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  1. Hmmmm....I Found The Secret Room...Actually Been Trolling Here In Stealth Mode For Awhile...........
  2. hmmmmmm.
  3. Question regarding O 2 Sensors: ran a VAG diagnostic to check out a separate issue
  4. So i have a 2.7t bottom end laying around, would like to sell but
  5. K03/K04 Hybrid
  6. 2.7T transplant to RWD Applications....?
  7. I like the new font! Shout out to whomever was responsible.
  8. AC clutch help please :)
  9. what tire sizes will fit on my2000 2.7t?
  10. I found the turbo lady's home!
  11. does anybody have a source for RS4 engines?
  12. what (who?) is the picture of at the top of the forum? and why?
  13. anyone ever put a 2.7T in a audi 90 (like a 1995 w/ a 12v stock)? searched but....
  14. Secondary Air Injection Vacum hoses size...anyone know?
  15. Custom FMIC...
  16. Ok.. How much LBS min does the 2.7L motor of ours ingest every Min.
  17. DAMN this page is Slooooww..
  18. looking for opinions on logs of my 71k motor (MAF & Timing)...
  19. K04 v K04/16 - discuss.
  20. 00 A6 2.7 rattle/ping when blipping throttle and letting out clutch at low revs....
  21. RS4 vs bosch 42lbs injectors
  22. Did a search with limited info but does anyone have the B&M ss installed. Feedback please.
  23. Follow-up to Mobil 1 oil filter (M1-204) post re: thread reach problems with this filter for 2.7t...
  24. Bosch spark plug F5DPOR part number please
  25. Anybody know what code to put in the VAG to enable/disable the ESP?
  26. cross post from the A6 board (poor man's RS4)
  27. N75k vs. N75J
  28. Advice.. for the now ECU Challenged..
  29. Used a6 2.7t....thinking about it.
  30. Turbo options
  31. crosspost for other 2.7t guys. any thoughts? input is appreciated : )
  32. MODERATOR/ADMINSTRATOR : Being this is an 'engine specific' forum
  33. New forum logo idea
  34. So how many of you run lower octane gas in the winter?
  35. Cheers to the 2.7T forum. Let's be careful out there...
  36. X-post to the A6 (C5) forum
  37. Cabriolet anyone?
  38. hehe...2.7l passat.
  39. Isn't 2.7L V6 Forum a more appropriate name in that 2.7T refers to a specific A6 model that...
  40. Oil Filter Question - M1-204 Mobil 1 oil filter used to listed as an S4 application - I just called
  41. as if AW did'nt already have enough forums! :-)
  42. All I have to say is...>
  43. swapping 4.2 V8 into the 2.7T bay
  44. Has anyone ever bored out the 2.7T...(m)
  45. And... the forum has officially died. Stats: Total Threads: 28, Total Pages: 1. She was good...
  46. The only negative I am seeing about this thread is not know exactly which car everyone has.
  47. Hi ! I'm new to this forum ... what's the best boost guage for 2.7T ?
  48. Mmm....gotta love that engine...
  49. Wheel size and tire fitment questions...
  50. Revo chip for 2.7T
  51. Can I put a 2.7T V6 into an A4, why hasn't Audi done this from the factory yet?
  52. I like the idea of this forum.
  53. First techincal question.
  54. So, don't we also belong in the 30V forum?
  55. Anyone else wish that the car mags did a "farewell" story on the 2.7T?
  56. Is this forum where A6, allroad and S4 owners all get along?
  57. 2.7t misfires
  58. I vote to change the 2.7T V6 graphic up top. Anyone agree or disagree?
  59. Going to miss all your reports of blown turbos ;-)
  60. Oh boy...1 more thing to keep up on, the 2.7T forum
  61. Welcome to Turboholics Anonymous, we have a three step program to help recovering boost junkies
  62. Is this the secret forum for l33t hax0rz?
  63. Poll for 2.7T replacement parts..
  65. Okay - so here's a real question. How conducive is relocating the turbos?
  66. did you know racecar spelled backwards spells racecar?
  67. Rock On! BWW - NEW AND IMPROVED (No Red X!)
  68. That's a pretty sweet like uhm, VW graphic . . . ; )
  69. Bling, HID, ICE, Shift knob, Neon, Dubs, Alcantera, visor stickers, stickers in general, raced a
  70. I think i've found a third home :)
  71. What's this for? ;)
  72. I've always wondered if the a6's or allroads had same turbo failure rates
  73. Hooooooray. Where is the W8 forum? ;-)
  74. well im fifth or something
  75. First! oh wait, I don't have one :( :P
  76. Welcome to the 2.7 biturbo forum