Audi A3: How to Replace Headlight Bulbs

On some Audi vehicles, changing the headlight bulbs can be a real hassle. Not so with the Audi A3. This article shows you what you need to do.

By Jared Hammond - March 23, 2016

This article applies to the Audi A3 (2003-present).

A busted headlight is not only unsafe, with night driving being quite the challenge, but is also grounds for a ticket. Changing a headlight bulb is one of the simplest things you can do for your car. Don't take it to a dealership just to change a light bulb. Save yourself some time and money by changing the bulb yourself. Follow the instructions below to learn more.

Audi A3: How to Replace Headlight Bulbs

Material Needed

  • Replacement headlight bulb

Make sure you have the right bulb for your car. Some models use halogen and others use HID xenon bulbs. Also, make sure that your replacement bulb is the right fitting.

Step 1 – Remove the old headlight bulb

Open the hood of your car by pulling on the hood release lever by the driver's side kick panel. If you look at the back of your headlights, you should see a black cover with a tab on the top. Push in the tab and release the cover. Set the cover aside for now. Reach inside the back of the headlight housing for the back of the headlight socket. Twist the socket counterclockwise and pull it out.

audi a3 halogen HID headlight bulb change remove replace how to
Figure 1. Remove the bulb socket from the headlight housing.

Pro Tip

Some newer models have bulbs that are harder to reach. In order to replace them, you'll need to tilt the front wheels and remove the fender liner. When you remove that, you'll be able to reach the headlight housing and replace the bulb.

Step 2 – Install new bulbs

Pull the old bulb from the bulb socket and carefully insert the new bulb. Insert the bulb socket into the headlight housing and twist it clockwise to lock it into place. Replace the cover to the back of the headlight housing and snap it into place. Start the car and test the headlight bulbs.

audi a3 halogen HID headlight bulb change remove replace how to
Figure 2. HID xenon bulbs have an igniter attached to the back of the bulb.

Pro Tip

Be careful not to touch the glass of the bulb. This will transfer grease to the glass, creating hot spots that will cause the bulb to burn out.

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