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  1. Forge MBC
  2. I have an air leak!
  3. s4 blowoff noise
  4. Proper Turbo Use and Maintenance
  5. How much boost can you push with RS4 k04s [for a friend]
  6. Stg 3- in process. Installing oem P&P ceramic exhaust mani's w/ no tabs for heat shields......
  7. Flash programming
  8. apparently I need to change the afterun coolant pump///any how too's out there...is it hard?
  9. ABS Issue
  10. Throttle Bottle boot questions
  11. Check Eng. Light on '02 AR w/64k mi
  12. a6 2.7t 0-60time
  13. Where do I get Bentley Manual and cam lock bar...doing timing belt pretty soon! 01 S4 Avant
  14. Engine Oil
  16. i have a problem with my A6 2.7T
  17. RS4 Tranny Mounts engine/ tranny propshaft alignment
  18. rough idol
  19. 2.7 valves toasted
  20. 2.7T - crank trigger??
  21. time to start tinkering
  22. APR Announces H2o International Sale offered throughout North America!
  23. maf question.....
  24. Has anyone had a Timing Belt tentioner (hand grenade) fail?...I did
  25. FS: Secondary Air Pump & Combi Valves for 2.7T
  27. Rs4 intermittent issue. Rich crazy running on idle and beyond.
  28. Install boost gauge but now ac does not work...
  29. recomended plug gap for NGK Iridiums ?
  30. Will an A6 intake work on an S4 (same 2.7 motor, so i'd assume so)
  31. Misfire was on cylinder 6 now multiple......
  32. OCT or GIAC Tip Chip
  33. VAG results -catalytic measures over .90 for Bank 1.....can I assume....
  34. noises from within?
  35. Random misfire code 0300
  36. Cam tensioner reoccuring problem dealer can't replicate
  37. Transmission Output Flange Seal oil leak?
  38. S4 O2 Sensor Blues
  39. How does the TB in an MY 03 2.7T differ from earlier years?
  40. slave cylinder location
  41. oil leak
  42. Going stage III with 80K miles, should i have engine rebuilt
  43. check engine light. codes......
  44. Audi 98 Transmission Board
  45. MAF Sensor
  46. Cylinder Misfires - help needed
  48. PSA: GIAC Tip users, make sure & check your boost!
  49. Anyone know where the Ingition Control Module is located on the 2.7t ?
  50. p0300 check engine light Any way to fix without swapping ECM??
  51. Check Engine Codes!!!
  52. follow up post, regarding custom exhaust and downpipes>>>
  53. always expensive
  54. OIL FILTER.?
  55. chipping my 2002 allroad [2.7t]
  56. s4 auto to manual tranny swap?
  57. I should have asked sooner!! HELP!!!(long)
  58. What is the PN for the TT Diverter Valve "upgrade", or what model to look up at parts store
  59. looking for feedback on my lemmi article
  60. Timing Belt & Water Pump Question
  61. Fan strength?
  62. Secondary Air Injection System/ A6 2.7T
  64. Clicking Noise From The Engine when its in 2nd gear at a stop sign and stepping on gas
  65. short shifter instruction
  66. 01 s4 exhaust
  67. heat shield question
  68. abs brake light on-2000 s4
  69. drilling on engine start
  70. APR WaterFest SALE
  71. Ideing too rich & CRC MAF Wire Clener
  72. Blackstone oil analysis
  73. Doing an 80k service and need some help
  74. cam adjustors - noise like a failing water pump...
  75. EGT problems and misfires - need your help
  76. Coolant leak oddity
  77. Misfiring
  78. PO304 error (01 S4)
  79. Common Probelem?
  80. Checking VAG codes P0118 P1131
  81. Be sure to check out this article
  82. Cross post from B5 S4 forum, mysterious coolant loss with the 2.7T engine.
  83. How much added HP/Tq from Piggy Pipes?
  84. Engine turns over, but wont start...NEED YOUR HELP!!!
  85. Is the bently manual a "must have" to do timing belt service DIY
  86. ECS afterrun thermoswitch; do I want/need one..?
  87. How does stage 3- software differ from the Stage 1 software?
  88. P1169 Fuel Rail Sensor In-Range High Failure
  89. stage 3 mileage
  90. Will be doing my timing belt soon, where can I get some of the special tools:
  91. Can't do a search on this forum so I had to post...
  92. Exhaust noise after replacing valve cover gaskets... any ideas?
  93. Those that know Turbo
  94. Audi Expo 2006 - Come be a part of history again!
  95. Scratched Cams, oil leak? (2000 A6 2.7T)
  96. 143k miles... should I be worried?
  97. Vag com data dump (follow on to my O2 sensor post). How screwed am I?
  98. How hard is it to replace an O2 sensor (bank2,sensor1)?
  99. ECU Swap from S-4 to A-6 2.7T
  100. APR Chip Upgrades
  101. No boost at all
  102. Anybody around O'Hare?
  103. oil in intake
  104. Any alternatives to $240 ecu flash? Please Advise (Kinda long)
  105. O2 Sensor, Where from?
  106. Engine Won't Start, HELP!
  107. Hi all im currently in the process of getting K03/K16 turbos and...
  108. Need help getting stuck oil filter off!!!
  109. Audi Expo 2006 - It's coming!!!!
  110. ANYONE HAVE AWE intercoolers, and live in SoCal>?????? PLEASE RESPOND........
  111. Anyone got some used/ but working 2.7T heads?
  112. Neuspeed's ECU Flash Programming Now Available at North American Motorsports Connecticut Location
  113. EGT sensors issue
  114. HELP!! 2.7T nmotor seems to be leaking oil some where down there.
  115. installing bi-pipe and pipe will not lign up with arched bracket mount. do I need to
  116. K03 or K04 Upgrade?? Need Help!
  117. Converting S4 Tip to S4 MT6
  118. Anyone use universal O2 sensors? Can we just splice them with our connectors?
  119. HELP!!! 2.7t problem! coolant light, oil in coolant?? <LONG>
  120. F-hose question
  121. How does the 2.7t work?
  122. Looking for rods and pistons for 700hp build
  123. Dealership says the two front O2 sensors are bad as the cause of intermitten CEL, are the K03s..more
  124. ECS magnet drain plugs work, in my "research"
  125. Prefered Oil? What do you all use ....
  126. After-run switch/pump for Allroad/2.7tt?
  127. best vacuum line to use when installing a turbo boost gauge? any thoughts or rec's?
  128. Question on DV's ...
  129. where to buy brackets to use 345mm b7 s4 rotors
  131. anyone have their headlamp washers fall off? i was driving in some freezing NE weather where the wa
  132. best chip for 2000 2.7t a6 with tip trans?
  133. Need opinions on the coolants condition
  134. So has anybody been running the ATP eliminator series in thier S4?
  135. KO4s w/o the full fueling upgrade, stage 3- (?)
  136. Is it dumb to put a revo technik stage 1...
  137. Diagnosing 17547;17545 faults
  138. check engine light
  139. turbo swap
  140. What are some custom tuning program options for the B5 S4 and where to get them?
  141. 2.7T engine problems
  142. Best way to launch an automatic car....?
  143. Anyone ever up the displacement from 2.7 to 3.0 liters?
  144. New Level of 2.7T Performance, check out the crosspost....
  145. Echo!
  146. Coolant Temp?
  147. Engine Help
  148. Grounding Kit HELP
  149. NEW PARTS
  150. Common electrical connectors
  151. Ever wonder what our facility looked like?
  152. x-post HELP- Dealer only wants to replace 1 turbo... How do I argue?
  153. 2001 S4 wiring diagram
  154. **Projekt GT25R2 Update** X-Post
  155. Question on Revo chip
  156. Does NE1 have the Borg Warner or OEM P/Ns for the K04 turbos? Please post, TIA
  157. A.W.E. Tuning at H2O International September 25th
  158. Are the newer versions of the 2.7t engine more "robust"
  159. Fault Codes Due to Aftermarket DV??????
  160. short ram intake
  161. 2.7T first upgrades
  162. ----> EdyJun's S4 Directory (FAQ, DIY, Info, Tips and Help)
  163. Anyone using APR 5.0
  164. Projekt GT25R2 - Cross post
  165. Where is the pcv valve on a 2.7t manual A6?
  166. B5 S4 - I wanna stay convinced.
  167. Intercooler/boost controller/chip question
  168. Minimum modifications
  169. Extended Warranty (X-Post w/ A6 forum)
  170. 2000 s4 intercooler questions
  171. Newest Toy
  172. Starting the 2.7T allroad
  173. Kudos to ATP Turbo...x post
  174. custom intake?
  175. turbo help
  176. performance air intake
  177. Comparison of OEM K04s and Buehn Engineering K16 hybrids.....(X post from S4 forum)
  178. engine misfires when air temp above 88 degrees
  179. 5th Annual Audi Expo - Schedule:
  180. 9 days 'til Audi Expo! - Have we heard from you ?
  181. Kansas city area GTG this Wed at the Blue moose
  182. Surging after chip...
  183. Coils: Can anyone point me to a diagram that shows what the four pins...
  184. Should i replace my stock air filter?
  185. Do i need to fill my car with 91 octane??
  186. 5th Annual Audi Expo - Come be a part of history again!
  187. Torque Converter - ?
  188. S4 and A6 2.7T Piggie Pipes the same?
  189. Mihnea Custom Tuning in Colorado -- Last Chance
  190. 5th Annual Audi Expo! - It's coming!!!
  191. i see the write up for valve cover gaskets in the tech section. are the cam tensioner seals also a
  192. NEW 2005 PRICING!!
  193. X-post from S4 forum: Write-up on tweaking AMS Stage 5 car
  194. NOS
  195. X-Post:VAG data questions (LONG). Why is actual boost not closer to requested? Also low MAF reading
  196. With all this talk about Garrett turbos (at least on the S4 forum)...
  197. Looking for V6 Cam Lock Tool in KS or MO
  198. Leaking Oil.....
  199. x-post. Dyno Analysis. (graph inside)
  200. STFA and need a single concise answer please
  201. So I've actually got an issue I'd like to discuss in this development forum
  202. So quiet.. you don't even hear a turbo spin...
  203. burning oil smell source?...........
  204. Echo....
  205. X-Post not for the faint of heart. Timing belt carnage on 2.7
  206. quick need help with configuring old school iso cable and ross-tech software
  207. X post new 1/4 mile times. opinions needed
  208. X-post: Lookie what I got!
  209. Can a chip for a ko3 setup be modified for use with ko4s? . . . .
  210. anyone put an euro rs4 2.7 engine in an a6? (uk)
  211. from the S4 forum ( blown motor )
  212. TantrumWerks New Year sale on LaBree Motorsports Split Downpipes ends next week!
  213. Bosch FPR parts numbers: 3 4 5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulators follow:
  214. How much boost is everyone running w/ K04/16?
  215. Paging Imolavirus....
  216. New to the 2.7T game.
  217. does anyone know if the apr k04 kit forthe s4 fits the a6 2.7t?
  218. Does anyone know a place that cross references Audi part numbers for fuel injectors into Bosch
  219. Octane on demand.
  220. Allroad oil Spil Service report x post
  221. TantrumWerks New Year sale EXTENDED on LaBree Motorsports Split Downpipes
  222. anyone have software optimized for k16s?.....
  223. Blown turbos?
  224. Anyone know how much oil the 2.7T moves per second at WOT 7k RPM?
  225. Xpost: Avalon S4 in eurotuner 'Time Attack' coverage, 2/05 issue
  226. Has anyone looked into using the Haltech Interceptor piggyback?
  227. 2.7 longevity- How many miles without problems??
  228. X-Post : Rejoice ! The cure has been discovered !
  229. X -post from s4 forum, cant seem to get an answer
  230. Anyone have or know where I can find the two side RS4 carbon fiber engine covers?
  231. How to replace mirror adjuster in Audi A6
  233. X-post: Seeking VAG/ECUx logs of knock voltages for 2.7T engines...
  234. here are some pics of a T3 2.7T
  235. Scale of 1-10...is 2.7 biturbo great or not?
  236. TantrumWerks New Year sale on LaBree Motorsports Split Downpipes
  237. Re post... the s4 --2.7T Study Guide....
  238. Xpost: Avalon S4, Pobst drift video at Audi Quattro Nationals,
  239. okay dumb question about our turbos
  240. Anyone know the correct part number for an '03 allroad 2.7T ignition coil? I've gotten different
  241. Excessive White Smoke from Exhausts
  242. gt28rs for b5
  243. Do the power curves differ between S4 & A6?
  244. Achtuning holiday special Free Shipping* on any item** until Friday 12-17
  245. Does anyone have TDC pin #3242 I could borrow for a couple of weeks
  246. well I feel bad for the forum
  247. Even doc sees more action than this forum:(
  248. Streetwerke is now open for business.
  249. is anyone here?....hasnt been a post in 3 days....just wondering???
  250. 2.7t clutch replacement troubles