“Land of quattro:” Audi showcases the homes of all-wheel drive

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December 6, 2012

Source: Audi Media

· Print, TV and online campaign displays fascinating quattro driving routes

· Microsite users contribute portraits of their “land of quattro”

· All-wheel-drive share of Audi sales exceeds 40 percent

Ingolstadt, Germany – From snowy mountain passes through urban streets to summer excursions to the beach. In its recently started international marketing campaign, “land of quattro”, Audi is documenting the vast variety of possibilities offered by the broadest lineup of all-wheel-drive models in the premium segment. This campaign spotlights a given country’s most exciting all-wheel-drive routes, honoring it as a true “land of quattro”. Users can now access a dedicated microsite to share their favorite destinations for quattro driving.

“Our ‘land of quattro’ campaign brings a global success story to people’s doorsteps. quattro is as varied as a country’s roads and we want people to discover both,” says Lothar Korn, head of Marketing Communications at AUDI AG. The print motifs of the campaign, tailored to each market, invite people to a trip through their own quattro country. These motifs showcase a given country’s most exciting all-wheel-drive routes and feature their location on a stylized map. The “land of quattro” campaign has already started in Canada, Germany and Russia; it will expand to Austria, Italy, Switzerland and other markets in upcoming months.

In an online special, Audi presents additional all-wheel-drive routes for each “land of quattro” (for Germany: www.audi.de/quattro). Microsite visitors can enhance the quattro map by adding their own experiences and sharing with Facebook friends. An extensive tribute to a country’s most popular all-wheel-drive routes will be compiled. In early 2013, a TV commercial will continue the exploration of all-wheel-drive terrain.

Audi has explored the connection between winter sports and the quattro drive system for many years. In this winter season, the premium carmaker will support events such as the Audi FIS Ski World Cup, the Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup and the 2013 Alpine World Ski Championships in Schladming, Austria under the slogan “Home of quattro”.

More and more Audi customers opt for the dynamic performance and safety of the quattro drive system. 2011 was the first year in which automobiles equipped with quattro represented more than 40 percent of Audi sales. In the first nine months of 2012, it was above 42 percent. And not just SUV drivers rely on all-wheel drive from the company with the four rings. Indeed, more than a quarter of all Audi customers across all other model series opted for quattro from January through September. In Germany alone, 73,663 new Audis with all-wheel drive were registered during this same period. That far exceeds the direct competition.

Audi customers can now choose from over 140 quattro model variants, taking all the different body types, engine versions and transmission options into account. The brand with the four rings thus offers the widest range of all-wheel-drive models in the premium segment. There are also a number of technical solutions for delivering power to all four wheels. Behind the successful quattro principle are three different technologies, which Audi is constantly refining in order to build the ideal all-wheel-drive system for each vehicle concept. The latest evolutionary stage of the quattro system featuring a crown-gear center differential and torque vectoring is available in the Audi RS 4 and RS 5.


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