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  1. Best shop in Salt Lake
  2. 【a】b【a】m【40】.c【o】m서면오피*강남건마『아』『찔』『한』『밤』강남
  3. Flash Sale @ DetailersDomain.com - 15% off and Free Shipping - ends 11/22/14 mid est
  4. Spring Therapy @ DetailersDomain.com - 15% off and shipping promos
  5. Garff Audi Sales Rep
  6. vag com help please!!
  7. Orem, UT area.. VAGCOM HELP
  8. Vag com in SLC, UT needed. HELP = cash for you?
  9. Labor Day 2013 Special at DetailersDomain.com
  10. Need a starter replaced. Have no idea what I am doing.
  11. Waterfest 18 Special Starts Now - Get your detailing gear before the big day!
  12. VAG-COM in utah county
  13. Car Shows?
  14. Audi club HPDE at Pahrump April 14-15
  15. 2010. What the heck??
  16. Looking for a new mechanic shop in northern Utah
  17. Help sought in Salt lake City today, 24.08.2010
  18. ..hello?...any one out there?
  19. New guy..
  20. Dear Past Wuste**** Attendees
  21. Weekend Thunderhill driving event 1/9-10
  22. Local Tinting?
  23. Detailer's Domain Weekend Special
  24. Cars 'n Coffee Meet...
  25. B5 s4 aftermarket PARTS/Tools for TB serivce
  26. Any gems on the way from SLC to Sun Valley
  27. RS6 for sale in Salt Lake!
  28. Whats up Salt Lake
  29. Anyone on here with the blue Sport package B5S4 at Costco?
  30. six speed swap project
  31. Parting a URS4 locally
  32. looking for an accessory belt for b5 s4, today. any help?
  33. did this forum just get murdered?
  34. Anyone local have a tint meter? Need to borrow it for <1 minute.
  35. Need some local opinions. See this cross post. Thanks.
  36. *crickets*
  37. Caution New Wheels
  38. AW user contact sheet info...
  39. John Stahman....Did you get me email?
  40. radio removal keys - anyone have some?
  41. Time to take off the snow tires?
  42. anyone know a good trusted honda mechanic/shop in the salt lake valley?...
  43. lol
  44. Anyone near Cottonwood Heights that has VAG-COM? I need some help.
  45. Who's ready for the VW/AUDI LapBattle on May 3rd?
  46. Anyone heard of putting turbo timers on an S4?
  47. Visited Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt today - lots of pics and RS5 info
  48. WTB: Black Cargo Cover for B5 Avant
  49. Darin's newest pictures of the 2.3 build
  50. ACNA Mountain West Regionals June 6-7 Miller Motorsports Park Registration Open
  51. Darin's 2.3 20vt......fired up
  52. Does Jesus do 3M too?
  53. Soon it will be illegal to "appear" drunk
  54. Build update: Finally got my motor pulled, link inside...
  55. Looking for a 16" spare tire+wheel for '99 A4 local, anyone have any ideas? TIA
  56. Larry Miller will be missed. RIP
  57. paging hans.. haven't heard back from you (ygm)
  58. Some pics from Laguna Seca
  59. You might deal with your Audi too much if...
  60. Audifan on road trip thru s.l.c.
  61. Reminder - Wreckreation Nation Tuesday Feb 17 on Discovery Channel
  62. +1 for Salt Lake Imports!
  63. New place for us to meet for lunch...
  64. is there anywhere around SLC/ogden that would take a 5 speed tiptronic s4 trans for core $?
  65. New steering wheel...euro syle.
  66. In car video from Miller today in my Rabbit
  67. ran a couple pulls with a brand new M6 on I15 SB
  68. Wreckreation Nation with Dave Mordal - RS4 at Bonneville Episode
  69. SoCal ACNA at Spring Mountain, Pahrump NV April 4&5 Registration is now OPEN!
  70. Looking for Jesus
  71. So a beautiful white TTS with a body kit parked off of 5300 south near the hospital. Does it
  72. Paul and I are headed off to RMC's ice driving school in Georgetown, Co. Anybody else headed
  73. Job opportunity: HR Assistant in Sandy/Midvale area
  74. hans, were you up on snake creek today? i think i saw you around 11 or so
  75. How many of us are Shooters?
  76. Saw a white B6 RS4 today in Orem...
  77. When is the ACNA event at MMP this year?
  78. yet another ruhere.. silver b5 a4 with bbs wheels, front euro plate that says "move it" backwards
  79. Saw B4's galore in the junkyards today....if anyone is looking.
  80. Where is a good place that cleans cars in SLC?
  81. Yeah, no Audi content.... but I got some new wheels!!
  82. anybody see a 5kq in the junkyards? I need some coils.
  83. I need a wheel...
  84. We now return you to your regularly scheduled season...
  85. whose?
  86. Mike, thanks for giving the 4000 a workout yesterday! ;>)
  87. Who is coming up for freshies in the morning?
  88. light blue rs4 tonight heading toward the U? i was the persistent dk blue S4 :)
  89. SAVE THE DATE(S): ACNA SoCal @ Spring Mountain / Pahrump, NV April 4&5
  90. Finally moved to snow tires on the A3 yesterday.
  91. Please make the inversion go away
  92. Darin's built 2.3....home sweet home.
  93. CarFax PSA: I now have an "unlimited account" if anyone needs anything....uggghhh.
  94. Went to the SLC auto show this afternoon
  95. Paging Hans. Please email me. Gracias
  96. Who wants to do some ice driving?
  97. Alright, who's A4 is this? Only $3k...
  98. Looking for coil packs for my 1999 A4 1.8t
  99. ..stupid video with Audi content
  100. so rakta/jibber... any way i could get a ride in either of your cars some time?
  101. Looking for a B5 Avant Cargo cover in Black. Please let me know if anyone has any leads. Thanks
  102. saw a white RS4 on 4th South / 6th East this afternoon
  103. hey sean! flipper 1.8! this is jason. read this. since you dont read your email.
  104. dang. second place in post-whoring in the slc forum two years in a row. that is all.
  105. PSA: 18" Blizzak LM-25V snowtires $200, not mine...
  106. Lets try for another lunch, how about next week, Chili's downtown ; 11:30 AM either Monday or
  107. International auto show Jan 16th -19th, lets get a group together and to to the show
  108. Relocated....finally
  109. Drive Laguna Seca and the famous "corkscrew" next month. ACGG has the track
  110. Water in Headlights?
  111. Audi service in SLC
  112. Paging John Stahmann; Bonneville special on Discovery HD Theater tonight @ 10pm est
  113. paging Audilard.. you running yet?
  114. question about snub mount
  115. newb
  116. GO UTES!!!
  117. Anyone catch some fresh this past week? me me me(raises hand)
  118. Happy New Year Utah!
  119. any SLC or ogden locals have a tbb or apr bipipe for sale? i'm desperate :)
  120. It's been a while for me on here, but this was worth it!
  121. so, since its VWworld also, i thought i'd put this offer out there
  122. Snow donuts in the RS4
  123. Lunch. Monday Jan 5th at 11:45am. Chili's at 668 East 400 South, near downtown SLC.
  124. merry christmas to everyone!!
  125. MY rs6 build log :)
  126. Audi involved in Provo Cyn fatal crash today
  127. got snow?
  128. My RS6 build log!
  129. WTB - Dunlop M3 or Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 235/40R18 or One Bridgestone RE050A P.P 245/35/19
  130. I like snow...
  131. Anybody seen any 30v 2.8 A4's or A6's in any of the junkyards around? Or any suggestions for...
  132. the Canyons parking lot effed me over. anyone have a B6 A4 1.8t oil pan?
  133. anyone know a safety emissions place that will be lenient on tint here in the valley?
  134. Built 2.3.....uh....built.
  135. Audi V8 Quattro on KSL Rare engine swap
  136. RIP Heather....heal up Matt
  137. got my first doughnuts of the season today!
  138. Hell yes, SNOW!
  139. Hate Utah Road!!
  140. Jeff - are their noise restrictions at Miller?
  141. blue RS6 in american fork this afternoon, anyone here?
  142. I'm sure you've already heard, Audi is out of ALMS. :(
  143. white rs4 that is often parked around port-o-call. you here?
  144. Audi Club Golden Gate is pleased to announce the first ACNA track event for 2009 will
  145. A sneak peek at something we've been working on...
  146. Did anyone make it out to Miller Motorsport Park on Saturday?
  147. Anybody have a cam bar for a B5 S4 I could borrow in a couple weeks?
  148. Hooray it is still alive!
  149. this'll make a nice addition to the project..
  150. Looking to borrow timing belt tools for V8/32V motor in near future.
  151. Some Audis @ the PickNPull on 33rd and some other SLC pics...
  152. who's coming from utah to steamboat?
  153. anyone in SLC have a copy of windows XP i could borrow to put on my macbook?
  154. Is this anyone here?
  155. New URs6 owner.. Need some help
  156. need a bumper mounted+painted. anyone recommend any AWESOME slc shops?
  157. Josh said that the Steamboat dates and info were up on the RMAC website
  158. Lunch: Friday- November 21- at Barbacoa (See previous thread below for address)
  159. Built 2.3 continued...
  160. Anyone driving from Ketchum/ Sun Valley area to SLC? I need a package transported.
  161. I pulled this from the motor pool today to drive up to Redpine Lodge
  162. So what day are we doing lunch? How about Friday, 11:30 AM
  163. RMAC meeting xpost
  164. almost there.. still looking very stock
  165. Lunch this week?
  166. Thought about going to snows this weekend.
  167. RMC Winter Driving Events
  168. Alright...who totalled their 91 90q20v?
  169. FS: Ross-Tech KEY-USB
  170. Hey Hybrid_Hatch...find any red-or-black b4 hoods for me yet? Need to do a swap...
  171. Ballet For Men....
  172. It's been strangely quiet here about *this*:
  173. Any recommendations for a good shop for interior work?
  174. neil/john/clark/audi club utah- whats the deal with winter driving stuff this year?
  175. Top Gear
  176. Tentative dates for the ACNA Full Track at Miller are June 6-7
  177. Color Poll: If I were to paint my 20vt CQ....
  178. I got a new job
  179. Anyone have any expierences positive or negative with C&T Machine in Orem? Looking for some
  180. Anyone have a cherry picker, load leveler, and/or an engine stand they'd let me borrow for a lil?
  181. Turning door key difficult..
  182. So, if not the Chilifest, how about a drive up to that diner for lunch that was mentioned in a
  183. brighton opens wednesday!!!! yeah!!!!!
  184. So who's switching over to their snows?
  185. So, who is planning on the Chilifest on Saturday at Sugarhouse Park?
  186. B7 black with Gunmetal bbs rims? Are you a board member
  187. Utah Audi Club night at Metallica
  188. Rumor has it there's a repo'd 01 S8 with mechanical problems at a local bank or savings and loan
  189. New arrival yesterday!
  190. PSA...if anyone gets serious about the $1700 A4 for sale on KSL you should know
  191. What does the Chicago chapter have to say to the ACNA?
  192. The built 2.3's head...
  193. Anyone looking for a 1994 S4?
  194. A Call to Action! We need your help to rescind the 2008 ACNA election!
  195. My letter to the ACNA BoD
  196. Idea for a drive - Road Island Diner in Oakley
  197. Some local exhaust work done...check it out!
  198. fmic (with intact bumper support included) still for sale, link inside
  199. Utah ACNA members check your email for Board of Directors ballots
  200. OEM HID ballast source?
  201. so, who wants to go on one more drive/meet before the snow falls?
  202. Neilm...your email is bouncing. I have some info for you that we discussed at lunch today.
  203. friend is in the market for a 1999 - 2001-ish A4, preferably Avant. anything of note in the wings?
  204. What time tomorrow at Pei Wei? 11:30?
  205. OK, I will dive an Audi to the lunch.
  206. Where to buy parts here in SLC?
  207. gettin FLEXED in the MKII GTI VR (bww)
  208. Utah Audi lunch - Thursday Oct 23. Is Ft Union area convenient for most?
  209. Snow tire test fit
  210. Mounted my snow tires today.
  211. 2008 Audi Club North America Board of Directors Election- If you have not sent in your votes yet,
  212. Snow tires just arrived and I picked up my season's pass to The Canyons.
  213. Lunch next week? (Oct 20-24th?)
  214. Anyone know of or have used '93 Audi 90 quattro 10 spokes they want to dump cheap?
  215. Who has the red Audi 4k up in Sugarhouse?
  216. Salt Lake, Davis and Utah County Machine Shop Reviews
  217. Full Miller Track DE with the SCCA this Saturday and Sunday. The Davis family will have the
  218. New discount for Audi Club members - Ken Garff Audi Parts and Service
  219. so, when is everyone putting on their snow tires?
  220. Bye bye TT
  221. fmic and rs4 rep bumper for sale.. link inside
  222. white 90 on 2100 S 1100 E in SLC around 530 today?
  223. So Clark, how was Infineon?
  224. anyone intersted in some 17x9 C2 cup reps?
  225. Avus silver looks good at night
  226. X-post - took a trip to Yellowstone & Grand Teton NP over the weekend
  227. BCC is going off...as if you needed a reason to go for a drive.
  228. Have you guys seen this?? Cracks me up!
  229. A few minutes of Zen...
  230. Is everybody ready for a lunch next week? What day is best for everybody?
  231. Spotted: Nogaro S4 that lives 2 blocks from me in Provo
  232. a few pics from PCA @ MMP today...
  233. Hey, Just got back from TT West- Had a great time. About 25 TTs. I missed two new
  234. HPR colorado update
  235. More Bonneville pictures
  236. So what does everyone think?
  237. salt flats update - pics, new 130 club members, times, stories, top gear pics, more stories, please!
  238. NASA National at MMP
  239. highly recommend coming out to MMP on Sat or Sun
  240. Wonderful day at World of Speed
  241. I know it's not the classifieds, but for the locals...
  243. 130 Club Rules
  244. Audilard - ABS delete question for you.
  245. World of Speed/Salt Flats Update!!
  246. A taste of the Nurburgring
  247. That turd Stahmann is on the Nurburgring (sp) right now in a TT race car...
  248. Audi Meet at USFRA World of Speed (Bonneville Salt Flats) - Sept 19
  249. so with everyone getting RS4s, i couldnt help but get something black with sport mirrors...
  250. Looking for work in Provo