Wolfsgart 2011

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August 10, 2011

By: Kris Hansen – Photos by Joel Boucher and Kris Hansen

We love going to enthusiast shows, especially when they are in-state. Wolfsgart was held in Essex Junction VT at the Champlain Valley Exposition, which turned out to be an awesome locale for a show of this nature. The organizers used the Expo’s many buildings and paved roads to create a small village, and were able to arrange the cars by make and type. We liked the way the show was laid out a great deal; it was quite artistic in fact.

Wolfsgart was more eclectic than any other we’ve been to thus far, mainly because this was the first one we visited that had a large air cooled section. From old Beetles, type 2, type3, busses, buggies, through a “pre a” 1954 Porsche 356, and a ’57 Speedster, all the way up to a ‘80s 930 Turbo.

There were plenty of bagged VWs scraping around, VR6 conversions galore, and some beautifully maintained classics. We saw one VR6 that was stuffed into a MKI Jetta with one of the biggest turbos we’ve ever seen bolted on.

Another interesting twist the Wolfsgart folks introduced, the “open” class, where cars of any make and model were allowed. Honestly, this was really cool, since obviously there are lots of other nice cars out there, and why not let owners of the other brands take part in a cool show like Wolfsgart? Bravo!

Unfortunately we didn’t see large numbers of Audis in the show. We think one change that we’d like to see Wolfsgart organizers institute would be to encourage people to park within the show itself, and have a smaller area where the judged cars would be parked. That way there is more participation from the attendees, and hopefully that much more interest in the show. The Audis that we did see in the show were all very very nice, there’s no question about that; we’d just like to see more. We saw some other really nice Audis – in the parking lot, which is not where we’d like to see them. We want to see them in the show, where they belong.

Next year AudiWorld is planning on doing everything in our power to amp Wolfsgart up and make it really special. It’s already got the right ingredients for a successful show. It was very well organized, and the facility was excellent. We felt the atmosphere at Wolfsgart was perfect, just the right levels of seriousness and fun, safety and planning.

Hats off to Wolfsgart organizers, and we’re looking forward to next year!


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