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  27. Audi RS5
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  30. 2006 a8 headlight conundrum
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  32. Mileage left to refuel
  33. Headlights not working
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  35. Please help!!
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  40. Terrible Trap, Do you know?
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  50. VAD Announces Spring Diagnostic Specials
  51. Brand New Unlocked Htc Touch Pro2....$250
  52. Viewing Measuring Block values
  53. Looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth device to run VAD Wireless software?
  54. Logging Multiple Measuring Blocks
  55. VAD Announces Spring Diagnostic Specials
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  58. 2004 Audi A4 11788 to 11852 Recode Question
  59. VAD Announces Windows Mobile Compatibility
  60. Darryl - thanks for the new VAD cable. I can't wait to start doing some new
  61. VAD Announces Holiday Sale on VAD Mobile Wireless
  62. Hey Darryl, any package specials compatible w/ my old Tungsten T?
  63. VAD Mobile Wireless...continued
  64. Versatile Automotive Diagnostics Announces VAD Mobile Wireless
  65. Still no mobile love for CAN-bus?
  66. ...another happy VAD customer...
  67. remote adaptation help please
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  69. need help transferring logs
  70. Thinking about buying the lite package....
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  72. 2X2 Adapter for OBD-I
  73. VAD Announces Palm Centro Compatibility
  74. 2005 TT 225 Compatability? >>
  75. PDA Compatibility with VAD Mobile
  76. Audi Specific Functions that can be performed with VAD:
  77. ProDiag on v.1.06 on Palm IIIc not showing airbag codes.
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  81. VAD Mobile PDA Diagnostic Bundles-Offerings Extended
  82. how do i reset the SERVICE message on my indash tirp computer? 2001 A4
  83. I currently have a VAD (ProDiag) but getting a newer car...
  84. I have one FS under classifieds
  85. Importing VAD data logs from Memo Pad to PC or Mac
  86. www.vadmobile.com recent updates
  87. So is headway being made on the CAN version of mobile?
  88. Tungsten E2 addition information
  89. VAD Mobile: New Palm Tungsten E2 Bundle Now Available until October 31!
  90. Just got a Palm, not it's time to get VAD mobile lite :)
  91. Capabilities same as competition? And other questions...
  92. Is there any chance of making a CAN compatible unit for 2005+ MY cars for less than $1600?
  93. It's nice to see this product is finally going to get the marketing and support it deserves>
  94. It looks like I'll need the VAD Mobile Lite to use with my Palm III. Will I need anything else to
  95. VAD Mobile - 3 Diagnostic Packages Now Available!
  96. VAD Mobile Frequently Asked Questions
  97. Introducing Versatile Automotive Diagnostics, a division of HPA Motorsports.