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  28. Anyone know if a tuner has made any FI kits for the GM Vortec 4.2L I6?
  29. Inportant question: Would two T3/T4 turbos be able to support a 4.6L engine?
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  31. Misfire advice BT with cams
  32. ****TRACK DAY BOOKED**** - Roebling Road - 09/15/08 - $225!!
  33. Frustrated! Cant get to the nuts underneath the wastegate on my 5000CS Q to remove the manifold so I
  34. Trying to locate a remote bypass valve for my SC project.. Can anyone help me?
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  38. New V6 3.0TFSI engine.
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  44. large bore Intake vs head question...
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  46. EGT guage and sensors.....
  47. Looking to acquire head studs for my 40v ART engine. Any suggestions?
  48. Rear mount turbo project (turbo experts please look)
  49. Need help from some experts in the subject please. What do you all think about cracks on turbos?
  50. MAF - Maxed out - Upgrade options?
  51. Jacob alive?
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  53. APR and Jim Ellis Audi present Petit LeMans Customer Appreciation Weekend
  54. any tips on where to get a standalone system for my 87 5000cs?
  55. AAAhhhhh so THIS is where everyone hangs out....
  56. HKS SSQV bov not opening any thoughts? (2.8 na to turbo conversion)
  57. Audi RS6 ME7.1.1 - Electronic Boost Controller
  58. Is it worth it to rebuild my busted turbo and resell it?
  59. s4 turbos 4 sale
  60. Confirm my dead turbo diagnosis? Prob need a K03, sellers!
  61. 00 A6 2.7 Secondary Air pump Issues
  62. Looking at doing a "home brew" Stg 3 on my 98.5 A4 1.8T
  63. I'm going to go out on a limb here, no 30v developments right?
  64. Safe Boost Level for 30v with SC
  65. sluggish 2000 S4
  66. 12v v6 rear mount turbo setup done
  67. Best turbo to reach 450-500whp with a *slightly* conservative tune?
  68. Need some help for a proposal im doing (inside...alloy turbine)
  69. forced induction - 2007 q7 v6
  70. boosting a8q
  71. I think i i have a pair of rs6 turbo's coming my way fairly soon. hope i wil not the first to run em
  72. Sheesh, you could hear a pin drop in here.
  73. Man i get alot of hate on the 80/90 forum. whats your guys opition on ....
  74. boosted 3.6 V8?
  75. so... what's the ETA/MSRP on these PnP'd RS6 turbos for the 2.7t?
  76. P.E.S. Supercharger for 2.8 30 valve
  77. Ohhh when will PES get the G2 CARB certified?
  78. Please email when the B6/B7 super charger is available
  79. A little data from my zero clearance K04 S4 for comparison, if possible. Graphs updated.
  80. How come this forum is in the drop-down menu but not in the cascading menu?
  81. Looking for suggestions for testing the efficiency of my zero clearance k04s.
  82. Clearencing vs clipping...discuss.
  83. What kind of things do you have going for the 2.0T's?
  84. w0rd :) I guess all the turbos I bought from him paid off .. LOL
  85. What new developments for the 2.7T can we expect in the coming months?
  86. Audi makes NA cars?
  87. I don't get it the 2.7T forum is not used enough to warrant another forum?
  88. Do you have any data to prove that Zero Clearance is benefitial?
  89. Welcome everyone to the Forced Induction forum everyone......
  90. So is this the new "secret" forum?
  91. Welcome to the Forced Induction Forum sponsored by Buehn Engineering