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  1. Gas tank
  2. "learning" specific to each Drive Select mode?
  3. Disappointment, confusion and relief
  4. Low Revs (1000rpm) not smooth when applying throttle
  5. Billet Beauty | Billet Aluminum Climate Control Rings
  6. Location of switched power circuit in the trunk
  7. Sold my S4, posting items in classifieds
  8. S4 Newbie advice
  9. '19 S4 vs '18 S5 Coupe - picture comparison
  10. New 2019 S4 - Only one tail pipe being used at idle
  11. getAudiparts.com | Genuine Audi Black Rings Sets!
  12. Help a newbie
  13. California front plate law
  14. Aftermarket Touchscreen
  15. Bluetooth Issue IOS 12.3
  16. Brake/Rotor Package with new purchase
  17. Looking For Opinions....
  18. Rear deck subwoofer upgrade from B&O
  19. Complete guide of speakers in the B9 S4 B&O system
  20. Tyre Replacement - Should I got for the same brand tyres the car came with?
  21. Tuner in Southeast US?
  22. Carista Shoutout
  23. what mods to exhaust can you do without voiding warranty
  24. What fun have you done with your s4
  25. add one subwoofer or 2?
  26. Brake pad life
  27. Interesting wiper "easter egg"?
  28. Oil eater
  29. Quietest Tire for S4
  30. Handsfree
  31. Considering a 2018 S4 that was a demo, good deal or no?
  32. Unusual Icon
  34. Possible intercooler replacement?
  35. Child lockout of rear HVAC and seat warmers
  36. Rear deck rattle
  37. C6 Corvette vs B9 S4
  38. Sport Mode
  39. Preferred Tires to replace OEM Summer Hankooks
  40. Adaptations versus Long Coding in OBD11
  41. OBDeleven and park steering assist
  42. Quantum Gray vs. Nardo Gray
  43. First oil change!
  44. Trunk Lighting Upgrade? See more!
  45. Paint code location?
  46. Check engine light in Auxiliary mode
  47. Redline when cold?
  48. Just traded in the S3 for an S4
  49. Brake specs?
  50. Presenting the ColdFront™ Intercooler for the Audi B9 S4/S5. Available now.
  51. Rear Main Seal???
  52. What does this symbol mean - climate control
  53. Waste Gate
  54. Exhaust Tips
  55. Oil Change Timing Question
  56. Going from 18 to 19 in.
  57. Hands Free Trunk Release
  58. exhaust sound question
  59. 30,000 mile update
  60. Heat - Auto Setting Behavior
  61. JB4 FOR B9 S4
  62. Waiting on del’y of a new Audi? Better read this,
  64. "whine" sound
  65. Good deal on new car?
  66. license looser
  67. After market pads and rotors
  68. Back up braking?
  69. S caliper sticker
  70. Dynamic idle vs auto or comfort
  71. engine auto on/off working sometimes?
  72. Pre coffee review and questions for a new s4
  73. Couple of questions
  74. Replacing 2 vs 4 Tires - 10k Miles
  75. Overhead mini view fixed in latest software update
  76. Rear Cross Traffic Alert audible signal question
  77. New owner. very excited.
  78. License plate screws
  79. Canadian Oil Filter WTF......
  80. New Product - S4 Programmable CETE Exhaust Valve Controller...
  81. Bought one!
  82. Clunking sound
  83. S4 Engine Break-In Lugging?
  84. Pre Sense Question - snow
  85. Performance Week! Bilstein, Supersprint, H&R, Maxton, APR, Sachs, ECS, and MORE
  86. Hybrid GTX3582 turbo upgrade
  87. Green foot on the accelerator icon?
  88. 2019 S4 jack location
  89. Features being added to Audi Connect CARE
  90. How are your B9's holding up?
  91. Driver door rattle
  92. B9 S4 Sunroof Exploded, Horribly Expensive to Fix
  93. Can I connect battery charger through DC
  94. FLASH SALE! ECS Shield Skid Plates 15% off!
  95. apple car play/android
  96. Show me your phone mount in your S4
  98. What is this? Can you tell me?
  99. Auto engine off
  100. All the S & RS Cars have disappeared from Audi UK website!
  101. Shaking when cold start
  102. standard audio system
  103. New My AudiAPP
  104. Fuel Gauge and miles range observations
  105. BlackLine Tail Lights & VagCanPro
  106. Carbon fiber seats?? 2018 s4
  107. Starting to look and feel old?
  108. car play through Bluetooth?
  109. Is the 2020 Audi S4 a refresh?
  110. Vibration felt in steering wheel when trans S mode
  111. S4 Now avaialbe only with automatic torque converter
  112. New ECS No Holes License Plate/Tow Hook/Camera Mount System
  113. New B9 S4 Aluminum Intercooler Charge Pipes
  114. Need help deciding between two demo 2018 S4's
  115. 2019 S4 - Quantum Gray
  116. Sensors acting up
  117. Transmission and break fluid
  118. cseaman's 2019 S4 intro - Quantum/Magma P+, S-Sport, 19", B&O
  119. Opinions about aftermarket (non OEM) wheels in general
  120. Bloomberg Worst Luxury Cars of 2018 - Audi S4 makes the list!
  121. New Tires
  122. AWE Annual Holiday Special Pricing Event
  123. Looking for a hitch for a bicycle rack....any luck on B9 S4?
  124. Europrice.us Holiday Sale is here through the rest of the year...
  125. Water temp range?
  126. Ditch the plastic! ECS B9 3.0T Billet Oil Filter Housings have arrived!
  127. Carbon Fiber flat bottom steering wheel
  128. Sticky fuel door
  129. INTRO PRICE / Group Buy: *NEW* LED Fog technology: 1 LED 4 modes: WHITE/YELLOW/STROBE
  130. Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake vs AWE Intake
  131. Tool kit contents
  132. MMI Preset Mode TSB!
  133. Heated Washer Nozzles
  134. Black Friday has Arrived! Up to 50% off over 60 brands!
  135. Europrice.us Black Friday Deals are almost here...
  136. $50 off ECS Street Shield Skid Plates + Free SHIPPING | Happy Black Friday!!!
  137. XM Traffic
  138. RS Gap
  139. LIDAR Diffusers and Alerts
  140. 10% Off ECS Fiber Mirror Caps
  141. Dipstick hole?!
  142. Will these wheels fit my car?
  143. Audi S4/S5/SQ5 JB4 Information thread
  144. Summer to winter tire; creaking and cracking
  145. wheel alignment costs--$700 ??
  146. Online owners manual?
  147. Need OBD11 Help
  148. FYI: P0441 CEL
  149. AWE switchpath exhaust
  150. Service manual to take out the back parcel shelf.
  151. Flat bottom steering wheel
  152. B9 S4 owners - how black are your exhaust tips?
  153. Well boys, it finally happened...
  154. Anyone run studded winter tires on their B9?
  155. Nav not saving previous desinations
  156. Documenting the battle for diminished value
  157. RearView Camera Glitch
  158. S5 sportback and S4 sedan question
  159. Wheel "grinding" and "shuddering" in slow, tight turns
  160. Installed the ECS Tuning Kohlefaser Luft-Technik intake!
  161. Cleaning Alcantara - need advice
  162. iPhone XS Max - CarPlay Disconnects
  163. Key Fob: Low Battery Indicator Dash/VC
  164. 17 inch rims on an S4 b9??
  165. AWE Touring question
  166. 2019 delays...any insight?
  167. Audi S4 heated seats
  168. Intermittent Severe Throttle hesitation (not turbo lag)
  169. MMI anti glare coating
  170. Accident/Diminished Value
  171. Rims - Ceramic Paint vs Powder Coating?
  172. S4 Key Fob - Shiny & Matte
  173. New S4....yay! Accident in under 24 hours...boo!
  174. Considering a new S4?
  175. Clunk / Hard Shift in Transmission
  176. B9 S4 Interior Lighting
  177. Clear bra installer for S4 in Dallas area
  178. CarPlay question - Phone
  179. Steering Wheel Button Sporadic
  180. Intake SALE! ECS Luft-Technik Intakes up to 15% off!
  181. getAudiparts.com | Genuine Audi Collection Key Rings!
  182. Oil changes & Audi Care - can you get them done early?
  183. OS12 - Carplay
  184. Does your B9S4 have a dipstick?
  185. 2019 S4 pricing
  186. Would you trade up? B9 A4 for S4....
  187. '18 S4 leather/seats quality?
  188. NEW for the B9 S4 ECS Tunnel Shield Skid Plate!
  189. B&O sub woofer issue
  190. ECS Mount Sale! Transmission and Differential! 10% off!
  191. My S4 needs brakes..
  192. Rear view camera
  193. B9 2018 S4 fogging windows
  194. OEM PARTS
  195. Vendors on the Forum
  196. Adjusting front facing camera?
  197. DT Power - New Products
  198. Fans on after turning the engine off
  199. Short Trips and Optimal Temps
  200. New! ECS B9 S4 Billet Dipsticks!
  201. NEW! ECS 2-Piece Front and Rear Wave Rotors for your B9 S4!
  202. Latest MMI Version Available?
  203. New Again - Engine Break-In Clarification
  204. Mops Shout Out
  205. NEW! ECS B9 S4 Kohlefaser and Luft-Technik Air Intake Systems!!
  206. Rotor question
  207. Slightly tilted steering wheel
  208. New S4 owner - accessories question
  209. A4 engine stalling noise?
  210. B9 S4 EA839 engine.
  211. OBDeleven PRO Observations
  212. ECS Labor Day OVERSTOCK Sale! Massive Savings!
  213. Mishimoto B9 S4/S5 Catch Can R&D Thread
  214. NEW Alzor Wheel Designs | Introducing the Motorsport Inspired 070, 330, and MB10
  215. New S4 Owner
  216. all most 1 year update
  217. pre-sense
  218. SONAX Car Care products are ON SALE! Ceramic Coat, Wheel Cleaner, and MORE
  219. OVERSTOCK SALE! Select Milltek Sport Exhaust on Limited Quantity Sale!
  220. Coming Home / Leaving Home Similar to Lincoln's Welcome Lighting?
  221. Leaking Drive Axle?
  222. Removing Center Trim
  223. Did your car come with identical keys?
  224. How do you turn on the fog lights?
  225. S4 b9 Engine seized
  226. New toy to play with )))
  227. FLASH SALE! Street Shield Skid Plates 15% off + FREE SHIPPING
  228. Durability of magma red leather interior?
  229. 10% off 3SDM wheels and a FREE bottle of Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus
  230. Rattle and how to fix?
  231. Yes, you read correctly! We now have footwell LEDs for every single Audi model/trim o
  232. Flash SALE! Performance Air Scoops!
  233. Tune here? MTM and ABT Available
  234. S4 vs SQ5
  235. Air filter
  236. Now THIS option would be sweet on an S4
  237. Touch Up Paint
  238. B&O speaker sizes and impedances
  239. MMI app incorrectly reporting window open
  240. Oil overfill
  241. The road trip
  242. Upgrades
  243. B9 S4 Front Grille
  244. DAP Brake Sound/Feeling
  245. 2018 Audi S4 OEM wheel/tire packages
  246. Oil level at min. refill 1 qt then drive to service center? help lol
  247. New Product Impressions
  248. NEW! B9 S4 X-Pipe! Exhaust Upgrade
  249. MMI wont update new songs on SD card
  250. Has anyone wrapped their roof (or any other exterior components)?