5 Best Street Audis with Racing Counterparts

Every great street car has an evil twin. These are the top 5 Audi’s that go from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde faster than their lap times. It’s German engineering with a touch of madness.

  Comments | By - April 9, 2018

Potter and Rich Create 1000HP R8 V10 Plus

1,000HP R8? Got that. The Potter and Rich MC8 does more than just boast numbers: it hits the road like a bat out of hell.

  Comments | By - March 20, 2018

Daily Slideshow: 6 Cars That Influenced the Creation of the Audi TT

The Audi TT: a car that draws some interesting parallels to other vehicles you might not know about. Check out some of the people and influences that have gone into this 4 ring sports car and some of its notorious history.

  Comments | By - February 6, 2018

Daily Slideshow: Could You Handle This 700hp Audi RS7 SEMA Build?

What’s red, white and black all over? Brendan Hind’s 700 horsepower widebody RS7 that debuted at SEMA this year. You have to see this!

  Comments | By - January 11, 2018

Daily Slideshow: How’s a Twin Turbo V10 R8 for a Time Attack Car?

Time Attack is an interesting sport: wild aerodynamics, big horsepower and twin turbo Audi R8s making 1300 rear wheel horsepower. This is one car you don’t want to miss…

  Comments | By - December 21, 2017

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