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  1. ** DetailersDomain Event - Who is going (June 15)? **
  2. Where do you get tires put on?
  3. VW dealer recommendation
  5. RS7 OEM Wheels
  6. s4 tires and brakes
  7. C5 allroad Quatro
  8. car stereo install shop recommendations
  9. C7 S6 (2013-Present) AWE Touring Exhaust for Sale
  10. WTB Winter rubber
  11. Twilight Track Event - July 16 Pocono (all makes/models welcome)
  12. DetailersDomain - Adam's Detail Clinic: 05/22 9am-1pm
  13. Meet near Philadelphia
  14. AWE Tuning: ESS Tuning R8 V10 TS-760 Supercharger Systems
  15. ACNA-NJ: Track Event - May 6th
  16. Save the Date: The 2015 AWE Tuning BBQ is back!
  17. Reputable auto shop in Pittsburgh area
  18. The Mütter Museum, and route advice from Nashville -> NJ
  19. AWE Tuning: Sales and Manufacturing Positions Available for Performance Enthusiasts
  20. For those new to Audi, some service info
  21. Local shop to repaint interior trim
  22. Flash Sale @ DetailersDomain.com - 15% off and Free Shipping - ends 11/22/14 mid est
  23. Philly NE or NY/NJ actually active??
  24. Save the Date: August 7, 2014 - The 2014 AWE Tuning BBQ
  25. Indy shop in Bucks or Montgomery County
  26. Carlisle Import Show May 17th
  27. Spring Therapy @ DetailersDomain.com - 15% off and shipping promos
  28. FS: set of 4 Michelin Latitude tires, 255-45-20
  29. Used Winter Wheels / Tires Package for Sale
  30. opti-coat professional application
  31. Labor Day 2013 Special at DetailersDomain.com
  32. >>> ACNA-NJ and MRF Pocono Twilight HPDE - Saturday September 7, 2013 <<<
  33. PA Driver w/ Speeding Ticket in NJ
  34. Stage 3 kit for a C5 A6 2.7T?
  35. APR stainless cat-back for a 2000 A6 2.7T
  36. 2010 Audi S4 (Premium Plus) Bravery, it's what Defines Us!!!
  37. Are you AWE Tuning's next Engineering Associate?
  38. 2011 Audi A8 4.2 - Black/Black - ONLY 8K Miles
  39. Oyster Gray Metallic 2008 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro - 33k Miles
  40. Best Way to Sell Your Audi Online...
  41. FS: 2006 Corvette 3LT, Z51 & Nav
  42. Waterfest 18 Special Starts Now - Get your detailing gear before the big day!
  43. Anyone looking for a FI Catback or a JHM Shortshifter?
  44. The next AWE Tuning track day is this weekend!
  45. AWE Tuning Performance Services: G.I.A.C. flashing.
  46. Planned Meetings in the Area?
  47. Who has good pricing on an exhaust install?
  48. REMINDER: ACNA-NJ Pocono Pre-Tech Inspection - Thursday, 04/19. 6pm-9pm.
  49. ACNA-NJ: Pocono Raceway Track Event 05/06/2012
  50. Least expensive PA State inspection on/near Mainline?
  51. Touchless tire mounting for the locals, from the in-house team at AWE Tuning.
  52. Anyone know a good repair shop near Philly ?
  53. APTuning Black Friday Weekend Sale - Custom Euro Plates - APR - United Motorsport
  54. If you attend a C&C in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Maryland Read this!!!!!
  55. 2011 Sunday Morning Cars - Schedule - Princeton New Jersey Area "Offical Thread"
  56. The AWE Tuning BBQ approaches!
  57. #06 S4 going for another record attempt at Duryea Hill Climb
  58. AWE Tuning HQ to offer Performance Alignment, Mounting and Balancing...
  59. Superstar Welder Wanted!
  60. The AWE Tuning Development Car Program
  61. PA/ oaks meet
  62. South Jersey Mobile Mechanic
  63. 2011 Saturday Morning Cars - Schedule - Philadelphia Metro / New Jersey
  64. APTuning December Special- Winterize Your Ride For $59.95!!!
  65. APTuning December Special- 10% Off Suspension Installs + Free Alignment!!
  66. APTuning Free Install Special on APR RSC Exhaust System!!!!
  67. Dyno Day in Lansdale, PA (Saturday 8/21)
  68. 1st thread
  69. Audi Dealer Recommendations in Phila Area?
  70. Wednesday GTG - Weber's Rootbeer Stand - Cruise to Philly Art Museum - South Jersey
  71. "Dubs on the Delaware" August 1st
  72. Audiworld and MBworld Get Together
  73. Philly Area GTG
  74. EVENT: Carlisle Performance & Style – May 8 & 9
  75. APTuning Holiday Special, Half-off Differential install!!!
  76. ALL Peloquin and Quaife Diffs on Sale at APTuning!!!!
  77. APTuning/APR Holiday Sale Has Begun, Nov. 23rd-Dec. 31st!!!
  78. Do you have a source for reliable service?
  79. Motorsport Park Driving School / Safety Seminar...
  80. Detailer's Domain Weekend Special
  81. Timing belt done
  82. European Plate Frame
  83. 20% off Waterfest Special at Detailer's Domain, click here to check it out
  84. Hey, Daddy here..................
  85. pa title info
  86. where can i get race gas in north de?
  87. Looking for indepedent Audi mechanic in Bucks County
  88. Need work done on your car for cheap?
  89. can anyone recommend a good wheel repair shop?
  90. Villanova Motorsports First Annual Car Show - 4/4/09, Villanova PA
  91. ** Employment Opportunity at AutoSpeed **
  92. AW user contact sheet info...
  93. Who's Nogaro with the EXTREMELY loud exhaust was going back and forth up Conrad St.
  94. I was debating going tomorrow to get one more day of riding in this year at Blue Mtn but I think
  95. I know a good bit of you know me on here. Would any of you be intersted
  96. Can I borrow someones roof rack for a day up to the poconos?
  97. Registration is now open: NJ Motorsports Park May 16/17 in Milleville, NJ, hosted by ACNA-NJ chapter
  98. 2009 ACNA Mountain West Regional Event June 6-7 Miller Motorsports Park, Salt Lake City, UT
  99. Germantown Pike 1, car from German town called Munich 0
  100. Erin Express. Whooooo is going to get drunk, bright and early...
  101. GTG: Audi Q5 test drives and food at Don Rosen on 3/11 at 6-8pm
  102. Speaking of GTGs, anyone up for lunch at Victory Brewing on Saturday?
  103. Cross post for you locals. :-)
  104. Cross post to the A8 forum.... (its a game)
  105. I'll put some chatter out here.... installed one of the bentley wheels for a test run today...
  106. this place is so lively the past few days....
  107. [email protected]: please email me pricing for different guages for a Subaru WRX.
  108. Special offer on Stoptech Big Brake Kits for selected Audi vehicles....
  109. urrgg, gotta love business ownership. i've done over 150 hours in thew first 2 weeks!
  110. Anyone get this email? (19.95 synthetic oil change and filter)
  112. X-post - 2009 Philly Cheesesteak Run 4/11/09...posted here by request :D
  113. 03 A4 3.0 blown engine mabe swap 2.7t
  114. BT - dealing with an unethical heating contractor.
  115. was the ASP dyno day done last week? any numbers/pics?
  116. best private service centers
  117. ACNA-MAC has their GTG tomorrow (2/10) at 7pm to 9-ish @ Houlihan's [2nd tuesday of every month]
  118. shameless plug! new business.
  119. anyone know a private garage in south jersey?
  120. FS: Flik Justice 18x8 et33 (silver) w/ Toyo Proxes T1R's...
  121. STEELERS! 6-pack
  122. Alignment Shops
  123. help get my b5 a4 quattros belly off the ground
  124. GTG Thursday? Bueller?
  125. She said yes!!!!
  126. Rolex Grand-Am 24-Hours at Daytona ...about to start on FOX, then switch over to SPEED.
  127. So who Nogaro S4 was getting the talking to from the PD on Henry Ave. Last Night?
  128. Well, I'm off to Napa Valley soon - plane takes off in about 6 hours. Wish me luck for Saturday, aka
  129. WTB: anyone have an extra Blizzak LM22?
  130. Look who I found posting on Xmas day
  131. Go BiRDS!!!
  132. damn its cold out. and i have to finish my vogtland install tonight :( detached garage FTL
  133. Anyone local snowboard (or ski) on here? Maybe and evening meet at blue in the next couple weeks?
  134. wow, I feel like I've been gone for weeks, let's get this place going again
  135. Any decent auto upholstery shop around Philly?
  136. paging (BIAD)_S4
  137. Srsly, I have a nice set of 16" snows sitting here I'm not going to use...
  138. What's up Philly!? Poor Eli..... Hey, I still gotz some old Audi parts, wheels, bulbs, dv.
  139. anybody have a suggestion on where to sell a used Cat Converter from my 2002 a4?
  140. Paging: Mark or Frank @ ASP
  141. Oh those crazy Philadelphians!
  142. Possible B5 A4 photo shoot.....
  143. upcoming ASP dyno day / New Jersey GTG -- early Feb X-Post from AZ
  144. powder coaters in the philly/ s nj area>>
  145. Annual AW / ACNA Poll - Why do you not make it to events?
  146. E A G L E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Good Philly area indy shop
  148. thanks for beating the Cowboys!!
  149. Merry Christmas Everyone !
  150. How come when I go to the Flyers website it won't let me purchase any tickets?
  151. AutoSpeed 2008 Holiday Sale Reminder, Pricing Good Until Dec 31st
  152. Which one of you is looking for a Blu Ray player?
  153. AutoSpeed Would like to Thank everyone involved in the dyno day.
  154. hey Guys thanks a lot for coming out to ASP dyno day , it turned out great !
  155. had a great time at ASP's Dyno Day today. nothing like 3rd gear lovin!!
  156. Any impressive results from this morning dyno runs for those of us who didn't make it out?
  157. so far this month....I haven't had to repair my car...until today
  158. Dyno Day tomorrow, any last minute entrants?
  159. been quite in here. What's everyone been doing?? too much work, not enough play time for me
  160. No, I did not have fun playing in an empty parking lot after work :)
  161. Please don't be totaled...
  162. and i thought there were a whole bunch of people that were going to rip that ASP dyno
  163. Anyone going to Flyers game tomorrow. Company I work with gave me 4 tickets so taking
  164. anyone have a parts car?
  165. AutoSpeed Holiday 2008 Sale Reminder
  166. Maybe this will fit my S4 ?
  167. LOL, I wish someone had done this to Bush eight years ago.
  168. paging..... [email protected] brake question:
  169. anyone know of a good Phillies World series plaque or framed wall art (sub $50) for a gift?
  170. DEC 20th AutoSpeed Dyno Day reminder
  171. i'm a proud new audi owner...
  172. Roll Call: Who is in for tonight at 7:00 at the parking garage under the Target at 4000 Monument Rd?
  173. I have beer, you have a VAG?
  174. Got this as a gift from the soon-to-be fiancè today:
  175. So with Wednesday and Thursday looming, where does everyone want to meet?
  176. Happy Monday. This is probably our best week to do a GTG before things get crazy with the holidays.
  177. Woot ! I got my race tune back in yesterday ! 490 whp :>)
  178. Dec 20-th 2008 ASP DYNO DAY IS A GO !!!!!!!!!! send in your cash asap to reserve your spot
  179. AutoSpeed 2008 Holiday Sale
  180. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about ASPs Holiday sale this year?
  181. Gobble Gobble!
  182. How many here are involved with the Mid Atlantic Chapter of the Audi Club North America?
  183. Is there a planned GTG this week? Nothing been posted lately. Just wondering.
  184. Toyota and GM have a canoe race...
  186. Happy and safe Turkey day eve gents, it's the biggest drinking night of the year and I plan to.....
  187. Flyers Tickets 4 Sale...
  188. Anyone interested in some Wurth HHS 2000?
  189. GTG X-post: In case anyone is in NJ for turkey day, or just wants to drive up...
  190. Wonder if we just saw McNabb's last game as an eagle.? That was terrible
  191. 1st Philly Area GTG Meeting Minutes
  192. So how many of you were thinking of going to tonights GTG? I live about 60 miles away. Just
  193. ok so i was just attacked.
  194. So, is there going to be GTG tmrw or Fri?
  195. Who's in for a 1st official Philly regional forum GTG this Thursday? I'll throw out 2 spots....
  196. I can't believe she fell for this and then I can't believe she's willing to tell people about it
  197. I didn't even know this happened....WTF??? Sweeeeettt
  198. ok Philly area Folks - ASP DYNO DAY feeler - December 20-th , need about 12-15 cars ! (90$/car) ***
  199. One of us is very tired this weekend...after 18 hours of detailing.
  200. In on page 1
  201. It is Friday night and I am bored. Whenever there is a GTG I am down.
  202. since it was mentioned who would be interested in a DYNO DAY @ ASP ?
  203. Hey we need to FED-Ex Kris a cheesesteak for gettin us this....
  204. Checking in.
  205. Toys for Tots FDR this Saturday 11/15/2008
  206. Tony Luke's was awesome last night! Nice meeting everybody...see ya next week!
  207. Seriously we need a post like this... Best Cheesesteak? Mine inside...
  208. Harrisburg, PA -- VW/Audi Toys for Tots Drive - 11/16 THIS SUNDAY!
  209. who is the official PW here? you have 6 more weeks to rack up the posts
  210. I'm surprised carbonLORD hasn't been here yet
  211. Let's try to put something together for next Thursday night.....but where?
  212. F'd up morning for me... Watch the overpasses on 30 bypass(long)
  213. 5speed6 wuz here...
  214. Need recommendation for Cheesesteak....
  215. congrats on you own forum. you should get AWE to sponsor it
  216. So, now that this forum is newly created, where's everyone from? I'm up near Reading...
  217. Woot!