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  1. Tip question (Ist thread)?
  2. This needs to be called the 3.6/4.2 forum. Just a thought.
  3. At last! No more reading acres of posts on torn TTBs and dump gates..........
  4. Per the drop down menu, this is the 4.2 "development" forum, but the header just says 4.2 V8
  5. Just had to get on page 1!! been waiting for this forum
  6. Oooooo..... now I feel special. Only the 4.2 boys (and gals) can come play, right?
  7. Nice...very nice...
  8. Wow, RS6's too?
  9. ooo, now this is more like it
  10. A new FORUM.....FOR ME!!!!!!!
  11. Very Cool. So now what? What do we do differently here than what we did on the A6 forum?
  12. I like this place :) I think we should post pics of our rides!
  13. A8 4.2, A6 4.2, RS 6 4.2, S4 4.2, allroad 4.2, this is great!
  14. Ideas and a foundation?
  16. Displacement is beautiful, isn't it?
  17. Ok, now were talking! 4.2's for everyone!
  18. Welcome to the 4.2 liter V8 forum