoeS4

<a href="">Engine pull made "Simple"</a> by Mike2k2S4

<a href="">Comprehensive list of Tuners with Dyno's, organized by state, by MarkP</a>

An excellent explanation of why to use <a href="">Intelligent InterCooler Misters</a> by Flyboy

<a href="">AutoSpeed/Avalon Intelligent IC Misters</a>, how they Me

<A HREF="">Changing Spark Plugs in the 2.7bt</a> by Zaphod Beeblebrox

<a href="">SmokinS4's Catch Can install</a>

<a href="">Blk01S4's Catch Can install</a>

<a href="">Second part of Blk01S4's Catch Can install</a>

<a href="">Catch Can Effectiveness</a> by davenew

Building your own <a href="">oil cooler...the parts list</a> by golfrsi

<a href="">Installing a Manual Boost control in Parallel</a> by MarkP

<a href="">K04 on K03 software...the overview</a> by B5QShip

Two excellent resources for installation of InterCooler Misters... <A href="">funkadelic picture album</a> &amp; <a href="">Flyboy's writeup</a>

Installing a low-temp <a href="">Thermo-Switch</a>

<a href="">FATS - Logging and calculating FATS times</a> by various AW members

How to <a href="">create graphs from data logs</a> by 2k2S4

<a href="">Manual exhaust Dumps</a> by Mark P

<a href="">Electric exhaust dumps</a> by bertworks

<a href="">DownPipes compared</a>, a nice thread started by RyanS4 with Smokin_S4 as a contributor

Piggie Pipes:<a href="">Gutting the Pre-Cats</a> by lemieux

Piggie Pipes:<a href="">Gutting Pre-Cats</a> by CJ-S4

Piggie Pipes:<a href="">Gutting the Pre-Cats</a> by OC Avant

<a href="">DIY Oil Cooler setup</a> by AnotherSilverS4

<a href="">Installing an MBC</a> by es4uerzo

<a href="">Installing an MBC</a> by VonK

<a href="">IPP Intercoolers versus Stock Intercoolers ! Part I ~ The Bench Test</a>, and
<a href="">Part II ~ The In-Car Road Tests</a> A collaborative effort between me and Flyboy

<a href="">Installing <a href="">IPP Intercoolers</a></a> by 808guy

<a href="">IPP Intercoolers, Before and after dyno plots</a> by Bruno_S4

<a href="">Dyno plots and performance info on IPP Intercoolers</a> by silva-IPP

<a href="">RS4 / Stock / IPP Intercoolers compared</a> by eking_casaS4

RS4 Intercoolers, <a href="">Part I ~ The Bench Test</a> A collaborative effort between me and Flyboy

How to make a <a href="">DarIntake</a>, the only intake that beats stock...right now.

<a href="">Data</a> supporting the DarIntake by DarinS4Turbo

<a href="">S-Flo versus DarIntake</a>

<a href="">EVO Intake versus DarIntake</a> by LI-S4

<a href="">X1 Racer CF Intake...Take I</a> <i> (No data..just a sexy picture)</i>

<a href="">X1 Racer CF Intake...Take II</a>

<a href="">X1 Racer CF Intake...Take III</a>

<a href="">Servicing By-Pass Valves...</a>conceptually the same for most valves..

A comprehensive thread on how to use <a href="">APR EMCS Home Programmer</a> by MarkP

<a href="">AWE's Dyno Graphs of Chip Comparison</a> (sort of out dated at this point)

Very basic basics of <a href="">Lemmiwinks Tuning</a>

<a href="">europeanspeed's Chip Shootout</a>

<a href=" =all&cat=010206&dt=range&db=01/01/1999&de=04/26/2005">Which chip is best???</a>

<a href="">Getting to know the N75 Valve&gt;By Daft</a>

<a href="">AW's Chip Survey</a>

<A href="">K04 FAQ by smurfette s4?</a>

<a href="">VAG-COM locator</a> by lemieux

A few links to the <a href="">AutoSpeed/Avalon Intelligent IC Misters</a>

<a href="">DIY Intercooler Misters</a>by Schagen Wagen


An excellent summary about <a href="">Brakes or Breaks</a> by ryanS4

<a href="">How big is too big??</a> by Pat-SoCal

Really good <a href="">brake pad comparison</a> by ryoung

Another <a href="">pad comparo</a> by ryanS4

Source for <a href="">Stoptech/Brembo rotor rings</a>

A <a href="">brake FAQ</a> by O.W.Kenobi <i><b>NOTE:</b>instructions for extinguishing the Pad Wear Sensor Indicator using VAG, will not work on MY 2000 &amp; 2001 B5 S4's</i>

<a href="">Extinguishing the Pad Wear Sensor</a> the right Me

<a href="">ECS Tuning Stage III vs Stoptech 332's</a> by O.W.Kenobi

Two articles on bleeding the S4 to one<a href="">by 85-4kq-girl</a> (original post by Sharon) and one from the <a href="">Tech section</a>

<a href="">Changing the stock brake pads</a> by 85-4kq-girl

<a href="">Changing the rear brake pads</a>

<a href="">Cycling the ABS pump</a> using VAG, from the Ross Tech Vag Manual

<a href="">How NOT to detail your brakes</a>

<a href="">Removing brake pistons from Porsche Big Reds</a>

<a href="">How to tell if your rotors need replacing</a> by ryanS4

<a href="">S8 Rear brake rotor upgrade for the S4</a>

More on the <a href="">S8 upgrade</a>

<a href="">The "Warped" Brake Disc and Other Myths of the Braking System</a> from Stoptech

<u><b>RNS-E, Phat-Box</b></u>

<a href="">A collection of the best Tid Bits on RNS-E</a> by various contributors

How to enter <a href="">Engineering Mode, a video demonstration</a>

<a href="">A list of Installation experts</a>

<a href="">How to install a PhatBox</a> by jonah

The <a href="">Ultimate PhatBox post</a> by TeddyBGame on the A6 forum

<a href="">Inst alling the RNS-E in the B5 &amp; B6</a>, a video by Proxus

<a href="">Everything you need to know about installing RNS-E in your Audi</a> by AudiA4B6US

Integration of RNS-E <a href="">display in the cluster</a>

<a href="">Contolli ng Phat-Box with RNSE</a> by mister dr on


<a href="">Troy's Guide to Car Care Nirvana</a>

<a href="">NASA's Guide to Wheel Repair</a> and <a href="">My Wheel Repair NASA Style</a>

<a href="">Which is the best car wash soap?</a>

<a href="">Some unique detailing Problem Solvers</a>

<a href="">Chip repair using an airbrush</a> by S4Bloom

And his <a href="">follow-up post</a>

How to do a winter wash using a <a href="">DIY Car Wash Booth</a>, me

How to <a href="">remove pitting and scratches from healight housings</a>

Another post on <a href="">Polishing pitted headlight housings</a> by BonestockS4

Where should I buy MicroFiber Towels?? <a href="">Yo Steve's</a> or <a href="">Griot's Garage</a>

<a href="">Jeff Doyles Detailing routine</a>

<a href="">Zoops Sealer</a> for uncoated aluminum wheels, by me

How to <a href="">clean your engine bay</a>. By, um, me again.

<a href="">Repairing S4 Aluminum Mirrors</a> by GBW on the C5 A6 Forum

Where can I buy the <a href="" >Porter Cable 7424 Random Orbital Polisher</a>, and <a href="">how do I use it?</a>

Caliper <a href="">Paint -vs- G2 Epoxy -vs- Powder coating</a> by me

Looking for a way to get the scratches out of your plastic instrument cluster?? Take a look at plastic polishes by <a href="">SkyGeek Products</a>

<u><b>Funny stuff</b></u>

<a href="">How to change your Auxilary Fan w/o removing bumper</a> by SupraS4

<a href="">Now <b>THIS</b> is funny..</a>

<a href="">Some friendly advice...</a> from me

<a href="">What's done to <b>Your</b> car??</a> by Snow Trooper. Sure to be a classic!!

<a href="">Posting For nOOb's - Author unknown...</a>

<a href="">The "A Few Good Men" Warranty exchange</a>

<a href="">How to build a Sub-enclosure</a> courtesy of someone on Vortex...

<a href="">Repost of the what some consider the funniest story ever...</a>

<a href="">The REEF Girl Competition</a> Off-topic but worth the time...Note the seventh picture down, third girl in from the left...

<a href="">My wifes top ten rules for driving</a>

<a href="">Ubononium defined</a> by me

<a href="">Proper Tuner Bitching Etiquette by Steve Trac</a>

<a href="">The S4 Twelve Step Recovery Program by S4NIC8</a>

<A href="">The DIY Thread of Doom by nyet</a>

The <a href="">BIG DIY thread of Doom</a> by jyoteen

<a href="">Problem solving Flowchart from BoneStockS4</a>

<a href="">A revelation from Jeff Doyle</a>

<u><b>Misc Mods</b></u>

How About <a href="">Do it yourself Widebody instructions???</a>

<a href="">Painting the 2.7 BT Y-pipe</a> by me..

<a href="">Batteries for the Key Fob Remote??</a> by Hal_S4Shizzle::CBP

Nifty little item to <a href="">secure your headlight housings...</a>

<a href="">Improving the reception of the key fob remote</a> by STG II+ S4

Progression from <a href="">Stock S4 front Bumper to S4/RS4 front conversion</a> me

<a href="">Installing an RS4 Bumper</a> by TwinTurboTerror

<a href="">Removing the fore / aft slop</a> from a shift lever, aka the Zip Tie Mod by LI-S4

<a href="">Wiring e-code city lights to be daytime running lights</a>

An <a href="">alternative wiring schematic</a> for city lights, by MarkP

City light Comparo:
*<a href="">LED Citylights(from Tantrumwerks)versus Polarg's M-17 Hyper-White City Light Bulb 12v 8w</a>
*<a href="">LED Citylights(from Tantrumwerks)versus LEDTronics White LEDs</a>.

Instructions for <a href="">Manual Headlight adjustment</a> by ToyGuy

How to <a href="">adjust your headlights</a> using VAG, by ModifiedA4, link provided by CasaS4<sup>TM</sup>

<a href="">One Touch up for the rear windows..</a>

<a href=""> One Touch-up for the rear windows...a better solution</a>

<a href="">How do I install an iPod (or titanium pedals)</a>

Source for <a href="">Custom pedal covers</a>

<a href="">Painting the 2.7 bt Y-Pipe</a> by Me

How to <a href="">remove the B5 bumper, or install a Snub, or get at the IC's</a>... from APR's website

Some information on <a href="">Lazer Guns &amp; Speed readings</a>

<a href="">IMP Concepts Stealth Boost Gauge</a> by me

How to <a href="">remove/replace the belt line trim</a>

<a href="">Removing the interior B-Pillar trim</a>

<a href="">Stealth License Plate Mod</a> by me

<a href="">Detailed instructions for converting your stock shifter into a "short shifter"</a> by the master himself, ToyGuy

<a href=""> The Four Stages of ToyGuy Short Shifters</a> by LI-S4

Tightening up the <a href="">JHM Solid Pivot Short Shifter</a> to make a good thing davenew

<a href="">My exhaust tip progression...</a>

<a href="">How to remove OEM mirror housings -or- How to Install RS4/6 Housings</a> by me...again.

<a href="">Unconfirmed</a> at the time of linking...If it's true it's a gem..

<a href="">Omori 60mm Boost Gauge installed in center vent</a>

Som <a href="">Miscellaneous DIY Mods</a> unknown

<a href="">How to do Lot's of Cool Audi Stuff</a>

<a href="">Installing a GReddyIII Turbo Timer</a>

Wondering <a href="">Where to find Alcantara fabric?</a> Post by golfrsi

<a href="">Markcore's Modding Advice for Noobs</a>

<a href="">How to be an Idiot and install an AWE boost gauge</a> by VandyS4

<a href="">A whole bunch of other stuff that you should know...</a>

<a href="">Mounting the S4 badge on an RS4 Grill by <b>LI-S4</b></a>

<a href="">Monster Valentine 1 (V1) Radar Detector Hardwire Install Collection by <b>Code *****</b></a>

<a href="">"Where can I buy Caliper Decals?"</a>

<a href="">How to release you hood when the cable has either broken or unclipped</a> by me

<u><b>Track Related</b></u>

<a href="">Track tips</a> by ryoung

<a href="">Installing a Hans Device</a> by Pat-So-Cal

<a href="">Motorsport Event Calendar</a>

CG-Lock, <a href="">my impressions...</a>

<u><b>Wheels &amp; Suspension</b></u>

<a href="">Jack and jack stand locations</a> by Andy_TN....

....WindyCityS4 uses a <a href="">slightly different location for the front</a>

Curious how much your <a href="">wheels weigh?</a>

<a href="">Will my tires rub if I install X tires, X wheels, X suspension???</a> by Steve S.

<a href="">Wheel Offset Calculator</a> to determine the effect of changing your wheel width and offset.

Wondering how to pack wheels and tires for shipping? <a href="">Click here..</a>, by <b>b-thumper :: STFA</b>

<a href="">Which suspension should I buy?</a> by <b>ryanS4</b>

<a href="">Sander's Stuff...more wheels than you can shake a stick at</a>

since it seems like Sanders Stuff isn't being updated here is a recent <a href="">Wheel Thread of Doom!</a>

2000sforce's <a href="">wheel album</a>

A shameless post of the <a href="">Kinesis Wheels I'd like to sell or Trade...SOLD!</a>

<a href="">Hunter / Road Force Balancing shop locator</a> Link thanks to Paulroad

<u><b>AW Forum Stuff</b></u>

<a href="">The first AudiWorld S4/RS4 post</a>

<a href="">Thread Legend</a> by Steve Trac

<a href="">The Audi World Dictionary of Words, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Emoticons, Key Codes &amp; Text HTML Tags</a>

<a href="">Another list of Acronyms and Abbreviations...from Anthony on AZ</a>

<a href="">First Names of the AW folks</a>

<a href="">The S4 Danger Zone</a>

<a href="">Cars stolen in NJ</a>

<a Href="">The NJ Stolen Car Map</a>, Look similar to the S4 Danger Zone?

<a href="">The AudiWorld Newbie FAQ</a>

<a href="">The night my daughter was born</a>

Anything else the "old guard" thinks I should add...let me know!

<i>Last updated 06-04-2007</i>
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i'm bookmarking that one for some easy access nOOb material
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Holy ****! Someone has a lot of time on their hands tonight
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The baby was she's sleeping and I'm awake...
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I posted before looking at the REEF competition. I forgive you for posting now
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ROFL....sweet dreams(reef girls) and nightmares(BLACK wheels)
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Mmmmmm......Reef girls
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Post of the day!!
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Wow! WinnAARRR!
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Default thanx much......(add to favorites)

btw, we have a baby girl named Gabrielle as well.......born three months after yours (8/10/03)
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