21Feb 2005

    Audi Q

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    February 21, 2005

    Source: Audi AG

    Escorted by bodyguards like a superstar, it fulfilled its
    first official engagement in front of hundreds of media
    representatives: the Audi Q7, the prototype of a new SUV
    generation, put in a surprise appearance at the “quattro Night”
    on February 21, 2005 when it rolled onto the piazza of the Audi
    Forum in Ingolstadt.

    A fitting highlight to celebrate the 25th anniversary of quattro
    permanent four-wheel drive: because together with the top
    athlete Audi RS4, the multi-talented Q7 with off-road
    capabilities symbolises the wide-ranging talents of quattro
    technology. Both superlative driveability on asphalt and optimum
    traction off the beaten track are characteristic features of the
    once-revolutionary drive concept that has since been installed
    on production models an incredible 1.8 million times.

    The production version of the “Pikes Peak quattro” study will
    appear on the market at the start of 2006 in the guise of the
    Audi Q7. High-performance petrol and TDI engines will then
    guarantee excellent road performance; quattro permanent
    four-wheel drive and the cutting-edge suspension will translate
    it into optimum grip and maximum driving pleasure on any

    Until it makes its international exhibition debut at the 2005
    Frankfurt Motor Show, all further appearances of the Q7 will
    take place exclusively behind closed doors. Over the next few
    months, Q7 prototypes will be undergoing intensive tests in the
    toughest conditions imaginable, including in Arctic regions and
    burning deserts: proving grounds to guarantee a successful
    production launch.