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  1. AudiWorld VIN Lookup
  2. Questions from a prospective 2017 A4 buyer.
  3. Tour Audi plant in Ingolstadt, Germany
  4. Tire rotation uh oh.
  5. 1st time Audi owner with some questions
  6. 2019/2020 Map Update
  7. Silent danger
  8. MMI not playing music from any source. Tried restarting MMI. Video linked.
  9. Service Action: Gateway Control Module Software Update
  10. Retrofit front camera and/or side cameras
  11. Satellite view keeps defaulting back to regular map
  12. 2018 A4 18 inch wheel spec for better look
  13. No response when shifting from R to D
  14. Automatic headlights and VC startup issues.
  15. Writing a SPACE on the MMI touchpad
  16. Copper Spark Plugs
  17. Protecting interior plastics
  18. A4 windshield problems
  19. Moving to Europe - CDN to EU differences
  20. HUD
  21. CPO Audi standards
  22. Cameras show all black
  23. What does this symbol mean?
  24. 18 vs 19 Wheels
  25. Impact of regular/87 octane gas on fuel economy?
  26. What kind of shop do I look for to mod the front grill?
  27. Changing spark plugs
  28. Out of date Canadian nav maps
  29. Audi Digital Road Map for North America (Mexico, Canada, USA) Version 2019
  30. Side sill blade - Rocker Panel molding
  31. Hit and Run
  32. 1000rpm applying throttle not smooth
  33. Why does A5 drive so much better than A4?
  34. A4 accessory question
  35. Billet Beauty | Billet Aluminum Climate Control Rings
  36. Audi MMI, Virtual Cockpit and iOS 13 CarPlay
  37. LukeHawk's A4 Build Thread - "The White Wolf"
  38. Any way to detect your phone is still in the car?
  39. New Audi a4
  40. Trouble code U112100 databus missing message
  41. Lease is up, need ideas
  42. Audi slow to get parts.. is that the usual?
  43. Thinking of buying a used A4
  44. A/C and warranty
  45. '19 S4 vs '18 S5 Coupe - picture comparison
  46. A4 oil change cost
  47. Align passenger seat through MMI
  48. Alarm
  49. Unheard of to have dealer used car inspected?
  50. Dash board Rattle Audi A7
  51. 400 AWTQ Set Up - Updates to come slowly
  52. ECS B9 Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover
  53. getAudiparts.com | Genuine Audi Black Rings Sets!
  54. Looking for buying advice...
  55. B1632002 Error on 2017 A4 Quattro After ALA Activated
  56. How to start my audi using the metal key?
  57. 1st Audi CPO 2018 Audi A4 quattro P+ Red
  58. Cool decals
  59. Not sure what the approach is here... big chip in hood from flying rock
  60. Airbag and seatbelt light (front passenger) randomly comes on/off
  61. Best License Plate Bracket Ever!
  62. Parking lock-mechanical malfuncion
  63. Painted Reflectors
  64. 2 Sets of Rotors in the first 15k Miles
  65. APR or Unitronic tune?
  66. Front signal bulb replacement
  67. android auto disconnecting issues
  68. UK: My car is damaged. What are my options?
  69. MyAudi Service Reminder
  70. Clean snow screen for air cleaner
  71. Upcoming parking beep alerts
  72. A4 Virtual Cockpit & CarPlay
  73. Audi Care Select Packages - Good Value?
  74. repairing scratches on aluminum inlay
  75. Drove an S5 this week
  76. Can you set Radio and Bluetooth music to their own volumes?
  77. Is Montreal A4 nest? :)
  78. A4 lease offers
  79. AC not cooling when car is stationary.
  80. Noise when maneuvering at low speeds
  81. 2017 Audi A4 40000 DSG fluid
  82. Help finding part number for rubber/plastic covers in the engine bay?
  83. Complete guide of speakers in the B9 B&O system
  84. APR cold air intake
  85. 2019 A4 sensor and emergency brake failure
  86. CN: What's the correct spark plug change interval?
  87. 2019 a4 back passenger seat rattle chatter sound
  88. Alarm not working
  89. emission control system warning light
  91. 2020 Facelift Preview
  92. MMI goes to menu after backing up ???
  93. MP3 on USB
  94. 2019 A4 Prestige - Active Lane Assist
  95. Complete power loss update
  96. What’s your predicted range when full?
  97. how to reset MMI for BT Spotify
  98. Piano Black Inlay scratches and swirls
  99. Chip in the windshield :(
  100. cellphone pouch recommendations?
  101. MKE Weariness recognition faulty on B9
  102. Harman MIB2 Conversion US to EU, map updates, CarPlay Android Auto
  103. s line sports suspension shocks
  104. Paint Chips
  105. Audi Drive Select coding with VCSD for activation
  107. Complete power loss or safety feature?
  108. Control Module - Incorrect Component Installed
  109. Brake shift malfunction
  110. Paintless dent removal
  111. Dealer reaction OBDeleven changes at maintenance intervals?
  112. Strange sound from dashboard or seat
  113. OBDeleven codes question
  114. 2019 A4 Premium Trim - Upgrade the Daytime Running Lights?
  115. Base sound system subwoofer
  116. General questions about B9 (2016)
  117. shift from Neutral to D/S without having to press the brake
  118. Broken front bumper camera
  119. A4 Stealth Hitch
  120. Amsoil good for 2017 AUDI A4 QUATTRO 2.0L 4 -cyl Engine CYMC Turbo?
  121. VCDS / OBDeleven leave front turnsignals always on?
  122. Is it worth (if possible) to upgrade passive suspension to adaptive suspension
  123. Gauge Pod Solutions
  124. Where is Google earth??????????
  125. Slight and transient condensation in R headlight
  126. Retrofit Kessy
  127. Would this be total loss?
  128. Tire shop says wheel alignment needed?
  129. Auto stop/start malfunction and check engine light
  130. Center Ceiling control lights failure
  131. Is 19 days to have an Audi Repaired normal?
  132. Rear Bumper Cover Replacement Cost
  133. New A4 vs. CPO A4 vs Honda advice?
  134. Parallel parking in this car sucks
  135. Parking sensor Fault
  136. Where Would You Buy/Install New Tires?
  137. Headrest brackets
  138. brake pulsing
  139. Warranty service today
  140. Thanks for all help on wheels
  141. Autonomous driving?
  142. Retrofit MMI nav
  143. Ohm rating of the non B&O sub and RMS wattage of the amp?
  144. So I was in an accident... what now
  145. Low/Mid Frequency Hum
  146. Engine Code Difference - CYMC vs DBPA
  147. New Titanium trim
  148. steering wheel is tilted/crooked when driving straight
  149. Considering purchasing a new 2019 A4
  150. Calendar
  151. I miss my car... (two days with a Progressiv)
  152. The license for this service will expire soon.
  153. new summer wheels
  154. What are your thoughts on Audi Connect?
  155. Removing Rain Spots from Car
  156. Headrests removal A4 Sport Seats
  157. What does the new car warranty cover, and what does it exclude?
  158. Maintenance Thread?
  159. Does "Audi Pre Sense" detect rear-end collision?
  160. Just sold my B9, wanted to share some information
  161. Blow Off Valve for the B9 and Turbo Muffler Delete
  162. Questions from new A4 owner
  163. Do you have to use 19" wheels/tires with a Sport Package?
  164. How bar
  165. Considering an A4 CPO loaner car...what should I watch out for?
  166. Thermostat and low coolant
  167. Anyone know where I can find one of these???
  168. How to fix scratch on climate screen
  169. Brake pad thickness/specs?
  170. Trans mount confused
  171. Sounds amplified location
  172. Air filter wet?
  173. A4 B9 rear boot problem
  174. Front spoiler stolen
  175. Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 - OE tires directional?
  176. Help with a front bumper conversion
  177. Custom button in multiple switch
  178. Nav starts the radio too. Why ??
  179. Drive shaft carrier band
  180. Wireless charging in A4 B9
  181. The B9 MT6 thread
  182. DIY: Matrix LED
  183. Fly-by showing off AWE Track on 2.0T manual, no DSG belch
  184. Trunk Lighting Upgrade? See more!
  185. Haldex all wheel drive adjustment
  186. Audi Maintenance Intervals
  187. abs problem
  188. Neuspeed vs. JB1
  189. Grrr sound when accelling
  190. Stupid little green light
  191. VCDS / OBDeleven dynamic high beam without pushing the lever
  192. A4 Quattro Chip Tuning
  193. Sub Control Question
  194. New OBDeleven on the way
  195. Xpel cost ?
  196. Jacking points for the B9 A4
  197. Brake dust.
  198. Update your MMI
  199. Rear Bumper Cover Cost
  200. Suspension
  201. Danged Mass. Registry
  202. How do YOU close your trunks?
  203. Anybody had this problem? MMI
  204. Blacked Out Accessories
  205. Color
  206. Apple Car Play stopped working
  207. 265/35r20 on A4 B9? would it fit?
  208. Invisihitch still in business?
  209. Strut Tower Caps
  210. Audi A4 Google Earth Ticking Noise Please Help
  211. B9 A4 Front Strut (48.5mm and 53mm)
  212. Check Engine Light Came On, Then Turned Off -- What To Do?
  213. Under chassis painting breaks
  214. Upgraded My 2017 to a 2019!
  215. TFSI S Tronic Clutch Bite Point
  216. Whining Dash
  217. Pirelli P7 on a Countach...
  218. AudiCare Select question
  219. Help with coding an A4
  220. EZ Pass Placement
  221. How long do you expect to have your A4?
  222. 2018 A4 transmission issue
  223. 2019 A4 premium plus
  225. Audi A4 Wheel Upgrade
  226. Suggestions to help diagnose a problem
  227. Long Coding VIM
  228. Underwhelming gas mileage
  229. Joining the Audi ranks.
  230. What tires are recommended for ice/snow?
  231. Car stalling & emission control fault warning
  232. Need some help
  233. Quattro not tracking well on icy, patchy roads
  234. Traffic Sign Recognition problems?
  235. Noise from central panel, anyone ?
  236. Help with Photoshopping Black wheels on A4
  237. Windshield washer fluids
  238. Steering Wheel Noise while driving
  239. How does Audi calculate fuel "range"?
  240. 2017 A4 Intermittent Starting Issues
  241. For those living in Philly/Jersey USA area
  242. Knocking noise in rear end - 2019 A4
  243. Headlights vertical position
  244. Thoughts from a TT/A6/A8 driver
  245. 2018 Audi A4 - Traffic Sign Info Question
  246. Custom order negotiating price?
  247. What has the cost of ownership been so far?
  248. Unintended switch from MMI to iPhone
  249. Retrofit 2018 S4 Avant to Matrix Headlights
  250. PICs of our New 2019 A4